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  1. This is something that is not talked alot here. I have a tendency to study for thing's like what i put in the title. If everything in my perception is just that,perception. Why do we need to ignore stuff like gods,deity ..etc For example i noticed that i need to develop my life style, the identity or i will go and live in a cave(nothing wrong with that) But are this things more "esoteric" something that you can work with or at least see if they are real? ( Real in a sense, like other people real) ? Bless you
  2. what does Enlightement has to to with the brain. and if we say they are no brains why there is a change in the brain with the mystical expiriance ?
  3. Thank you ! For the answer's ! ??
  4. Is so interesting, And how alll this Astral projects, out of the body explain ? Just councesness changing the point of experience ? Is the brain just imaginary? How is the brain included in all of this ? If i ask questions about the brain this means that i'm still in the materialistic paradigm, but is not the brain that creates our sens of self ? What is energy and how people use reiki ?
  5. Check this out, your opinion if you have time to listen.
  8. @ajasatya that's seems fair. @cetus56 I mean people that know this and they are in Christianity ot Islam or, some religion. And preach normal dogma. @mandyjw yes, that's what i mean. @Nahm You make me look inside Everytime i ask a stupid question. ?? @Serotoninluv ?snap @Eu Sint I just thought that people in major religious should know this... @zeroISinfinity :)) @Meta-Man i mean about just the fact, ?
  9. Are some people trying to hide the knowledge that we are god?
  10. I had a dream Leo is Neo Neo is Leo You are Neo Neo is you You are Leo The "Leo Paradox" coming now on ABC. 32' of November.
  11. Wow... I'm a really selfish man.. Not something in particular but in little things. This is not something to pun myself down but is true. I'm driving and i had this "not so good for me" realization... Love yourself exactly how you are, but the development of the ego is necessary. We live in a society(even tho is made up) , we have rule's (even tho we invented them) , we are a big family , we need to care for each other. This hurts me, but is true... really
  12. I share here when i find a good YouTube video that explains alot and i got a lot of value out of it.
  13. @mandyjw I noticed that we think to much. I noticed that when i start interpreting reality i have a tendency to contract and be attached. But then after 1-2 weeks of attachement of that particular subject i just let it go, even if it helpet me. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.
  14. Is not karma just an illusion? They are just thought's that i'm indoctrineted with that if i do something bad something bad will happen to me. And if i believe so it may happen Or i may have some quilt felling's about that something"bad" that i did. So it seems real.
  15. I say "baga-mi-asi pula" in Romanian. It means "dump my dick"
  16. @Leo Gura If i was to ask you "do you believe in God?" What will be your short answer?
  17. From my direct experience i can one up this comment. This thing's that people call demons from my observations are just developet thoughts that become reality by believing that are more then thoughts and creations of the mind.