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  1. One of the ultimate, all time... Best songs ever.
  2. It's not my first rodeo with psychedelics by any means, what I am wondering however... Is what I should contemplate. Reality? Truth? Self? Love? All of em? Curious to see how meditation will be as well. It's my first (decent) dose since doing 5. Did like .7 a month ago and hardly felt it. So I downed 1.5 now and have another .5 ready if needed. So this will be interesting...
  3. I don't understand everyone who keeps on saying that 5-meo doesn't have any visuals. For me the Godhead IS visuals, of unspeakable nature. The self disappears, The room disappears, everything disappears. All you are left with is Pure Unity. But "you" will never be able to fully describe it, because it is indescribable.
  4. @AdamDiC - Also, would be good to note that if you are plugging Freebase, there is a bit of math involved. It is 1.167 times stronger than HCL. (Leo was referring to HCL in his videos for doses)
  5. @kieranperez - Have you read this thread at all? Well, the answer is ... Yes. But you have to mix it with approx two drops of vinegar.
  6. @inFlow - Perfect just was I was thinking
  7. I have the book list. From what I see, there are two "main" ones that supplement each other, according to Leo's audio breakdown of them
  8. @dBiserov - What a great trip report !
  9. Not a question but a quote. Hopefully it can help someone here. This one comes from one of the "must reads" on Leo's booklist. Such a great insight. "perfect love is to feeling what perfect white is to colour. Many think White is the absence of colour. It is not. it is the inclusion of all colour. white is every other colour that exists, combined" "So, too, love is not the absense of emotion. (hatred, anger, lust, jealousy, covetousness), But the summation of all feeling, It is the sum total. The aggregate amount. The everything."
  10. @Courtney - Definately have a "trip sitter" for the first few times. Just to see how you react to it. That's what I did. We figured out that I don't scream, kick, yell, punch or anything like that (like some people do). I just lay down and have my trip. I don't even groan or grunt... Nothing at all ! Once we figured that out, that was my green light to do it solo.
  11. Saw this at a Museum yesterday. It was absolutely mesmorizing. Very DMT like. Apparently its just a guy in a costume made entirely of sticks. Regardless, it reminded me of the Godhead, so I wanted to share here.
  12. @Display_Name - I wouldn't jump from 20 to 30. That's a big jump. Everyones tolerance is different. But even then, just 1 mg can make a difference. Go to 25 and see how it feels, then increase from there.
  13. Fucking awesome manuscript. Bloody fucking awesome. So clear, so consise, so direct, so perfect, so intellegent. So God. So You. So me. So Everyone and Everything! Love it.
  14. @Chi_ - This is crazy, I clicked it and the very first event that popped up was for my home town !
  15. "Love the smell of infinity in the morning" - Well, that was interesting. Smoked 14mgs. Definately broke through, but its almost like the trip / awareness turned down this dark rabbit hole. A rather menacing one. It was a pleasant trip through the depths of hell. Definately kicked my ass during the experience. But all in all. Am thankful for the experience. Guessing it was a catalyst for some raw unfiltered purification that needed to be had. I'll take it. Again, thankful for the experience.
  16. @Leo Gura - I sure hope my butthole isn't immune to god !! I thought I was on the right track when the 27mgs gave me the fear of death. But oddly, the 28 nor 30mgs gave me the fear of death. Also, interestingly enough, the 28 I could "see the gateless gate" and on the 30mgs I could not. Perhaps my scale wasn't properly calibrated. I will try pluggin again with the next batch. I think the max that I'm willing to take will be 40mgs mayyybe even 45mgs. Will see. But (no pun lol) I will slowly increase it by 2mgs. Start at 32, then 34 then 36 and so on. Hopefully that will yeild some better results. Sub-lingual sounds interesting. Might give that a go with the next batch as well, if the plugging up to 40/45mgs doesn't work. Guess I'll just take it like I take mdma if thats the case (in some toilet-paper) Will be smoking some tomorrow. God awaits, and I can't wait to go home
  17. @Jed Vassallo - yeah it's a little disheartening. I've used 150mgs for plugging now without any breakthrough (out of my 500mg bag) Have maybe 80mgs left. Don't think I'll try plugging again with this batch as I could potentially waste the next two trys with no breakthrough and not even enough to smoke for breakthrough. Instead, I'm just gonna smoke what I got left. Got enough for about 6 go's. Again, even 3 minutes of full on non-duality is better than non at this point .
  18. I don't know man. Maybe plugging isn't for me. Did 30mgs freebase and still ... Can't get that illusive breakthrough. I'd keep upping the dose, but I am running out of this precious substance. Smoking it , there is a predictable breakthrough every time. A reality shattering transcendance straight to the heart of god and all that is. Plugging it, seems only to deliver me to the afterglow of smoking it, minus the whole "skull fucked by god" full body cosmic orgasm. I have to order more, I think I will just smoke the rest for now. As even 3 minutes of full on non-duality is better than non.
  19. Hit the nail on the head right here.
  20. Well, used this as a mantra on the come up along with some deep pranayama breathing and didn't experience any fear at all Felt on the cusp of a breakthrough a couple of times, but alas, no breakthrough. It's like almost as if I saw the gates, but then the gates kept on dissapearing. (If that makes any sense) Extremely clear god levels of thought tho. Kind of a oxymoron, I know lol. Next plugging session gonna say fuck it and go to 30mgs (freebase) which will = 35mgs HCL. Hopefully that will tip the scales.
  21. Got the 28mg syringe all ready to go and I pussed out yesterday. Resolved to do it today and so far have pussed out again (a few times) Haven't done any other phycedellics since 5, but do have some mush (micro dose amount) and acid (one tab) on hand. Parents come back from Camping on Friday, so I really do want to plug sometime before then, but that damn fear keeps getting me. Might just do mush today, then smoke some 5 tmr, then plug the next day. It's been a couple weeks since doing it, and I always notice its "easier" to do it after you've done it recently (for me personally) . The longer I sit on it, the bigger the fear grows. Help? Advise?
  22. @Jed Vassallo Thanks ! Can do it cause I got a labratory grade scale (this one if your curious >> )
  23. @Leo Gura - He smoked it and.... Breakthrough successful ! He said it was the most profound experience of his life. I knew since he had a LOT of experience with phycedellics that he should be good. Although, at first he kicked and yelled and screamed, which he doesn't remember at all lol. Tomorrow, I am going to up my dose of 27mgs to 28mgs for plugging. Since 27 got me to face my death, but not quite breakthrough... I am sure 28, 29 or 30 will get me there. But I'm only going to up the dose one mg at a time.... As I was truly shocked at the difference between 26mgs and 27mgs. Wish me luck
  24. My friend wants to do 5 MEO. He has Depression and PTSD. And I think I am going to start him with smoking it. Cause I find the trip just comes SO fast when smoking it (5-10 seconds to breakthrough) that the ego doesn't even have time to cling on to anything. I wouldn't suggest plugging for him, as the few minutes of ego death can be quite tramatic. It is his choice after all... I am hoping that he gets a breakthrough. (He's very good with phycedellics, so he has that working for him) Although I know its a lil risky (and told him so, and sent him the 5 MEO video Leo did) ... I am confident he can get there.