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  1. Are you calling me an asshole or Jobs. Just wondering because I know for awhile you built your ego around LSD experiences, and I just called it 'fake turquoise.' Not trying to be antagonistic or anything, just thought you might have moved on from that by now.
  2. First of all, let's understand that Chinese workers are not forced to work there. However, factory work has proven to be preferable to subsistence farming and deeper povery. In fact, one of the authors of the spiral dynamics book on the Middle East was saying that factory work has had limited success in Palestine in raising people's value systems in order to solve the conflict. Would you rather do subsistence farming to live and die in poverty or earn 3x more? When I was in Vietnam teaching English, I was still in stage Green a little bit and I tried to create a college class debate on whether fishing or factory work was preferable. Everyone in the class thought I was ridiculous for even suggesting that it's preferable to work a dangerous subsistence fishing job over boring, steadily paid factory work. It was interesting lesson. Yellow is also about understanding all the perspectives and being effective about it my opinion. The reason why I believe the yellow perspective starts with a rejection of green is because green precedes it, and I think green is the last to be re-integrated before moving to turquoise. Also, what makes you think Jobs was living in a life of hedonistic pleasures? And you realize the iphone began an unstoppable onslaught of revolutions that have completely changed the way the majority of the people on our planet live their day to day lives now?
  3. I thought his products were inspired by total empathy for the user as opposed to PCs. So I think he went through stage green and at least fake turquoise while he was in India dropping acid. I just can't tell whether he jumped straight to Yellow or if he mixed orange and green. The spiral is multi-faceted, so you can be different memes in different areas of your life. Also, yellow is the first to respect all of the colors, and it's extensively explained in the spiral dynamics books that yellow leaders pick and choose when it's appropriate to implement each value system. So he may have thought that a few people getting depressed was worth the massive effects his company was creating, globally. This would be a characteristic learned in stage red (hero meme) as the ends justify the means Edit: in fact, what you're describing about making sure there's total equity would be a green behavior. Yellow often begins itself by rejecting a lot of the impractical and naive green perspectives.
  4. Thank you for this Leo, I think this needs to be emphasized more on this site. A lot of people go into stage green propped up by fake stage orange abundance. This is in the form of student loans and lots of healthy, attractive, young, and intelligent members of the opposite sex all around them at University but not to be found as commonly in the real world. This is a major reason for the failure of the hippy movement in the 1960s and 1970s as those people gave up their ways to become lawyers, entrepreneurs, and financial analysts. Steve Jobs was one of them although I can't tell whether he was stage yellow, orange, or just dropping LSD all the time (which would be fake stage turquoise)
  5. Top left: Authoriarian Left Top right: Authoritarian right Bottom Left: Libertarian Left Bottom Right: Libertarian Right
  6. It looks like this subreddit has entered stage yellow for politics. 30,000 subscribers too.
  7. Find out for yourself. I can't do the work for you. Besides, I was actually referring to the GLBTQ community in general, especially gay men and M2F transgenders. While a lot of the lesbians I know are extremely hedonistic and nihilistic, a lot of them are really just bisexual and want to get fucked by men, just not the men that pay attention to them. Many of them do leave their experiment after a few years though. One of the books on the booklist even explained how much more common it is for women to go straight again than it is for gay men. It said they often do get pregnant, and do start families with men later on. That, of course, would eliminate the nihilism.
  8. Uh. Yes it does. Laws, which are blue, don't need capitalism, but capitalism needs laws, no matter how much they bitch about it. One is more important to maintain than the other. Oh yeah. How so? I get that you don't like what I said, but that's just you getting mad. That has nothing to do with me. What do you mean? I literally don't have to work 9-5 anymore, I spend most of my time internationally, and I have a really interesting story to tell about my experiences in the depths of tolerance that I'm only allowed to talk about because of free speech. And if you don't like religious people, like baptists, evangelicals, and catholics, don't hang out with them!
  9. First of all, I'm telling a story, so it's anecdotal observations we're talking about. My goal isn't to persuade you of anything, except for that I have gone deeply into the depths of tolerance. I'm not gonna provide you my past flight tickets, old paystubs, and FB account so that you can tell I'm really being truthful about my stories. Second, could you imagine the flak a university researcher would get for spreading this information? A researcher from the University of Toronto was staying in my apartment complex in Thailand before, and the questions he was asking to study transgender people were designed to confirm bias. Not behaving in such a manner would be a good way to lose funding. This guy was next to clueless about a whole number of issues. Yet, he's in Canada right now teaching university students about his confirmed-biases.
