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  1. @Keryo Koffa You are consciousness. Not the actor. In fact there not even is an actor. The actor is an illusion. Your "First Person" and others are the doing of consciousness. Different Things. Consciousness having different experiences. But all different things are known by the same knowing. You are not everyone because you are not a finite thing. But all finite things arise from you. There ist no external reality. Everything happens in consciousness. Sensing is the activity of consciousness. The property of being conscious can not be acquired. It was there before you felt to be a seperate being.
  2. @Keryo Koffa Hello. You got the answers in your question. For something to exist, it must be known. right? Consciousness is the only thing that knows. Something outside of consciousness therefore can never be known and therefore not exist. Things borrow their existence from consciousness' being
  3. @Princess Arabia you are Not Seeing Things as a mirror of yourself
  4. @Javfly33 you are not living reality. You are creating it. Effortlessly.
  5. @Salvijus By understanding their struggles and confusion, and trying to resolve those
  6. @Salvijus No technique, just knowing.
  7. @mindfulstepz fear you mean? Or the question what your biggest hindrence is?
  8. @Salvijus I deeply know myself. That doesnt mean I know everything about my creations, but I can help you by looking at your questions from a no ego perspective.
  9. Reality is so increadible simple that for thought its impossible to understand
  10. @Davino I wanted to take you somewhere.. you already realized?
  11. @mindfulstepz In my opinion, the greatest hindrence of recognizing your self is the habit of searching for yourself. I is not an objektive experience. I is to close to I to be found by I. I was never lost. I will never be found. But tell me; what is your greatest hindrence?
  12. @Salvijus @Salvijus I answer your questions when you tell me how the answers would help you
  13. @Davino What is "base line consciousness"?