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  1. He had n-bomb pass, he was white, and acting like a thug. That's a wigger. Don't pretend like they don't exist. Here he is in action (guy in maroon): 1. 2.
  2. Are the football rioters going to threaten your life for extinguishing a fire in your community at a petrol station, and then start yelling at you to shoot them? Cuz that's what happened. Context - It looks like the wigger in maroon was the first person to get shot: 1. 2.
  3. @AtheisticNonduality You didn't see the footage. Here you go:
  4. @Consept Are you suggesting he should have let a stage red wigger have his violent way?
  5. @Epikur He was being escorted by security. Also, you'd be a fucking retard to attack that guy if he was open carrying a gun.
  6. You mean terrorism like attacking people who extinguished a fire at a petrol station lol
  7. @Consept He lived like 15-30 minutes away because this happened right near the border. And they were mad because of a fire getting extinguished at a petrol station 1. 2.
  8. It wasn't a bank. BLM was mad about a fire getting extinguished at a petrol station: 1. 2.
  9. @purerogue He didn't attack random people with a gun. 1) He was literally being chased by the first attacker 2) He was hit with kicked, hit with skateboard, and had gun pulled on him later 3) He only shot the people that attacked him FULL FOOTAGE
  10. YOU are a fascist because you are against open dialogue. The three people that got shot assaulted the kid with weapons because they were angry about a fire getting extinguished at a gas station. People like YOU created this violence by labeling people as fascists just so YOU can escalate YOUR virtue signaling to whatever level YOU want.
  11. Okay, I'm sure that's what will happen as the Philippines finishes transitioning into stage Blue.
  12. Go to the gay community with some of your gay friends, and watch the sheer volume of hedonistic sexual activity and drugs occurring 24/7. You're going to see exactly why HIV popped up.. That would be like calling condoms repressive even though they open up a lot more opportunity than they take. These aren't justifications at all, it's something else entirely.
  13. @Forestluv If you've got a vendetta on your Catholic school, there's nothing I can do about that. I don't want to answer variations of your questions over and over again. All I can tell you is that I believe Blue likes to maximize the success of egalitarian pair bonding, and in my experience this is controlled by people refusing to marry prostitutes, a fairly early marriage, and stigmatization of divorce. In many past societies, I'm sure they also got mad at the gay population for hedonistically spreading diseases around and repressing everybody else's sexual health. I also believe there's been times they've tolerated and knew about what monks, nuns, and priests were doing. So do you really call that repressive? There's just something that seems innaccurate about that if we're going to judge this over a multi-century timeline involving several continents. And the number one piece of repression I'm seeing in the blue society I'm currently residing in is lack of personal space, not rules. It's hard to bang whoever the heck you want while you're living with your parents in an apartment, regardless of what phase society is in. Orange has a solution to that.
  14. Compared to Orange or Green, sure. Jesus Christ. Edit: On the other hand, you may also say the whole blue system is built upon maximizing sexual success
  15. I wouldn't know detailed exactness of something like this, but the female could be carrier for male homosexual genes and vis versa. For example, a pair that each had a bisexual dad would have x amount of likeliness of having a completely homosexual son but a 0% chance of having lesbian daughter. Somewhere in that vicinity and without precise studies to guide me, I believe genetics plays a part in sexual orientation.