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  1. My favorite part of this forum is that Leo is lurking around all enlightened trolling us.
  2. I would like to think that she would stick with you because she loves you. Sure you can initially be attracted to a mans social status like a man can be attracted to a woman's beauty. But I think it goes deeper than that, you get to know one another and have a great time and live, love, and laugh. If you lost your social status or were in a wheel chair because of some tragedy she has gotten to know you and stuck around for you. There are other men with social status, why did she choose you? What was the determining factor? Maybe she is solely attracted to social status but I think if that's the case then it wasn't real in the first place. I like to think that if it was real she would stay with you because you are more than just a man with high social status when you have a real connection.
  3. Just go less if your goal is to cut back on time with them. If you are around them everyday cut back to six times a week. If you are with them twice a week cut back to once a week. Think about how you spend your time with these people. What are you so worried about missing out on if you want to reduce your time spent with them anyways?
  4. Accept you have no control over that aspect of your body and move on. You are fine you have fingers and a tongue unless you are Edward Scissor-Hands in which case I apologize.
  5. I think it just comes down to you realizing that you are better off without them. Maybe when they are around you realize you don't want to be there or would rather be doing something else. I would just cut back on my time around those people that are holding you back and see how that goes. Just start off by slowly reducing your time with those people.
  6. I think Buddhist monks and yogis are not for murder because they have a very increased sense of empathy. Maybe they realize they had no say what they were born as and could have been anything. A vegan diet minimizes harm to animals, but not all harm. Animals will still be killed on a vegan diet but it's not an all or nothing game. Plants cannot feel pain and suffer but animals can and it is not necessary to eat animals to survive. It is actually better for one's health to transition from a omnivorous diet to a vegan diet and a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet. It is also better for the environment as well. Each individual and society creates the hierarchy where one being is more valuable than another. You pull it out of your ass or you accept what society tells you.
  7. No, thank you. You pointed out to me nothing bad would happen and just do it. Even though it didn't work out maybe I made her feel a little better so I'm thankful that you just told me to stop thinking and just do it. Now I want to do more "scary things" to stop being so worried and stop the overthinking and just do it.
  8. Hey everybody, I have come across some people talking about the Red Pill and Blue Pill ideologies. In their eyes I would be labeled as a blue pill popper . The way I approach relationships is something that would be a long term thing where we can build each other up and live, love, and laugh. But these people that subscribe to red pill that I've seen are generally labeling women as "gold diggers" in a way. Don't get me wrong I think gold diggers are definitely out there and the whole idea of a "gold digger" really gets under my skin but I think there are really "good" women out there who really care about other people through the bad times and the good times and aren't just opportunistic when it comes to relationships where they would just date a guy because he had millions of dollars. If I was to imagine a scenario where a guy asks a woman out and gets rejected but then wins the Powerball for $500 million, what percentage of women would try to get with the guy after rejecting him? That question scares me in a way because I don't want to think that many women would but I really don't know. The way I see it is that you are first attracted to a woman by looks, which is shallow in nature but then you get to know the woman from there to see if things could/do work out. The thing is though that when these red pill people describe the blue pill perspective I think they are describing my relationship thoughts pretty well. I think that the red pill philosophy can describe some women but not all women, I like to think that my thoughts about relationships aren't wrong and there really are "good" women out there who wouldn't just leave you because of something horrible happening to you that you had no control over. I'm not talking about the guy that loses his job and sits around all day and gives up on life, i'm talking about the guy that gets hits by a semi and is in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. I feel like if these red pill folks are right then I don't even care about relationships at all but i'm going to go find out for myself I suppose. If these red pill people are right I feel deeply troubled. What are your thoughts about these perspectives on relationships?
  9. Update here, did not go well but really getting rejected is not a bad thing at all it's all in your head. The world didn't blow up, I didn't die, we are fine. It would have been far worse if I didn't do something out of fear so i'm glad I did it.
