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  1. George us a master at aïkido, supposedly the toughest master art to master. My father used to do Aïkido, m'y father us a model tout me. Leo talked a lot about this book. I read it twice. Thats a gem! Read it, take notes, read your notes a few times. Memorize some important concepts. Apply it to your life. Reread it every year if the book is important enough for U. Thats how I read these days. Leo's suggestion of course!
  2. I feel so great since I have a vision for a hundred years into the future actually. I have only like 50 left, so great ill be happy whatever when I die have lived on this path, wherever I end up its not important. Ive got my cure for depression. To try to recreate this vision I see In the dream world in another world, the "real world".
  3. YOU will inspired the world, your children included.
  4. How do U suggest I begin then to get where U are? With Ramana Maharshi?
  5. I would guess some enligtened person may want to, but not necesseraly. Maybe more enligtened people would want to than "normal", but not all of them. I guess there is not a direct link between the 2. Im not enligtened so tough to answer. Want to be in ure question is different from asking "have" to be. Which is more of a NO answer I'm guessing. Interesting question.
  6. I never wanted to, but after a few beers I shared my long-term vision (30 years in the future) with someone close to me. I will never do that again. The reaction was bad and I can understand why. I was sharing something very big and the person told me I was a narcissistic and delusional and it to a lot of bad words exchange. Of course I am delusional! But I won't say narcissistic. I'm aware that in order to realize that I've got to take giants steps. I've got to change my personality in a profound way. Of course I'm delusional ! But I've got 30 years to do so, one step at a time every day. 30* 365 * 5 hours a day = 54 6750 hours. I will never share my long-term vision again. I will keep it for myself and walk the path one step at a time for 54 6750 hours. And if my vision was too big in the end, who cares, I will be happy in my mind having at least tried and working for almost 55 000 hours with get me somewhere I cannot dream of yet! David travelling on the mastery path.
  7. I don't know what Coral is, but I think JK is what is what it is. Coral is the first glimpse of what humanity needs to be to save ourselves I guess. Thank JK! Anybody knows JK and his teachings?
  8. Are you aware is coming, Are you aware that IA will be the dominant force on earth. Are you aware that in 20 years humans wont be those who dominate the earth. Are you aware that we will be working animals with IA? They wont kill us, they will need us. It will be subtle but it will happen. :))) We wont even know, just like a bacteria doesn't even know she's at our service on our arm.. Same thing. We only see what we are ready to see.
  9. We could start a facebook group if U want.
  10. By the way, you can skip a video, but as long as you develop a tiny meditation schedule with 5 min affirmation and 5 min visualisation. Like 15 minutes mediation every day + my program which is not that important at this point.
  11. I dare you everyone to start from leo's first video. There is 355 total I think, like a year. He releases these days one a week, so we could catch him in ho may years if we watch one video a day? But, for me I watch 10 videos, I in 2014 now ye. I take notes, I reread my notes every then days. And I reread my notes, from the beginning every month. I will catch up on Leo in 2020, as long as he doesn't release 4 hours videos….hehe. And I practise the exercise by the I meditate 30 minutes now + 5 minutes visualization + 5 minutes affirmation. I could watch all those videos in 5 months but that would not get the job done. Do you want me to set up a schedule for you folks to start for video 1 in 2013 (there are 355 or so total)? I could do that for U and myself, right now am at video on january 2014. If anybody want a program (the same as me), until we get back to Leo in 2020 say Yes! I tell you It will be a tough schedule. You cannot just listen without taking notes and reading them again, its part to the program. I Have faith in Leo he is the best I've ever seen.
  12. What do every kids ask to anything? Why? Asking may seem childish but it's the highest form of questions we could ask I think. What do u think Einstein ask himself? How or Why? We should be kids all our life always asking why cause those are the most profound question. How is easy, Why….how cares?
  13. @Roman Edouard Life ultimately has the meaning you give it.
  14. For example, you put JK with Leo Gura in a discussion. Leo could made JK very ill at easy if he pushes a bit. JK wont care:)
  15. JK, does not have the knowledge that osho has. I remember JK said he never read a psychology book. He lacks the knowledge to transmit his wisdom to humans. His conscience was too elevated to connect with humans, but he surely connected with, I don't need knowledge, I need truth. Of course he will get destroyed in a conversation with osho or those ultra intelligent humans. I don't why, but I still think JK was not supposed to be a human. maybe just for me to make me feel what I wiil be next:)