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  1. Wow.
  2. @Arzack - A breakthough IS pure Nirvana and bliss. But no words can describe it. It's also like pure heaven and pure hell at the same time... Because thats what God IS. It is everything... All rolled into one. But don't let the dark side freak you out, cause it's perfectly balanced by heaven, so to speak. When you come back... "The afterglow" stage, is like a full body cosmic orgasm. (As martin has referred to) . I have a more vulgar term, I like to say its like "being skull fucked by god" . Nothing touches that feeling. Nothing. It's the most amazing high you'll ever have. Hands down. And even then, it's still scary for the ego you to do again... Cause the ego just wants control of everything... And with MeO you are literally killing the ego self. So the ego doesn't exactly like that beforehand lol. I always get mega fear beforehand. And the longer I DON'T do it... The bigger that fear gets for whatever reason. Regardless, after I do it. I am more than happy I did For plugging, you have to clean your bum out. I always make sure I poo before hand THEN shower and clean out my bum with my fingers and soap. Otherwise your getting a diluted effect. Also, I'd highly suggest setting up a strong daily meditation practice beforehand. So you can allow yourself to fully let go.... I meditated for a hour every day for 30 days beforehand. And I'm over a year of daily one hour meditations now. Additionally, I read this entire thread (one hell of a long read lol) and did more research. Probably 30+ hours of research before going into it.... So I (kinda) knew what to expect, logistically speaking. But nothing can prepare you otherwise for the radical reality of the truth (the Godhead). But again... Fully worth it. 100%
  3. Not as regularily as I'd like. I've been trying to get a breakthrough with plugging but sadly guess I have a high tolerance. I'm guessing I'll get it with the next one (or three) Next one will be 60mgs freebase. At the height of smoking ... Smoked it almost weekly. Now haven't done it since the early fall for ... Reasons. Gonna plug tomorrow tho, and if I don't breakthough then I'll just smoke it. Smoking basically get's me there everytime
  4. You CAN smoke it through a pipe. I've posted many times on how to do this in this thread, so gonna sound like a broken record here: -In a glass pipe have a small layer of ash, then a small layer of mullien leaves, then your dose, then another small layer of mullien on top. Also, gotta say that 2mgs is not gonna do anything at all. Personally I started with 10mgs smoked. Then worked my way up to 15. I now smoke 14mgs. 85% of the time I breakthrough with those doses, smoked. Also, you CAN plug freebase. Just gotta mix it with a drop or two of vinigar then about 5mls of water. All ideally in a oral syringe. This has also been discussed extentively in this thread.
  5. Pretty interesting article :
  6. Yeah drinking before hand personally sounds like the worst idea ever. You don't want to mix it with ANYTHING. It's just too powerful... Start a meditation practice beforehand. I meditated for a hour every day for 30 days before my first trip. And I didn't resist a thing. Meditation is really good for letting go. First time I also said "show me what I need to see" ... Said that a few times then went into it. I've had 12 breakthoughs now. And only 1 or 2 outside them were uncomfortable. But that's the nature of this thing. Even if it's a uncomfortable trip... You need that to happen. Lots of energy is being worked on at that point so its not always going to be pleasant, but for the most part, in my experience... They have been
  7. Damn. Lots of deep existential meaning in this video :
  8. @Jonac I'm amazed every single day. Not only in the complexity, but the simplicity of it all. @Keyhole - awesome.
  9. Just found a new netflix series: Night on Earth. Done by those BBC guys, who definately don't fuck around. I suggest you have a look. It's AMAZING.
  10. I did 15mg once smoked... Found for whatever reason 14mg was just better for me. Can't imagine what 20mg would be like. Not gonna do it either. Cause going beyond infinity is enough Martin also says that people he did it with would take multiple tries ect, but with that I definately believe that they weren't doing 14 or 15mg's at a time. Probably only 5 or so (maybe 6?) Who knows. But low dose for sure. One time I did 50 mg plugged and didn't breakthrough... But it removed the fear to smoke it and I did 14mgs smoked right after. Brokethrough in a instant. Only did it cause my inner voice told me too, and I definately wouldn't recommend doing that just on a whim so to speak.
