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  1. From my direct experience i can one up this comment. This thing's that people call demons from my observations are just developet thoughts that become reality by believing that are more then thoughts and creations of the mind.
  2. From the absolute view witch is always there is no free will. So i curious about something. Does this mean that what happens in this life is in a way predetermined. I mean if someone steel's something from me this is what should be. Because that's the reality? Do we have any power over manifestation ? Me, the me who is an illusion. For example in the last years "i changed" i'm no longer depressed, it feels like "I" made the changes and fight my demons. The ideea that i'm trying to bring here is if this life, dream, illusion etc. Is something that the best way to get it is to let it be. Because you have no power, individual power? Let go and let god ? True Power is no power. Or we have little power, i mean some power as an individual. Not that it seems that we have power as individuals. And we can make or brake this life ? ?
  3. I think this is a great guide, the one hour of meditation every morning is kinda hurting me. But let's see how this life is going to be going in the next year. I will save this post in my Evernote. Thank you Nahm ! ?
  4. From my direct experience i see that sometimes i can let the body and the mind do they're thing and just act without and prior thought. And everything goes as it should be. And from your understanding is there free will or not ? Free individual will? The thing that changes the thoughts , has free will? The is what i mean, you explain it like Ramana Mah. is explaining. So in the end the answer to this question is? Who is asking the question ? ?
  5. If you found out that in the tv wall socket there is a bug that is short-circuiting the Tv and is turning it back on and off , on an off , so that the tv can show a movie. What should you do?
  6. Ignore the title !
  7. I'm curious about something. Leo you added books in the BookList since you started selling the product. I'm just curious if you wanted to remove some books from that list. And if yes, what books?
  8. I tried one time this type of work. I think some emotions are linked with the body. And over your life time you get different emotions linked in the body. So when you do this kind of thing's like holo. Breath work this thing's pop up for you too see and let go of them.
  9. @cetus56 I'm just trying to survive. That's all. @SoonHei I think you have i good point. Maybe he can list the removed books some place.
  10. @Leo Gura That's good to know. Because i know that people change quickly and some books keep things at low understanding. Is good to know that the list is growing with you.
  11. Great video ! Hope your dog lives longer ! ?
  13. Do you have a problem with my dad ?
  14. What are the things that you know that you do not want to share with people ? I mean that you think people will call you crazy. Bring it all ! If you experienced anything. Any kind of "wired" thing.
  15. He is throwing photos and information and using nice language to implant some beliefs in you. Notice what I say. Study everything you read/watch. All people'sssssssssssss I'm not saying that he is 100% wrong. But yeah
  16. There are some voice's in the background of this song. How can i find out what they are saying?
  17. You create the synchronicity, let go and let life go it's way.
  18. @Nahm i tried to process what you said in the last hour's . I'm still processing. Thank you for that. I will try to get as much as i can from your post. ?
  19. i may be missinformed but from what i studied the above teachers did not talked about aliens ? why is that?
  20. @Leo Gura I think if you take it easy like you did with Non-dual videos people will get on. But depends how you see and interpret this mystical thing's. ( I think ) @mandyjw @Leo Gura You have a great explanation! One time i did sit in room and talked with myself in a way and asked myself deep questions. The ideea is that i was receiving good solid truthful answers. I did not interpret this as an alien or some kind of Angel i just looked at that experience as a higher state of councesness where my perception was open. If i where to be religious I should interpret this as some kind of Angle ? I did not see any Smurfs or their planet. But the ideea is that i see that people talk about Smurfs and planets . ETC [Smurfs jk.] They identify with some kind of story and this changes what you see ? Reality is an infinite imagination . God infinite beeing, forever. So any story from this point of view is valid. I'm i fooling myself ? Everything is done with and by love. So if this is true what do people meen when they say that other life forms exists? Not just communication. Other life forms that for example share that same illusion of this physical reality.
  21. I see that my eating is kinda bad. Not bad as it used to be , but kinda bad. I ask here you guy's about what you eat exactly. What food. I want to see what how you manage and cook your meals. If you want give me the books that you read on nutrition or some videos. But tell me what you eat and what you drink exactly (your personal shopping list, meals) And how you arived in the place that you manage to eat to live. Share it with us! Thank You.
  22. Check this guy out. He has a lot of good content.