  10. I didn't say it wasn't. A lot of the concerns and interests addressed by Green, lead to yellow. For example, let's say you want to be culturally tolerant so you hang out and immerse yourself in the LGBTQ community. First of all, you're going to learn that lack of life-meaning and party drugs have done more damage to the gay community than intolerant evangelicals ever did or ever will. This may take a few years to discover. You're also going to learn that transgender people are often walking contradictions and have extreme hormonal issues that can't just be solved with tolerance. Also, there's definitely a horny gay man trapped inside every m2f transgender woman, and sexually, he thinks with his dick and openly goes for quantity over quality. Obviously, there's no concern of getting pregnant so she thinks like man when it comes to promiscuity and openness bout it. That goes for both pre-op and post-op. Oftentimes, these people switch back as well, especially F2M transgender men. Why? because the challenge for men in life is a billion times greater it turns out! You would never know this from hanging out in a green safespace, a blue cathedral, or from the cocky distance that orange likes to keep itself at. What lessons are learned from that immersion alone? Well first of all, it's apparent that lack of purpose is devastating and destructive. You need to develop real meaning in your life somehow. A nuclear family is the most common way people do this, so pay your respects to purple and blue. Also, we can learn a lot from transgenders. First of all, gender roles are more than socially constructed. They are mostly biological and hardwired. Not only that, but you may get sick if you don't follow what your hormones are telling you to do. Even in countries where 3rd gender is accepted, like Thailand and the Philippines, this class has a very high suicide rate due to the nihilistic and hedonistic natures of their existence. There is also a massive behavioral difference between a transgender woman whose taken estrogen pills and one who is coming off of them. Not only is their behavior different when they take estrogen pills, but the way other people behave around them is a difference of night and day. ... I'm not even gonna get into what I found out by exploring the Mexican-American, Buddhist, or a multitude of other communities over many years, but you may be quite astounded with the discoveries. Let's just say, I've lost a lot respect towards a lot of groups and gained a lot of valuable insights.
  11. The only reason why the law (blue) is enforceable in the first place is if the police in a country have a monopoly on force (red). It's a prerequisite for law. It's literally more important that police maintain this monopoly than it is for them to follow the law, even if lack of accountability (i.e. police brutality) sucks. Thankfully, this monopoly is rarely threatened in countries without mafias. In countries like Mexico though, where there is violent conflict between police and cartels, it's more important than one group establishes control. In 2017, 113 politicians were assassinated in Mexico because the police don't have control of the country. Those are the people that are supposed to make the laws. In some places, like Vietnam, the police and mafia work together in certain parts of the country. I'm not sure how it works out for them, but I hear a lot of bad shit. Anyway, you'll see police doing red behaviors all the time, like training to shoot people and learning how to establish physical force. Also, I'm assuming your comment about me hating people comes - first of all - off the assumption that I'm in level orange. Orange doesn't really hate green. They think green is naïve, lazy, and moralizes on everyone else while they're being propped up in a privileged situation by the orange people that they despise so much. But they don't usually hate stage green. That's your naïvety acting up again. Green, on the other hand, seems to actually hate evangelicals, the United States, working 9-5, competition, Wall Street capitalism, individualism, free speech, and sovereignty. Personally, I've transcended most of those issues so it doesn't threaten me anymore, nor am I on a crusade to stop any of it.
  12. Finally, we have common ground. This is what I have been saying the whole time. The big difference is that I have been saying that the lower stages are usually much more useful and important than the higher stages. I don't think most of you have thought about this yet. For example - red's goal - which is often to establish a monopoly of force, is more important than blue's goal which is to establish laws and rules.
  13. This is what happened. You saw something that went against your idealism and tried to fit your argument to support your beliefs. The craziest part is when you go and accuse me of doing this, multiple times! You must have said to yourself, "I need to go into stage orange, and fight him using stage orange methods." I have literally seen you openly brag about this in the past after a thread got locked so the other party couldn't respond. Everything you have said has been in order to push your ideology, not the other way around. You need to learn things first, then alter your idealism. The most telling part is that you seem to think that people can't use a combination of purple, red, blue, orange, green, and yellow solutions as they please.
  14. I didn't craft a particular narrative. I literally quoted the first paragraph! And yes, I re-read the article again. Almost 100% of it is backing the abstract. You seem to be of the opinion that Asperger's is a prerequisite. There's a million ways to be in stage orange, and there's a million ways to be in stage yellow. One way to evolve out of Green is to investigate the crap out of Green ideals and try to implement them in the real world. I suggest that's where you start. And no, I don't mean a university campus where everything is provided by orange parents or on bought time from banking institutions.
  15. First of all, we could take that really far, like never referring to a study unless I conducted all of the research myself first hand. They showed 65 sources. I can't read all of them so it would be smart to read the abstract. Second, what makes you think this is my preexisting view? I just learned 2 weeks ago about these studies and the Central Six from a total progressive who wrote a book on consumer spending. Of course, his research and the research he studies shocked him, kinda like how I got shocked out of being a progressive myself. You want to hear something even more non-conforming than 'intelligence matters?' Then read Miller's book on the booklist and hear what his post-modernist viewpoint has to say on diversity. I might have to put you on suicide watch.