  11. @Arzack - Leo has said on this thread before that SOME trips will beat you up a bit. I can totally confirm that. And beyond just having a bad time with your ego... But like, a actual state of hell when your "there" That's only happened to me twice now. But still worth it as I see that that is just you cleansing yourself from that energy you had burried deep inside. And yes, I will certainly keep you posted
  12. I started with 17mgs freebase for plugging. Slowly ramped it up over a dozen tries. Last time was 55mgs .... I saw the door open, then it shut as quickly as it opened. So I'm pretty sure this next dose here at 60mgs is going to be the one that does it.
  13. @outlandish - Right? I also like how he explains his 5-MEO experiences, and also that he is into heroic doses of mushrooms. A great clip for sure
  14. Joe Rogan and Rashad Evans talk about mushrooms, 5-MEO-DMT and Kundalini:
  15. Soo many good gifs and images in this sub :
  16. @Javfly33 - Well if you have someone that is away on holidays, I suggest waiting til they get back. Retreats can be expensive (and even potentially dangerous via malpractise... not all... but some. ) @JunkyJu - Hands down synthetic. It's more pure, and once you get a good scale you know exactly how much you are taking.
  17. Imagine 2020 starting with Trump getting kicked out of office. That would kind of feel like a turning point wich humanity really needs right now!
  18. @Javfly33 - non of that matters. make sure your undesturbed (alone at home is best) and a trip sitter is a must for first time as you don't know how you'll react
  19. @Leo Gura - almost had me there lol
  20. @Leo Gura - The guy that posted it is usually well researched. I know him personally. Hit me with gullibility I suppose. I'll do more fact checking moving forward.
  21. Dang sorry. I'm Canadian, and just saw it on my Fb feed. I'd really like to see this guy get impeached, fully.
  22. Damn just saw this. I really hope, on the contrary, that those impeachment goes through and signals a raising in collective consciousness.
  23. Plugged 50mgs today and no breakthrough but did rocket my brain to very philosphical thinking... I normally think philosophically anyways, but this was next level. I started to write some of it down : Nothing is ,Because everything is What makes you believe what you see in front of you Look when they took all the energy Where does it go , Follow the flow, To find a super-mind The genius The Gods and the goddesses Archetypes of subconsciousness Everything is one. ------------- Afterward I went outside to vape and I my internal voice was telling me to "go all the way" ... Well, for me that only means one thing. I had to smoke it. I also determined that Fear is basically made by the ego, to maintain the ego. Because... I didn't have any fear. I remember seeing a EKG scan of Martin Ball and the guy who was scanning him said that the MeO seemed to "attack" the "ego" side of the brain... The side accociated with personality. So I knew my egos defenses were down so to speak and didn't feel the fear at all. Went downstairs and prepared my bowl with mullien & 14mgs. Prepped myself and waited til my heart was semi normal. Took my hit and BLASTOFF. Straight into the heart of God Cool thing is I feel like I can remember more of the non dual experience this time... (Just a theory) but I think the more times you breakthrough the more of it you'll remember (you won't remember the whole thing, but even little snippets is great) Then the afterglow was incredibly intense. A friend called and had to vent so I took his call and just listened to him. And also another friend sent me a video which I watched while slightly coming out of afterglow. This vid: Its been a few months since I tripped so pretty happy everything went smoothly. Next time I plug I plan on upping it to 55 and if that doesn't work, 60mgs after that. As reported my another member (on the previous page) it took him 60mgs with plugging to achieve breakthrough. So I'm confident that will likely be my number as well. Maybe even 65mgs? Who knows. Fantastic trip. Fantastic insights. Aint nothing like being one with everything to give your human self a lil perspective
  24. @supremeyingyang - The Version of MS One Note I'm using (free version) pushes everything to the cloud too. It's great !