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  1. I'm not trying to justify anything. I'm just trying to make suer we all remember that different tools work for different people, dats all.
  2. @Outer Also the overwhelming majority of scientific studies are looking at data as a whole and outliers or exceptions to the average or even *expected* results can often be ignored or overlooked. I have no doubt that for some, perhaps the majority of weed users, the DMN may increase. However I'd also wager that many of these users participating in these studies do not know about non-duality so... the idea that there is no self would be easily dismissed or laughed at. If you really want to investigate drug induced altered states of consciousness, you should simply take the drug and observe the outcome. Try out weed and see what happens imo.
  3. Well them I'm afraid you'll have to ask someone else. Like I said, I can only speak from my experience. I'd be careful with relying too heavily on scientific studies when it comes to this topic. All of these drugs are schedule 1 e.g. there is A LOT more research needed.
  4. Mantra meditation has been really effective for me as well. I use "sunflower" - As I breath in "sun" and as I breath out "flower." It really helps silent the mind for one. Two, I've also found it to have "metta" properties. When I enter into a deep focus of repeating that mantra love, gratitude, compassion, and feelings of connectedness arise very easily.
  5. I don't have any scientific studies if that's what your asking for. I only can speak from personal experience. And in my experience, some of my highest (pun) states of awareness and some of my biggest insights have come from smoking weed and eating edibles. Perhaps the substance's potential is different for everyone.
  6. @Barry J If you have gotten into a habit like this, it may be best to try and ween yourself off. Taking time away from weed and trying to really integrate (and I mean REALLY integrate) the increased awareness and insights you receive while high is really productive IME. It also will help you recover some of the tolerance problems daily smoking will bring so that whenever you return to the substance (if you can not slip back into an addicted behavior), the experiences will be much more potent and potentially conducive towards your spiritual development.
  7. It most certainly has psychedelic properties and can be a tool used for spiritual work though, even if not a "real" psychedelic
  8. I think of it like this... If you walked into a gym and tried to squat 400lbs, the weight would fucking crush you. The "backlash" being that your body's homeostasis was so disrupted by that 400lbs that it resulted in injury/a failed lift. Similarly, it seems that each ego carries a similar "homeostasis" wherein if you deviate too far from the habits, desires, judgments, distractions, etc. that fuel an ego's existence, a psychological backfiring mechanism takes place. Too much stimulus too quickly will result in any system backfiring. This ranges anywhere from ego, exercise, economics, metabolism, invasive species, etc. etc... Essentially large shifts in any system that presently has a homeostasis have a high potential for backfiring to occur. These are by no means perfect examples, but I've personally found this type of thinking to be a helpful model for understanding and preventing ego backlash. It's important to SLOWLY build consistency, momentum, and discipline with these spiritual and personal development practices in the same way that one would need to SLOWLY work up to squatting 400lbs. Hopefully this helps.
  9. Hi members, So I’ve been a “lurker” for a while now, but finally decided I’d reach out and engage with the community directly :). There are a lot of interesting and unique perspectives here and low-key I should have joined up sooner. The deeper I’ve gone into this work, the more obvious its significance becomes, but equally, the more obvious its scarcity within society becomes as well. Like, I’m one of the only one in my life I see asking these existential questions that are commonplace around these parts so... It would be cool to finally get involved with like-minded “individuals.” I was hoping you all could give me thoughts or insights you’ve had on the topic of Love with a capital L. What is it? Why would it be present? Does it have anything to do with enlightenment? Often times enlightenment is described as pure “being,” which is achieved by resting in a state of pure “awareness.” So essentially, when we’ve achieved this pure being-ness with our present experience, dropping all beliefs and concepts, we become aware of the nature of our reality, self, etc. By only being our-selves, we are enlightened to the true nature of our selves and reality. Intellectually, however, none of this seems to include or require something like Love to be included into the mix. I can imagine pure awareness being utterly cold, detached, impersonal and observatory without there being any sort of internal feeling of connectedness with the present experience. And in this sense, you are that which is aware, nothing “more” (such as Love) and nothing “less” (such as Hate). How could LOVE be a part of this? If Love were to be found within *being,* it would still be observed via awareness right? (e.g. not YOU because YOU are that which is AWARE) It’s just a strange concept overall, and yet enlightened masters have continually emphasized the point of Love within this spiritual journey. So yeh… If any of you all have thoughts it would be extremely cool to read them Thanks!
  10. Hmm... I believe there pointing towards the true nature of self. And, depending on how you look at this nature, it could be described by either options 1 or 2. (though the caveat being that each of these descriptions is ultimately not that which they describe so it gets weird) So for example, 0 is infinitely small and infinity is infinitely large, and so in this sense, the boundaries between 0 and infinity kind of collapse because the nature of these two are actually equivalent. This math metaphor is how I've always conceptualized the differences between a Buddhist perspective and Advaita Vedanta perspective
  11. It took me awhile to realize the no self of Buddhism and the infinite self of Advaita were pointing towards the same end. Which perspective has helped you most?
  12. Thank you for your words... I shall contemplate dis
  13. @here-now Super helpful! Especially that Spira video
  14. The fact that Ralston is struggling to communicate this topic here is interesting. It's just more evidence for the fact that whatever component of enlightenment is made of Love/Compassion is going to fundamentally be experiential rather than something language or mind may communicate
  15. This is a lot to process haha. I agree though that faking it until you make it seems like a dangerous foundation to lay... But yeah, becoming too center minded on love would be counter productive too considering the "goal" is to rid oneself of false beliefs. An interesting delineation between compassion and love. I'll have to think more on that topic mayne, but thank you Maynor based Joseph and also iamme
  16. I agree, a materialists paradigm wouldn't make sense in this context. Thankfully, I'm not a materialist. I was actually anti-materialism before I knew about enlightenment just because their arguments didn't make any sense to me (obviously they still don't). I think this comes down to me simply not having enough 1st hand experience with the "absolute" and non-duality... I'm glad you'll make a video about it
  17. @nex462 Thank you for the thorough reply. There's a lot in what you posted to process, but I really appreciated the "so be it" component... In that way, if one were to become so fucking accepting of everything, I could imagine how love would be allowed to flourish unobstructed.
  18. Hi thank you This is true. Having an intellectual understanding of enlightenment is initially what got me on board with all of this, but I simultaneously recognize that this is a beast outside of the intellect haha. I see what you mean though. Also thank you pt 2!