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  1. This man is such a great talent. Just posted new artwork to FB:
  2. @Leo Gura - Fair enough. I clearly biased because I also like Tool, which uses a lot of his work. And now with getting into the 5-MeO this last year.. It just speaks to me. But hey! All good to have different opinions. Anekantavada my man
  3. Such a interesting convo... This whole non visuals after 5-meo. Even more interesting how Joe Rogan has done 5-meo and does way more nn-dmt specifically for the unpredictable nature of the visuals. So maybe the non visual thing happens to some but not all. My friend has been making some nn-dmt... So gonna go see her next weekend and try it. Super excited
  4. Just get some mullien leaves and use a regular glass pipe and do the sandwhich method. No burned substand = no waste!
  5. I've stored a syringe for literally weeks on end before. It doesn't make a difference. Just keep it in a dark (and preferably cool) place. It can't evaporate or anything and has no oxygen exposure, so your good
  6. I've gotten freebase that looks like salt, but is freebase (looks like crystal, and yellowish) I've also got freebase that looks more white/yellow and powdery. So it can definately range. If you are unsure... Just plug it. Plugging works for both freebase and HCL... But you'll have to start low and work you way up to find your appropriate dose.
  7. @Chris365 - Looks like freebase to me. ROA is completely up to you. Tons of info on that in this thread
  8. Would you say that the Gotu is good for meditation?
  9. Be prepared to die anyways. 10mgs was the 'entry point" breakthrough for me. Then I increased to 12mgs, then 14mgs, then 15mgs. Finally settling on 14mgs. Also, be sure that your "other herbs" are non phycoactive. Let me know how she goes !
  10. @StarStruck - Oh man, I must have mentioned it like a dozen times in this thread. Sandwhich method: Get your pipe. Smoke a small small amount of mullien so you have a tiny bit of ash at the bottom. Pack a layer of mullien leaves at the bottom. Place your MEO on top of that, preferrably in the middle. Then cover the substance with another smaller layer of mullien. Make sure it's completly covered. MEO isn't good with direct flame contact. .... I like to have a handtowel or something coiled up on the bed next to me, so I can put the pipe in it without worrying about it. Take your hit, surrender and blast off to infinity Good luck my man, tell me how she goes.
  11. I got a really good scale from Kijiji. (Kinda like craigslist) It's labratory grade. Problem with a lot of cheaper scales is they have a +/- of mgs at the lower doses. Yes that will work just fine
  12. @AndM - Try using the "sandwhich method" with mullien leaves in a regular glass pipe. You shouldn't have any problems
  13. Everyone needs more love than they think they deserve.
  14. "I was never addicted to one thing I was addicted to filling a void within myself with things other than my own love"
  15. I've also asked @Joshua Deveau via pm to make a video properly showing how to use a bulb pipe. I've read wayyyy too much about people fucking it up and not being able to get it to work that I think some video instruction is a good idea. And of course, he liked the idea. With that being said the sandwhich method with mullien leaves still works great... But I'm willing to "Split test" the two methods and see which one is more efficient
  16. Very nicely done ! Dang. Three breakthroughs in a row. One is always good enough for me lol. Good job mate ! Curious, how many mg's did you have packed into the bowl?
  17. @Arzack - Sounds like you want a easy path. A path of least resistance.... How's that going for you? Sounds like you still have a lot of fear and dispite all of us trying to help you , you are staying ignorant with your(selfs) story. Either that, or your just trolling at this point. Hell maybe both. If you don't "need" help, then why ask for help... Then refuse it when given? Your plan sounds like ... No plan at all really. Can you really expect for something to happen with no plan in place? Sure , others may have done it. But other's have also won the lottery. Doesn't mean there are good odds. And also, most of the ones that had "no plan" got there by intense suffering. It was the SUFFERING itself that brought them to enlightenment (Eckhart Tolle for example). And it sounds like suffering is what your trying to avoid here. We all expereince pain. We all suffer at some point (and will to the degree that we hold on to the pain) . You can't avoid it. So you might as well USE IT to your advantage. Or not. Can't help someone that doesn't want to be helped in the end.
