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  1. I know I'm late, but maybe you think so because you're unconfident, needy, weak, beta, poor, socialy awkward, boring guy. As everyone else who agrees with you. Your characteristics are common, but that's not literary what women want, they don't wan't "violent, rude asshole", but confident guy. Also why would any girl wan't guy who can't take care of himself - "wealthy, muscular, socially skilled". If you're poor and awkward sure they will rather choose guy who atleast knows how to take care of his looks, finances and has great social circle. Most of your list is bullshit and on the right things you're looking from wrong perspective. As on the topic, I disagree. Girls do like emotional guys, but they don't like needy beta's, be a kind alpha, keep everything in balance. Don't be too needy, don't be too apathetic. I don't get many of you, working so hard to get enlightened, but can't figure out the basics on women attraction.
  2. There is something special about shitting, I read literary the same story here on forum few days ago I guess shitting replaces meditation
  3. Research a lot before, try to understand It conceptually before you do It and start with low dose, then you will be totally fine and will gain a lot of knowledge or/and lose a lot of crap. No research and/or high dose? Very bad idea. Very high doses could rip your ego apart so hard that you could recover only in next life
  4. Fuck those synthetic craps, check out adaptogens. Those will be way better choice. Rhodiola rosea would be the first one to look up, but It's worth checking all of them. Way more effective with not side effects and many side benefits.
  5. Just one suggestion. Don't do as other suggest high dose of lsd If you haven't done It before. You will regret It.
  6. I can't write everything I think about this as It would take me infinity to write It all, but yes, you're not alone. I wouldn't call myself enlightened, just "woke", but that's already faaar away from 95% of society and It's really a struggle to find someone who I could relate with on deep level and completely open up myself. I wouldn't have any problem to find attractive girlfriend, but there's no point in It as the way my mind works will be too different for us to have real, satisfying relationship. I have tried expressing 10% of myself and expressing just the upper layers of myself, but that's pointless, I can't take that, so here I am single for pretty long time, even though I regularly socialize and girls get attracted to me. I don't wan't to sound narcissistic, but this is really frustrating that girls get attracted to me, but they have no idea what kind of rabbit hole I am, and I don't even know If I wan't anyone to dive in there just for their own safety.
  7. Naming just needs to be something that's catchy and easy to remember, but the strategy is 90% about social media. Have accounts on every platform, depends of product, but prefered also youtube channel and podcasts, document as much as you can and make partnerships with influencers. Another technique I am using is build brand as on a product and associate yourself with the brand so brand promotes you and you promote brand. For example If you're selling watersports equipment, do watersports yourself. That's totally random example, but I believe that the best way how to go about branding is becoming the brand yourself and again - social media marketing and influencers. Pay few hundreds or thousands depending on your niche to great influencer and you're instantly exposed to huge amount of potentional customers, already have exposure and definitely some revenue. Check Gary Vee on youtube, will tell you everything you need relating building brand.
  8. I'm living and studying, before been working abroad for years so I have realised that my english skills are better than my native language skills and when I talk native I also wan't to use some english words in between and some native words seem weird, like they don't sound "correct". I believe It's just adapting to language you are the most exposed to and less frequently used one slowly worsens over time. How much of your thoughts are english and how much native? I find It like 70/30 so It's obvious that the 30% one will go even lower.
  9. I actually think there's no illusions here. Except others thinking that she might have a chance. I have no idea what's going on in your mind, but your posts contradict each other which really makes no sense. "Worried I might never have sex" "Guys will have sex with anything" Sure, some fuc*ed up guy would have sex with you, but doesn't sound like any decent guy would ever be attracted to you. You don't wan't to change (every partnership/relationship requires effort in both ways) and can't even define what your problem actually is. You have to work really hard and fix your own bullshit.
  10. Well for a compromise I can tell that I believe 90% studying happens outside school, but I really wan't people to figure that out while in university otherwise in reality most people who say this and don't study on higher levels - university, college, academy etc. tend to live pretty sad lives, stuck in horrible jobs as It is really not that easy to build your own brand, company etc. most people just couldn't do that, so university level education will atleast give decent, comfortable life from which they can move forward. School system and life is as It is, adapt or get left behind. Sure, those few who have the enterpreunership skills to do It on their own, do It!
  11. Really interested to hear the same. I'm glad I'm not alone having this question.
  12. Exactly. To be able to help others, you must help yourself first. Put yourself in the state where you don't have to worry about yourself, only then you can really help.
  13. If you're that kind of person who is unable to apply theory to practice then maybe go to construction or mechanic school? Somehow I've found that mostly lazy people with crappy grades, who don't know what they wan't blame school. Smart, ambitious people know that school is amazing tool to reach their goals. Below university level you have to learn basic information about everything and I think It's stupid to say that you don't need a certain thing from that, in highschool they require you to learn basics on broad, general topics, which is great, after that in university you can study whatever you wan't. Maybe you're just not that kind of person who can study theory, but has to do more practical stuff. Do It, set up you "school system". Let's see how many kids will "walk around track". Do not kid yourself, you would be running alone as your idea is crap and no one would ever join your "school system" as It's pointless bullshit. I get It, you're 16 and your mind is filled up with "actualized mess". But in reality the kid who walked 6 miles will beg for a job to the one who did 20 miles. And socializing is just as or even more important than studies themselves, I suggest you to really think about this as you don't wan't life to teach you how important that is. People, no matter how enlightened or consciouss you are, as you're living in society It's really beneficial to figure out how humans and life in general works and use this knowledge in your favor. Yes, society is tangled in illusions and bullshit, but If you are able to see trough It, you can use It to infiltrate in It and achieve whatever you wan't. In this case, school and socializing really helps If you wan't decent human experience.
  14. Same here. I've heard many times that I think more with emotions than logic, which is kinda true. I love bright, colorful stuff. I love animals and nature and everything that's colorful or beautiful Listen to classical, indie, emotional love songs. I love fashion. I use term aesthetic 20 times a day. Never heard, but probably some have thought about me being homesexual even though I'm great with girls. I hate watching sports and doing most of them except I'm triathlete I see nothing wrong with that and I truly believe that there is very common problem called "overmanliness" and that men are shaped into sociopaths. There for sure is the other side: Agressive routine - super produtive, ambitious and goal oriented, doing heavy endurance/triathlon training (so heavy that you no one could imagine that I have pink raincot when seeing me when training) . Also often mean and almost always straight and don't care about emotions If It's true. I believe this is called duality and we all have It in different degrees, I guess I'm more feminine that masculine, but I love It and you should just own it!
  15. You're just weak. Just kidding, probably lack of some nutrients or too low calories. About the topic. I experienced the same for.., pretty much my whole life, but after gradual revolution It's "cured". I'll list you the main things that will help you. Create goals list. If you have no drive, then, well, you just have no drive. You can't feel motivated and energetic If there is nothing to work towards. Fix sleep schedule, (from experience) no you're not person who needs longer sleep hours, you just need to fix schedule, stop staying up late, go to sleep early and wake up early, always atleast at similar times, the more constant the better. Do not masturbate. Read about nofap. Basically you just shoot all your energy into your hand, sock, napkin whatever Keep It in you and you will be surprised, It's like a superpower. Don't eat heavy foods before sleep . I would actually suggest to go for vegan diet as It really does raise your energy levels. No phone, tv, pc 1 hour before and after sleep. Don't work/study/chill in bed, only sleep. Cold showers right after waking up, the colder and longer the better. Maybe I forgot something, but just few of those will have noticable impact.