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  1. One more question on vape pens. The last one and I'll become an expert, I promise!:) Are cheap vaporizers that bad or sometimes it's possible to find a nice one at a low price? I'm thinking on buying The Stentorian Ram BF Mod for $33.99 from . What do you think, it is a bad idea? It seems to have a nice review score.
  2. I had a couple of discussions here on vaping so please stop saying - it's more dangerous than smoking because it's obviously not:) I want to try a vape pen for oils but I never used one. Is there anyone who could explain is oil vaporizing better than e-liquid, wax or herb vaping? And maybe someone will help me pick a pen? What do you think of the vape pens from this review ? You did help me when I asked about vaporizers in the UK. Hope to get some tips for this time:)
  3. Hi! I've never been an easy-going or open-minded person. Every season (especially fall and spring) starts with regular depression. Fortunately, it doesn't usually last too long - after a week or two, I feel better but not now. My last depression started 4 months ago and I still feel crushed. I've read on AddictionResource that depression and internet addiction co-occur and noticed I did spend a lot of time on the Internet. Do you think depression and Internet addiction go hand in hand?
  4. There is also a lot of useful information on Addiction Resource ( You won't find such inspiring videos there, but still, it's a must-read for beginners interested in addiction.
  5. Hi guys! Is there anybody from the UK? In December, my boyfriend and I moved to Manchester from Sacramento, CA (my bf got promoted). I've never been to the UK before, so everything here is sort of weird for me (I'll never get why and how they use two faucets). Anyway, it's not the main questions. Which nice vaporizers can I find here? I forgot mine in the US. The most useful article I've found is this one , however, I've never heard of these vape kits. BTW, can I vape indoors in the UK? I do hope there is someone from the UK who'll make everything clear for me! Thanks!
  6. According to CNN cannabidiol positively influences our biological systems that are linked to the negative components of addiction, such as anxiety and inhibitory control.
  7. Actually, vaping doesn't cause lung cancer. Although it can't be called healthy, It's much less harmful than smoking and isn't even addictive ( there are a lot of resources in this article). So don't discuss something you're not aware of.