  18. Excuses... Excuses....
  19. @Arzack - "Old souls" and "new souls" don't exist. A breakthough will teach you that. Hell, even science will teach you that. Remember "energy cannot be created nor destroyed" Fear can be a real bitch. I've faced it with doing MEO many many times. But guess what? On the other side of that fear is complete liberation and bliss. @Leo Gura has said (along the lines of) "you think its going to be hell then you do it and it's like landing on feathers" . A NIN song title comes to mind... "The only way out... Is through" Stop making excuses and either : -Face your fear directly - work on yourself with breakwork enough to eventually face your fear - continue with the same patterns, living the same life and make no progress once so ever.
  20. @Arzack - It seems very clear to me that your fear is holding you back. For 5 meo, you've intentionally NOT done breakthrough doses. You won't hardly even feel a fucking thing... And therefor haven't. For smoking... Start with 10, then increase by 2mgs each time until breakthrough. For plugging, start with 15mgs and increase by 5mgs each time until breakthough. Simple. If you don't want to breakthrough and keep pussyfooting around at the small dose level without going higher and think that you'll get something out of it you are fooling yourself. And missing out... Big time. Also 125mgs of LSD is a regular dose for most people. Last time I did it I did twice that amount and had the most profound LSD trip of my life. If you are to scared to increase your doses, then perhaps work on yourself more. Watch Leo's video on shamanic breathing as that will likely allow you to work on your energetic blocks and move forward from there. Even shamanic breathing is work tho. All of this is work. You have to work to get results. Period.
  21. This , has been one of my favorite sub-reddits for a long time. Check out just one example of the infinite intellegence of animals :: If you dig, I suggest following this subreddit... (No I don't own it) .. What the name suggests is true... Nature is fucking lit !
  22. Shitty man. Thanks for letting us know !
  23. @Leo Gura - Thanks , I guess if 60mgs is just the "entry point" of a breakthough for me, then I can go higher. I know with smoking 10mgs was entry and 15mgs was heavy as fuck. I have never whited out as of yet. At least I THINk I haven't. I keep hearing everyone talk about this "all enveloping white light" , but never had that full effect. There is white, at times, but never all enveloping for a long duration. Usually, if anything, its in the beginning and at most a couple seconds. It's more of a "the room goes away, you go away" kind of thing. From there is the formless, infinite, mostly "uncharted" territory of non-duality. Perhaps my next plugging trip I'll try 65mgs or even 70mgs. I almost thought that if you only broke through via smoking that you couldn't break through with plugging. Glad to have been determined enough to be proven wrong
  24. First beakthrough with plugging! Well over a dozen attempts to get to that point. 60mgs. Freebase. 13th total breakthrough. Takeaway: Let go, let God. Which is ultimately just a strange loop if you think about it. We are all one. One with other humans, animals and "inanimate" objects. Everything is conscious. Everything. Smoking it is kinda like that slingshot ride you see at carnivals, you just strap in (take the hit) and BOOM! Your rocketed into space. Plugging is more like a rollercoaster. You stap in (take your dose) then you go up up up up up up up then you just go off. Reason I stopped was more personal. Had a number of things going on personally, legal and other. I didn't want that to dilute the trip and potentially make it a bad one. Headspace is important. It takes a lot of courage to face your death, consciously. In regards to your question about fear... I already answered this in the above post. But since you haven't had a breakthough you wouldn't understand. Essentially you die. Your ego dies. It's the most amazing thing you'll ever expereince, but your ego now KNOWS that this thing can "kill you" so to speak. And it doesn't like that at all. (Even tho it quite enjoys itself and the experience once it comes back "online") It's a oxymoron. A paradox. But again, totally worth it.