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  1. Another podcast worth exploring would be Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal. why I think it would make a good fit: - high quality questions and open-minded inquiry with guests - already had people like Bernardo Kastrup, Chomsky and Rupert Sheldrake on the podcast - represents science trying to break free from materialist dogma for me also talking on The Institute of Art and Ideas with Bernardo Kastrup could be good. otherwise I second what others have said: Russell Brand's Under the Skin, Duncan Trussel, The Stoa, Rebel Wisdom, Frank Yang, PsychedSubstance and Adventures Through The Mind
  2. Great music taste here, niice! Also got some gems to share: for peak guidance: Jon Hopkins - Singularity for calming down: for riding the wave: and if you feeling extra adventurous for cosmic joke kinda vibe (felt like partying with god :D): also an excellent album for a wild trip: and if you want more here is a playlist I put together with a lot of cool stuff: