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  1. @fhatherell Unfortunate I had to cancel that retreat and after the COVID period came along so I didn't reach them since. But anyway I did contact some of the people who went in January and they were quite satisfied plus there are great reviews pilling up from all of them retreats so if you decide to join them come back with your thoughts here. All the best, Remus
  2. I received my answer from point 3 stated above, the answer from platform regarding Sinchi Runa. "Hey Remus, While I don't have any personal experience with their retreats but they're one of our highest recommended clients. Our dealings with them have been nothing but awesome and I've heard nothing but good things! They've had 241 people register on retreat with them in just over a year since they began with us. Let me know if I can answer any further questions " Exactly what I was looking for. To sum all together I cannot find anything but great feedback regarding Sinchi Runa. Not only on them personal website but everywhere I was looking, from this platform where they are selling the course to another review type of website for retreats and of course some testimonials from people attending past retreats. Therefore I made up my mind and I'll attend one of them Ayahuasca retreats. I'll come back to this post and have a comprehensive review and integration of the lessons. Until then I'm going to prepare myself for the retreat, getting concrete specific detailed about what do I want to take out of this psychedelic experience (have at least 5 points well structured), read more about other's experiences such that I'll try to avoid the common traps and pitfalls. And last but not least cure my body, through a well-structured diet/lifestyle. If anyone has any other ideas on how to extend the research/ or has already participated, feel free to give me some tips.
  3. Does anyone know some methods to review/find out more about these companies offering Ayahuasca retreats? My approach was: Looking on crunchbase and checking the platform, they seem to be a decent serious platform, Founded in 2014, has over 0.5 mil in revenues, over 1 mil from investors + great reviews (on glassdoor and other platforms) from consumers and also from the companies offering products through them. Second I've tried to find as much as I could about Sinchi Runa, there are some testimonials from people attending them retreats on YouTube, then there are 27 great reviews on this platform (concluding the platform is treatable, we can assume the reviews were not faked and nobody had a bad review and these reviews cannot be deleted). I've found other websites ranking them retreats very well. Third I've sent an email asking for more info from this platform and now I'm waiting for an answer. Last but not least I've posted on where people with similar interests might had stumble upon Sinchi Runa and could give me valuable insights. If someone has other ideas about how to do research on this kind of topics, I'm open for suggestions. Hope I've inspired some of you in doing proper research before attending any retreat.
  4. Hello everyone, Did anyone attended Ayahuasca retreat with Sinchi Runa? I'd like to attend one Ayahuasca retreat with Sinchi Runa (one product from, you can read more about them here I've noticed they have 27 reviews on and people are very satisfied about what they found there and how the retreat went and also about the plants. I was curious if anyone attended any retreat with Sinchi Runa and if he/she can share more about the retreat and have an honest opinion about the experience. I'm really determined to attend one of these retreats and I just want to hear some more opinions before going there. If anyone has other great experience in other places (preferably in Europe) I'd be glad to hear them. Remus
  5. I have a few: 1. Seeing the Forest for the Trees: A Manager's Guide to Applying Systems Thinking ->Book by Dennis Sherwood - What I like about this book is that it has lots of simples to understand examples that will raise your awareness and understanding with regard to the whole subject of Systems Thinking 2. Strategic Modelling and Business Dynamics: A Feedback Systems Approach ->Edition by John D. W. Morecraft - It is a great introduction to system dynamics and how these things are working in real life. I haven't finished yet, but it seems to be a little bit technical and not that easy to digest. 3. Systems Thinking: Creative Holism for Managers -> Book by Mike Jackson I did not read it yet, I just took a short look but it seems to be filled with some great business examples. Has wisdom and knowledge regarding strategic decision making.
  6. I've found this channel to be a great YELLOW source for me. It explains all the basic topics of Yellow plus all the connections between them. @Leo Gura I would like to hear your opinion. I post here one of my favorite videos from the Systems thinking play list, but feel free to dig more into the channel, it really has great content.