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  1. These topics relating to psychedelics are great and all but I live in England and I wouldn't have the first clue where to get hold of any. Methinks there may be the slight problem of illegality.
  2. I was listening to a podcast this morning where a contributor said that he agreed with Stephen Hawking's death bed conviction that there is no God. Apparently Hawking said the maths and theory was kind of indisputable that God doesn't exist and the universe sprang from nothing and for no purpose whatsoever and we are a total accident. Thoughts ?
  3. I'm trying to meditate on the scope and breadth of Absolute Infinity. Could Leo and everyone else provide hints as to the ultimate ramifications of Absolute Infinity ? Thanks
  4. Leo has stopped referencing Absolute Infinity, is this because Absolute Infinity and Non Duality are one and the same. Probably a dopey question but hey.