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  1. How important is it to have a "healthy" ego? (even though I don't even know what a healthy ego is) Will it make the spiritual path easier?
  2. Do I have to still continue with spiritual practices post enlightenment?
  3. @WHO IS I don't think that chasing girls is a problem. But it can be really problematic if one is obsessed by it. I might be experiencing the so called "ego backlash". Because I just give too much importance to the opposite sex and completely neglect my spiritual practices as I feel lots of resistance.
  4. @winterknightprior I said that I really want to chase girls first (pickup). But what if that is just a trap by the ego? I had 2 enlightenment glimpses last year. Unfortunately, I suddenly stopped my practice of self inquiry. Since then I've suffered from depression and lonliness. Right now I feel resistance to start this work again. I think that chasing girls is just a trap just to keep me away from enlightenment work. What do you think?
  5. Wow such profound answers! Thank you @Nahm
  6. Thanks for your replies. I'll watch the video. @Serotoninluv I mean if there is no "I", then there can't be any suffering. That's why I thought enlightenment would help.
  7. I'm suffering from overly sensitivity. There are some people out there, whos energies are such low that I just feel down and worthless all the time. I can't really live like that anymore...it hurts deeply. I can somehow feel their sadness and depression which depresses me a lot! Is this empathy coming from ego? Can it be overcome through enlightenment?
  8. During my self inquiry sessions, I usually scream and cry a lot and my whole body is shaking...Did you experience that too? Is this even normal?
  9. @Salvijusexactly! Thanks for the reminder. Once Leo released a video about the benefits of enlightenment. Those benefits are extremely desireable for the ego-mind.
  10. Does it actually matter why (the reason) I am on the path of enlightenment? I mean should someone be on this path just for Truths' sake? Or could someone have some worldy desires, e.g. becoming for successful with my business or girls etc...? I'm confused if that's a valid reason to follow this path...
  11. @winterknight I've read your post about being honest with myself...then I started realizing what I really wanted all the time. It may sound weird, but I've always wanted to be successful with picking up girls. After 2 years of trying, I gave up a few years ago. I'm still doubting if that would be a good activity to follow, but I just can't help thinking about it...
  12. Background story: In summer 2018 I was doing self inquiry every single day. During that time I had 2 short glimpses of the Truth. Unfortunately, they only lasted for a few hours. In September 2018 I started my studies at the university. As you can imagine I had to attend classes, do lots of "distance learnings" at home and prepare myself for the tests. As a result, I completely forgot about my spiritual journey. I stopped my self inquiry practice. Now: Over 6 months have passed by and I feel like trash. I don't find anything meaningful anymore. I get no pleasure by doing the same things I used to do before. Depression has become my daily friend now. I just suck at socializing with people, because as I said earlier I just find it meaningless. It gets worse especially when I get ill. Because I would constantly think about dying. (and that feels like hell) Am I in the dark night of soul? I really want to get out of it. It just sucks so badly!! I want to start my daily practice again and overcome this shit.