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  1. First of, I dont know if this is against the tos, if so Im sorry in advance. I have tested what I presume was 5-meo-dmt, and the test results was: Mecke: strong Copper color. Hofmann: Same color as the one on the bunk police labal, Green, maybe a bit blueish, started yellow. I looked in the blanket which seemed to fit somewhat, but not enough to make me sure. I did however justify taking the drug through some mind games. I have tried 5-meo-dmt before, but in very low dosages, because my administration was awful, this wasnt the problem however this time. The experience wasnt anything I had experienced before, the other times have been pleasant, like alot of energy going through my body, my body becoming alot sensitive, shoulder pain gone feeling like the world was turning, and became very weak. This time however was alot different, It started with some very heavy changes in how I felt and the way I related to my surroundings, this kept going until I became extremely manic, all limits within just vanished, but with it I became very egotistical, this went on for while before it all became too much. It felt like I couldnt open my eyes because it would cause me to vomit, it also felt like too much was happening, and I wasnt ready for it. Then the whole thing turned dark, I became extremely lonely, like I have never been before, and even tho I knew it would end, I somewhat knew it wouldnt too, I knew the illusion I had been experiencing before and from this state I wished it back, because this was pain that I have never felt before, it was way more intens than Im used too, without it affecting me at all, I was just waiting for it to be done. After this experience I was unsure if it was 5-meo-dmt that I had taken, because it seems so unlike all the experiences I expected from read other peoples trip report. which is why I would like to hear experienced peoples thoughts on the experience. It has only effected me positivly afterwards, because I feel really resiliant and more accepting of my feelings, its like having a really bad experience to compare whatever you are going through to, I havent had any ego backlash, or trauma from it, I do however wonder if what I experienced was 5-meo, because i havent read anything like it anywhere. It was a 35 mg experience if that makes any difference in people perspection of this.
  2. @Tanz I have never really seen that opinion anywhere, I'll start lowering the dosages, as three people have stated it was too much. It might also make the process of taking the drug easier, with little waste. I do appriciate the feedback, as it makes me reflect on my process, and see where other people find my failings.
  3. @girzo Its the synthesized version, snorted. Some was wasted, as I could taste it, but it wasnt a very strong. I have tried smoking, snorting, sublingual and plugging. I have a hard time remembering the plugging as it was long time ago, but I didnt like the waste it left behind, smoking is my perfered method, as it was fast acting and didnt last long, sublingually isnt for me I produce too much saliva and is too bad at swallowing before the product is wasted.
  4. @Leo Gura I became in doubt after the fact, the colors of the reagent test are hard to differenciate. The dosage was just what I was used to from the other experimentation.
  5. Why did "we" create this universe?