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  1. This was incredible. Thanks for sharing
  2. @Bittu What will happen to me tomorrow? Is there anything specific the universe, Bashar, Shiva, Bhairava want me to know?
  3. Nakuru, Kenya
  4. @Bazooka Jesus It's a strange phenomenon and I've experienced it too and know a few others who have. I wouldn't worry too much about it though. If you trip again after a while you should be good.
  5. You underestimate how many trips it can take to awake fully
  6. There are plenty of people who've awoke through psychedelics of course. @Leo Gura, Chris Bache and Martin Ball are popular examples
  7. @Nahm No miscommunication. And nah, my real name is not Elvis. My name is Vishal
  8. While what you are saying is true, my point for the book recommendation was that, it teaches necessary information and skills that are essential for overcoming anxious attachment. There are a lot of details to the issue and much to be understood from it, much like the way you recommended The Six Pillars for knowledge on self esteem. I had read briefly on attachment styles years back, but didn't realize how important it was for me to overcome my problem. I know I keep harping on the book, but it's hard for me to communicate it's importance if you've not read it @PenguinPablo. Love you Nahm <3
  9. @Nahm Thank you Nahm for your insights, But I have to side with sinbad on this one. This attachment stuff is very real and has to be specifically addressed, especially for individuals having anxious attachment.
  10. @PenguinPablo A while back I discovered I had the anxious attachment style. That itself was an extremely helpful discovery to help me moving in the right direction. But what helped really overcome it was reading this book on attachment: Attached by Dr. Amir Levine and Rachel Heller. The authors of the book were the pioneers on the concept of attachment theory, and they conducted massive research to understand and apply it to solve relationship problem like having an anxious attachment style, and what you can do to have a secure attachment style. I highly, highly recommend the book. I know how harrowing anxious attachment can be. Hope this was helpful
  11. I think you're a very special person.
  12. Check out Brett Manning's Singing Success
  13. She's legit. @Leo Gura Cool! I always wondered if you'd met. He doesn't live too far from the Strip. Guys. Steve Pavlina is a pretty legit personal growth teacher too.
  14. Hey guys. Just wanted to post something on my spiritual path and what progress I've made the last several months. I started doing regular high dose LSD trips since June last year. I usually trip once a week at 700 - 1000ug. I've tripped at least two dozen times now, but still haven't awoken. In fact, my last trip on Saturday, I felt like I didn't trip at all. I'm sure the trip happened, but it's like nothing happened to me. I just remember feeling like vomiting a few times and that's it. I expect that I'll just have to continue taking LSD and will awaken eventually. Any thoughts? Maybe I'm doing something wrong? The only exception to this whole thing is that among the first times I took LSD (at the time I'd forgotten about enlightenment and it'd been more than 2 1/5 years since I followed Leo's content), during my first high dose trip (700ug) I asked myself 'What is enlightenment?' and had a spiritual awakening, although I didn't understand what had happened, until I got in this forum and watched Leo's content. Since then I've been trying to awaken again on LSD but hasn't happened yet.
  15. @Girzo yeah they do stack up. I highly suspect it's a tolerance issue. Thanks man, your comments on this forum are always highly appreciated.
  16. @Gnosis This was helpful. Thank you for the meaningful insights
  17. @LfcCharlie4 btw. do you also talk to your mother like this
  18. Other folks who experience synchronicities are welcome to post stories here