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  1. Buhhda was a smart dude then. Atm i think that's just people imagination at work. At deep work. I do not know for sure. To be or not to be. There is no question ?? ? @Angelite that's beliefs :)))) Did you experience something directly ? I mean so you can confirm it for yourself.
  2. Have you tried NLP? If yes. What's about it?
  3. NLP

  4. That's a good answer
  5. Yes, I mean i have "ego backlash's" from time to time because i tend to resist the present moment. But yes , I'm much happier. And as i go along i love people more , and life in general. Is really getting better, but all i need to see is that is already better and go with that. Things drop if you do not resist them. And all there's is , is ok. Happy is you wanna say so. And wht help me is to Lough at my problems, really. Genuine lough. Because there are there because i let them be there. Have a wonderful day !
  6. Thank you for this detailed answer. I will go and have a look at some of them ! Thank you !
  7. I wanna learn how therapy works. Can i get some books that get directly to the practice ? ??
  8. @astrokeen hmm . that's interesting. I did something similar with some videos online. I got the same thing like you said. "It's basically visualisation combined with positive thinking and prayer" @LeoIsMe69 and bum ! miracles @pluto I can relate to that. Thank you!
  9. Why is this guy gets triggered when asked about the third eye ? And why do no-dual teachers do not bring the subject of the thrid eye ? And why do non-dual teachers refuse to talk about other life forms ? Other dimensions? My answer will be : It's impossible for a human to understand it all so you will get lost. But do you have another answer ? Thank you !!
  10. @zeroISinfinity that's so cool , Look in the mirror ❤️❤️?
  11. I do not take any psychedelic. BUT I had something like this and i think is called Depersonalization. A Ego Reaction i think.
  12. Hey. I'm like him sometimes too. its just the ego playing. i'm really curios about heling. he has a youtube channel.
  13. Yes. i do this too sometimes. if you can do this . you can drop into the heart and let the mind quieter. try it
  14. I see that alot of people have awakening moments and realizations. But i think someone who is stable in that non-dual understanding and living that life. that you can call awake. If you can stay awake.
  15. Best tools for past trauma, removing blocks In short best tools that enables you to live authentic! What are the tool that you use and how they helped you. Thanks ? PS: something other then psychedelics. I fell that i'm not ready for psychedelics.