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  1. Great stuff!
  2. These You Tube channels are not about spirituality, however they are a great resource helping to understand important cultural and social issues, often drawing from deep insights from philosophical thought and while being quite entertaining as well. PlasticPills has great stuff on social media and Trump, but for me the most profound were his videos on Lacan - check this one out for starters: Leo has been always saying that there is nothing outside of you that can make you fulfilled and happy. This video is exactly about that, and about how we look at ourselves as objects seen through others people eyes. Mind-blowing! Another video - a great take on modern culture and social media: Tom Nichols provides a really accessible but deep presentations of different topics - some recommedations include:
  3. They have some really great videos. Highly recommended.
  4. Quote from their website: ‘When our existing ways of thinking break down, it's the rebels and the renegades, those who dare to think differently, who need to reboot the system.’ This is a multi-faceted look at today’s world focusing on variety of topics, including society, politics, religion, psychology and spirituality. Intelectual curiosity and honesty in search of deep ideas that can transform our thinking on a global scale. Some examples of Pure Gold – IMHO – right there: I would love to see Leo interviewed by them some day.
  5. I agree, Eric's work is great! For me he is embodiment of the "yellow" stage. So profound and poetic, yet humble, funny, very versatile and far from dogmas and ideologies. Take care of your soul.