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  1. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-election-2020/joe-biden-polls-swing-states-realclearpolitics-2020-election-b1565007.html Here we go again
  2. Are there any software developers here? I was wondering if the Job market is oversaturated? thanks
  3. @Sahil Pandit I was heavily into it from 18-20 in a different genre. Now after dealing with my mental health issues im getting back into it with a new passion and purpose. Its just kind of intimidated with other djs already having a huge career by the age of 20. Im just starting to produce again thats part of it.
  4. I keep feeling like im too old to pursue and edm/ electronic dance music life purpose career. I am 21 turning 22 soon and I feel like I have wasted my highschool and college years because I have discovered my life purpose late. I have Leo's life purpose course and I have seen the video on feeling too old and I know it is just a flat out excuse. Illogically I keep looking at djs who are my age and are already superstars. Its not like I am new to music production I have already spent years making hip hop beats and spent hundreds of hours producing music. There are top djs like kaskade who started producing music at 25 but I keep getting the mental block that I am too old now. How do I overcome this mental block and live my life purpose.
  5. @hamedsf how could I practice this?
  6. @MaxV @OctagonOctopus how would I go about doing so? my neediness comes from developing strong feelings really quickly before she does. It usually turns them off.
  7. @OctagonOctopus do you mean low self esteem is the core of neediness?
  8. I have always been very good at getting the inital attraction with women but I have always have had a tendency to be needy which quickly kills the potential for a relationship. How to I put an end to this neediness and become more detatched from women I like?
  9. Coach corey wayne has some good info take it with a grain of salt though