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  1. Leo has a video on this, there's a thing about will power, once you see your self from a 3rd person point of view and treat your self with importance like you are a guardian of your self you don't really need will power. If you're passionate your will is automatic, try looking for Leo's video on it.
  2. And why is that?
  3. I really want to know if Astral Projection is part of the focus. It's like natural Meo and other DMT but it's more of a practice and its free, what do you think? if you can please make a response video on this.
  4. I don't think it matters to you but if you're genuinely asking for his own good I think he is, he had an enlightenment experience this summer which he filmed but then he went back to normal videos, I noticed several differences in him, he's more open, more empathetic.
  5. Leo can you tell us why people have a deep connection when eye gazing? It's also considered a meditation and people react to each other if they have seem a glimpse into stage tortoise in the spiral dynamics. Does that evaluate that reality might be an illusion? This youtube video the guy talks about seeing reality as pixles after eye gazing, and I seen videos of people on youtube eye gazing with stranger and all preconception of them and all persona seem to water down and they all end up looking really similar, a face with wisdom and love, and the eyes that resembles all of reality and god. (Not the kind of religious god, it feels like absolute infinite) I been trying to do this with people and ask them what they experience and most people say profound things besides the fact its discomforting. In a sense I can tell you my self it felt like a trip.
  6. Video Games, is it useful? How can someone self actualizing learn from video games? Is it possible to study from the human interactions in a video game? How so? If video games were useful to people's actualization or self development, or used (not a materialistic orange way of going about it) to reach and go beyond enlightenment?