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  1. Insane show. Wildly creative and beautiful world building: Scavengers Reign Anyone seen it?
  2. I may have been fooled. After further investigation, while his theories are very pretty on the surface they may lack deeper substance I am attracted to his outside of the box thinking when it comes to science. I feel as though we have become too narrow minded and make deep assumptions/trust of authority when we have not confirmed most of it ourselves That being said. It seems Terrence theories lack rigorous exploration. Its fueled by the initial excitement of something potentially breakthrough/profound but its not extensively thought through I took time to look into his reconstruction of Saturn and a few other theories. the saturn reconstruction seems to be a blender particle simulation and isnt very difficult to recreate. It is definetely interesting, but not sure it can be described as evidence. His Lynchpin design was created in a contest with other engineers and while it could do some very cool things, it seems to not be anything of particular use just yet His pattern recognition between things and parallels to ancient wisdom are very intruiging but also again dont seem to have too much else backing it up just yet Time will tell if he has discovered something if he is able to develop any technologies. I like his intention of approaching technology from modeling after patterns found in nature/finding more harmonious solutions. I believe science would benefit from this outlook I believe where this is dangerous is the level of confidence and charisma he has explaining his findings without much rigor or precision. It seems a little bit careless
  3. More receptor activation doesnt mean better necessarily LSD is a more complex molecule than the traditional pyschedelics (which resemble very closely to serotonin). Here are some visuals of the difference it definetely has many more receptor activations in that 5HT family but that does not necessarily make it better for realizing things. Often times LSD trips can feel much more chaotic and comedowns can be brutal and intense. Whereas dmt and psylocibin usually feel much smoother landings to me Another note is that LSD is by far the most potent here in terms of dosage. Doses of LSD are usually in Micrograms vs milligrams of DMT. thats 1000 times more in scale. Not sure how the data was used for the brightness of that chart but its something to factor in.
  4. To be completely honest I think his math reconstruction stuff is by far his weakest points having a harder time understanding what hes fighting for there..
  5. i really recommend those who want to write Terrence off as insane watch this deconstruction i think it highlights terrences best points and elaborates on them in a bit more structured manner and boy if its wrong, fine its wrong. But God is it beautiful edit: if you dont wanna watch the whole thing start at 7:00minutes thats when explanations begin and it gets really good towards the end
  6. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water here There seems to be a lot of bath water lol. But theres also a lot of beauty to these ideas and the essence from where they are coming from The highlights for me are Walter Russels periodic table (as an alternate way to THINK about chemistry, rather than being explicity correct) Flower of life geometry and which holds all platonic solids and the empty space geometry. The flower of life being found in extremely old cultures all around the world Alternate ideas on the laws of Gravity and dark matter. (in my opinion the dark energy/matter problem being ~97% the mass of the universe that we have no observation of whatsoever, deserves some alternate hypothesis to be considered. Its a pretty big hole in the observable universe and our laws governing things) Saturn reconstruction only using electromagnetism is quite insane. Still havent seen anybody talking about this… or giving it serious thought. This was the most damning “evidence” he presented in my opinion. Cyclical contained universe (rather than big bang expansion into the “big chill”) not necessarily big crunch either but along those lines What gets me is there are so many examples we can see of similar galaxy and patterns within nature and contained systems that we have. The idea of the hollographic universe and that the every holon is representative of the larger structure beyond it. He is coming from a place of connecting those dots together which I think is a cutting edge way to think about science. Most of science right now is too narrow minded to even put these larger patterns together. While Terrences mind may be too wide, i think theres merit to his pattern recognition and application
  7. Amazing thank you I will check this out
  8. I think the point is not whether to trust the layman more than educated/experienced. The point is whether anyone can create brilliant ideas Brilliant ideas and breakthrough minds are not confined to academic institutions and standardized degrees. In fact I would argue this standardization of education can often hinder true creative breakthroughs as the mind becomes conditioned to paradigms set by authority I studied neuroscience at a top ranked university and had conversations with several esteemed professors about the nature of consciousness. All of them were 100% dead set on defining consciousness as a byproduct of neuronal activity. Nothing I said or presented could change their view I also studied psychopharmacology and specifically psychedelic substances. My professor was certain that psychedelics could not make one more creative or insightful. To them it was all hallucinations and experiences of seeming insightful/creative. No true investigation was possible from their paradigm, they were closed to it The point is not to trust Terrence Howard. The point is to see if he is on to something.
  9. Wow that is incredible. That is exactly in line with what terrence talks about as well, two forces spinning in opposite direction. Thanks for sharing Would love to catch this exclusive do you remember which one? I had his exclusive for a bit but stopped. Would be interested in checking it out
  10. Wow thanks for sharing. What a cool experiment. Using AI for contemplation 🧐
  11. Last thing ill add is this really well done deconstruction and elaboration of the concepts he presents. This honestly gave me way more context to understanding where he may be coming from
  12. I’d definetely like more conversations with scientists as well. I agree it was quite mesmerizing. I felt on the brink of my bullshit detector throwing everything out, but i feel there is merit somewhere in here. Something about his presentation feels that he is tapping into something very deep. Its really intuition here im going off if im honest I have a background in nueroscience and chemistry. And while ofc the stuff hes saying was not taught to me by academia, i couldnt rule anything out necessarily, given the different base assumptions of his paradigm. walter russels model and the flower of life geometry does have a beauty to it doesnt it? edit: also hats off to watching the whole thing haha. I know most dont have the patience/bandwidth to give this its full time of day
  13. Also the saturn bit is one of the most interesting to me. Its at 114:41 they reconstructed saturn from a model without using gravity as part of the equation To my understanding he sees gravity as just an effect of electromagnetism rather than a base law of physics. with just electrmagnetic force he created what looks like a close approximation to the planet saturn im curious to hear thoughts on that if anyone has insight
  14. Yeah the whole 1x1 = 2 is a hill he doesnt need to die on right now lol. Its not helping his case. And honestly his communication is not good for introducing people to this radically new logic. And ofc he has an ego as well But.. the sliver of Gold im seeing is that he’s coming from a radically different paradigm rooted in nondual principles He’s addressing what science hand waves as the great assumption. “Give us the big bang and we’ll give you everything else” but this is inherently incomplete. That base assumption is huge to just take for granted To me the beauty of his mindset is questioning all preconcieved notions and seeking a more harmonious approach to our logic His chemistry being that all elements are fundamentally the same. Different expressions of the same one thing unfolding in that wave function that Walter Russels periodic table represents. Thats pretty beautiful I cant verify the strength of his models but I see the search for a more complete holistic scientific understanding
  15. Very curious to hear what you all think of this Radically open mind required. If you can hold off dismissal for the first 20 minutes you may find Gold If nothing else its extremely entertaining. He has a beautiful view of reality and physics