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  1. Yes Soc is a yellow teacher to Dan. A great yellow guru.
  2. This is a yellow wake up call to green. "So pull yr head on out yr hippy haze n give a listen...shouldnt have to say it all again!" We have a dying world and instead of the narrator simply blaming exterior causes as green does...it goes deeper n turns the focus within...the guilty is us. We are Not removed n outside just watching the world die. We are the world and were hiding from our lower nature of standing back from pain. Feeling relief deep down its not us smeared across the screen or phone. We cant admit it. This song is a tellin off to green. Come down a minute...yr not the messiah...yr a very naughty boy! Wake up. The me me me generation failed. Green cant do it alone just by imagining! Strang days indeed.
  3. Check out this great show with Laura Dern. Its basically about a break from orange to green but from a yellow writer at times. Because it shows the faults of green in her naivety to 'change' the world. Very funny to yellow😆