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  1. You put psychedelics here for a reason. They are a useful tool for escaping the mental prison we exist in. Not "drugs" in the sense that society has brainwashed people into believing are an evil thing. In my opinion Leo is one of the clearest people I have seen though I'm sure he has some delusion like me and everyone else. He does tend to presume his viewers are of a certain spiritual level and perspective which can come across as him being narrow minded. Being told "you have to meditate for 40 years to experience this" when I have experienced it and I have barely meditated 6 months is presumptuous. But I don't mind. He seemed very excited about his experience and insights in his last video and I think that is wonderful. He is the only person besides myself I have ever seen brought to tears by the absolute perfect beauty that is creation so I can relate to him in this video. He seems great to me!
  2. Colorado! Denver metro area. It would be SO NICE to have a friend who was into this stuff!