  10. Ok, I will do it, thanks everyone. I guess I overthink way too much.
  11. @Leo Gura Thanks, but I should make it clear that I can really only talk to her for 30 seconds max if she comes up to the front desk. Otherwise there is a horde of about 12 people trying to get through. Also I haven't been seeing her every day it seems like it's becoming a rare thing where she shows up to work before I leave work. The last time I actually interacted with her was last week and the most I said was "Good morning and Have a good day.". I have to open up here, I don't even know this woman so I question whether or not I should even pursue this but I know how I perceive her and how that makes me feel and it drives me nuts. I feel like if I just left a note on her desk she probably wouldn't even know who I am or barely remember me even if it is a sweet thing. I'm driving myself insane over this because I think about a far distance future where we could possibly be together and that would change the course of my life and make me happier but then I think that she would read it and wonder who the hell I am. At this point I feel just dropping the note there tonight would be a good idea and just never hearing anything from here so I stop this madness in my mind and leave no stone un turned so to speak. But then I think about getting a reply and actually making something happen where we do have dinner and I think about how that would go and my insecurities start to eat me alive. They get to me even though just today I was complimented by a woman after I started talking to her for only 30 seconds lol. Also to make matters more interesting, I saw her name twice in two pretty damn unlikely scenarios at work where it coincides with my job where the first one was like 1/1000 of happening and the other was pretty rare never seeing it before. I don't know if this is fate or what but it's nuts, it's like i'm trying to find answers in so many things and make sense of them. I even remember looking at the clock and seeing 4:44 and i'm even looking up numerology stuff even though I don't believe in it or fate either really. I just feel drawn to her and you add what happened with those odds up I don't know what to think, the universe is trolling me. I was also told today that I only have a month left where I work where I can move to a different building or get a new job. Life right now feels like Khabib choking me unconscious as i'm trying to make sense of my surroundings. I'm just trying to do the right thing here but I feel lost, life feels so challenging right now but I keep telling myself I can overcome it but it's so hard.
  12. Thanks everybody, I really appreciate the replies, helps a lot.
  13. I work third shift in a building and i'm at the front desk in the morning when people are coming in to begin work. I've noticed one woman that I have become attracted to over the simplest of interactions (such as her coming to the front desk because she needed help with something) and there's something about her that I really like and admire. She looks gorgeous and presents herself nicely but she also gives off a kind of warmth or kindness that I really admire in her. The problem is i'm not in a position where I can really strike up too much of a conversation with her considering i'm stuck behind a desk and I can really only talk with her for literally thirty seconds max and that is if she needs to come to the front desk. Otherwise the most I can do is say good morning as she passes by. I also don't feel this sort of attraction to many other women where they come across with a warm personality and whatever else subconsciously draws me to this woman. I'm mostly a stage green person and she gives me a kind of feeling that she is as well. I've come to the conclusion that I should try to at least make an attempt to show that i'm interested in her but i'm in a spot where that's kind of rough. Really all I can think of is leaving a note in an envelope with some skittles or something on her desk saying something like: "There's really no chance for us to talk at work but maybe we could talk over dinner sometime if you want" -Guy at front desk txt me (xxx) xxx-xxxx I would much prefer to ask her out personally but i'm just not in a spot to do so. I just don't want to come across as some creepy dude by doing this by demonstrating I also know where she sits but I really can't think of any other way so I figure this is the best shot i got. I really just want to start building meaningful relationships and making a happy life for myself and those around me but maybe this is the wrong way to go about it. Maybe this is me just wanting somebody to make me feel good and validated. There's a lot going through my head and this seems trivial but it matters to me. I should also point out i'm 20 and shes mid twenties. I also feel like i'm trapped in a way if I don't do this as it limits my potential to meet new people. I just feel like maybe she's special and that's why I want to ask her but I don't even know her so maybe that's just weird for me to think like this.
  14. Hey Leo, could you do a video on how people use enlightenment or spiritual growth in a way that would be considered devilry. This could be about how people use spirituality or enlightenment to escape from real life issues and problems in their life and how they neglect these issues. If someone is very poor and has few resources and they start getting into enlightenment or spirituality as an escape from their "bad" position in life and neglect their finances. Also people will probably reply to this saying that "real life issues are just illusions and not really real" but if you are not enlightened and still hold non dual perceptions you are still stuck in this paradigm and just saying that doesn't really mean anything because you still hold this perception. I'm not saying that it only has to be about finances or anything it could also be about other things people neglect in their lives that will cause more problems if they are not addressed.
  15. In Leo's video about authority he discusses how some students will basically praise their Guru's or teachers to no end and hang on every single word they say. Because of the students basically kissing the teachers feet and I guess sometimes literally kissing the teachers feet they will never ever reach enlightenment. If this is the case why would Osho start his own community where so many of his students praised him so much and basically kissed his feet?