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  1. Forget religions, they all contain dogma. Walk your own path. Follow whoever calls you, etc. Religion can be an option, but it is not the best.
  2. Do not resist your misery. Not easy, but thats the way to let go. Surrender to it. Be it.
  3. 1. How do you quit this game? I do not mean this life, but this whole reincarnation on Earth thing? I do not wanna see this planet again. I know reaching enlightenment is a way, but its too slow. I want to renounce the contract that binds me here NOW. 2. What happens when someone commits suicide? Don't worry I am not planning this, I have 2 daughters, but there is contradicting information on this. 3. Some people talk about psychedelics opening portals for demons, is that true?
  4. Its completely up to you. However, if you eat meat, you should give thanks to the animal. Easiest way is to apply Ho'opponopono: Thank you, I love you. If you are on this path, at one point you may not want to eat meat anymore. Happened to me. It all comes naturally, you should not force it.
  5. I have found this thread "accidentally" after starting the book Focusing by Eugene T. Gendlin. This is an excellent book and a logical follow-up to the technique by Afonso.