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  1. @winterknight I feel like I understand most of the concepts (but that might be a delusion in itself). What obstacles might I face in my journey as a result of this or is this a better place to start? Or does it really depend? Is it my continual identification with the "I" as the thing which understood those concepts? Because as my body was typing the above question, it didn't even realize that it was calling itself the "I". Also, can you help clarify what people mean when they say primary experience is crucial? What is primary experience referring to? How do I know when I am experiencing? Thanks winterknight
  2. From The Brand Gap, a brand is a gut feeling that individuals have about whatever entity you are concerned about. Brand development thus becomes about influencing the conversation people have about said entity towards what you desire and there are infinite ways of doing that. Asking how to build a brand is too vague and you must begin deeper. I'd recommend reading The Brand Gap or I can PM you a link where I wrote up a detailed summary of the book.