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  1. Do you know what's worse than someone who is bald? ... ... Somebody who is bald and insecure about it.
  2. Low self-esteem is the most likely cause. You do not feel worthy of being loved, so you have a desire to self-sabotage. Deep introspection is necessary to identify the root cause of it, most likely in childhood. Once identified, you need to release it by accepting, understanding and forgiving whatever it is that causes it.
  3. In that case ... Start now ! The thing is, accept the fact that the website will be terrible, the content will be subpar, and traffic will be close to nonexistent. But : - You will learn how to create a website and the basics that come with it - You will have improved your writing and editing skills - The website will have aged and gained some kind of follower base Don't have the website as a priority, but slowly work towards it, as it will help immensely once you want to take it more seriously, and your expectations will be more reasonable. After the 3 years, spending more time on the site will be easier, than starting from flat ZERO, and learning everything that goes with it. Even if you spend 2 hours a week, after 3 years it will accumulate nicely. Not to mention the benefits towards SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, think Google) traffics, due to the aged site. While you don't go at it full time, get a cheap hosting, as you won't be receiving much traffic. You can get 1 year hosting and domain in the 50$ range, and even cheaper, for the first year if you go with Namecheap smallest package. So don't go with squarespace if you don't want to pay a premium + you will want bacis understanding of website, if you want to go at it seriously in the future. If you need help (within reason), I can help you with Wordpress. And general idea with marketing and SEO .