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  1. There's a book you might be interested in checking out called Caps Lock: How Capitalism Took Hold of Graphic Design, And How to Escape From It. It says graphic design in the title, but most of what it covers can be applied to any type of art. I feel the same way you do about mainstream art, but my concentration is on motion graphics. I noticed how boring most people make motion graphics, and my purpose in art is similar to yours, to be more of a da Vinci. Anyway, it was nice to read that Caps Lock book to know my sense that most of the stuff I see is not that creative and kinda trash. I attached a few shots of pages from the ebook.
  2. Hi there, I just wanted to share about a beautiful experience I had last night. My coworker invited me to go roller skating at a local park, where they turn the basketball courts into a roller skating rink with a dj. And even though I've been working hard on squelching my social anxiety, there's still a haunting bit of it that always prevails in the back of my mind. Nevertheless, letting go did happen, and I had a great experience. But most importantly, what I witnessed that night was so much good that it overflowed my heart. There was a mother of 4 who brought so many snacks and cold drinks for everyone at the park, regardless of if they were skating or not. There were people of all ages, and skating abilities interacting together, sharing their good vibes and knowledge of skating with each other. I'm pretty new to roller skating, and was generously instructed on various beginner skating techniques. It was truly magical, and I felt like I stumbled upon real true gold. I feel like my local community cooked up a bounty no corporation could ever dream of providing for humans. Real love, real caring, nothing but good at that park that night. It gives me some much needed hope in continuing my journey to self actualize. Love, Christina
  3. @Leo Gura Have you been to the Omega Mart? Gonna check it out this week.
  4. I'm a bisexual woman who blurs the line between masculine and feminine. I'd love to date a feminine man.
  5. I've been obsessed with this game since its release. Played it through multiple times, and I never finish video games. Ellie is the only fictional character I've ever fallen in love with. Very spiritual game.
  6. Leo is the artist and winterknight is the doctor.
  7. Your ego could be making you tired. It's lies are a huge burden to one's mind, masking the true self and true desires. Have faith and let go. Do only what love guides you to do. Being into Leo is a great start! Honestly, only grace can help you.
  8. That's why she should team up with Bernie. Sanders/Williamson 2020. A match made in heaven.
  9. Follow your heart. Long-time lurker, don't really care to respond most of the time, but your experience is hitting home hard. Personally, swore off women and had no intention of dating anyone. But met a woman and couldn't resist. Too much connection to resist. So, what happens? Break up with her because of own attachment issues, like all the other relationships. Buuut, a month later, get an irresistible urge to contact her and say how much "I miss" her. We get back together. She wants to try acid. OK, will try almost anything at least once. WTF?! Life is changed forever. We fight and cry the day after the trip, she leaves, but still, what remains is different. The same, but different. Was not on the path and would never have thought spirituality is legit. 30 years an atheist, gone. Led to other amazing things too. Anyway, long story short, if that's what you want, go for it. Who the fuck knows what could happen.