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  1. Hi everyone! For those of you who love music and listen to it at least 15 min a day, I've got a great trick. I've been using it unconsciously since childhood, but only on a few songs, and therefore I didn't get the full benefits. Recently I started applying it consciously, and now my music feels 10x better. So I thought I might share it. It's a long read, but trust me, it will revolutionize the way you listen to music. It'll all make sense to you after you read it. Benefits If you're like most people, it goes like this: you find a cool song you absolutely love. You listen to it for a few days until you get tired. Then maybe for a month until it gets old, and by then the song loses its magic. Now you have to find a new song, and so the cycle never ends. You only get a short spike excitement, and it quickly comes down, and then you search for a next hit. However, there's a way to listen to a song in such a way that it never loses its magic. And I mean never. You can listen to a song for years, and not only it'll appear brand-new, but it'll make you feel incredibly powerful emotions (read on for more details). Discovery I discovered this on accident. Somehow I only got introduced to music at 11 y/o, and a had a few songs in my childhood I really liked and listened to all the time. I then forgot about them, and came back to them a few years later. And, you know, when listening to these songs, I immediately noticed memories coming up. It was an amazing experience. But I just thought it was cool and dismissed it. Later, when I listened to old songs, I once again noticed how old memories surface with the songs. When I had a date with some girl and listened to a certain song during that time, listening to this sons a few months later would surface astounding memories. Sometimes I also heard a song somewhere in public or in a car, but only found in on the Internet a few months later. And when listening to it, again, the exact memories were coming up, the place I was in, what I felt, etc. Awesome! So I decided to do the trick intentionally. When traveling to South-East Asia with my parents, I picked around 15 songs I liked, but that I only listened to for a few times. I intentionally listened to them during various periods of my trip. There was one for the flight, one for Hong Kong, one for Singapore, etc. When I was in some location, I listened to a certain song for 30-60 min, just playing in the background, and then never again. Then I came back and played my songs. And I was totally blown away. I played the song from Hong Kong, and my memories would show Hong Kong. I played the one from Singapore - same thing. Hell yeah, it worked!!! I later verified my experience with knowledge from NLP and anchoring, and I understood how it worked under the hood and that it will work for everybody. Now that's pretty much the only way I listen to music. I since used this for over 50 songs for about 1.5 years, and it's wonderful. Method So here's the actual method some of you probably skipped to. Find a new song you really like. Something you only've listened to a couple of times max, but you know you like it. A good rule of thumb is if you don't know the lyrics or can't remember the melody - that's it. Anticipate a situation (event) you want to associate your song with. This should be something more or less significant to you. Like: - First job interview. - Dating a cool girl. - Visiting some new location (works very well). - Some meeting or a party. - Breakthrough in understanding of something. - A big win in business. - A difficult life period. During the situation or event, listen to the song you picked. Listen only to that song, exclude other songs. Don't complicate or overthink it, don't listen to it too carefully, just let it play in the background. Do that for as long as you can, at least 20 min, 30 min is the best. Don't listen to it for the rest of the day. And like that your association is set. From now on you can sparingly use it for the rest of your life. If you wait for a few days and listen to the song again, you'll immediately notice powerful feelings and memories coming up from the event. That's your association, and it makes listening to music 10x as enjoyable. Use it rarely. If it's a regular song, 1-2 times a week for a couple of times works for me. If it's something special, then 1-2 times a month is excellent. You could have a few songs you listen just a few times a year, and those will absolutely blow you away when you actually listen to them. A few rules I figured out with my own experience: The more often you listen again, the weaker the feelings. The #1 rule. The longer you listen initially, the better the association. I find that for me 20-30 minutes tends to be optimal. It's not too demanding since it's just playing in the background anyway. The more you like the song, the stronger the association. If you picked something that's just okay, it may not work as good. FAQ How long can the association stay? In my case, a few songs stayed for 4 years, and their associations have been extremely powerful. What if I get tired of listening to the same song? Well, if I like a song I can listen to it the whole day and not get tired. But that's me. If you want the association to be really powerful, keep listening and it'll be better. Up to you. Do the song's lyrics have to match the situation? Not at all. Something unrelated is totally fine. What things can you associate a song with? Live experiences are the best, but I find it can also be used on people (when they're around while you listen to something), and even mental situations and visualizations. You can imagine something repeatedly while listening the song, and the association will stay. What if you want to do this for existing songs I'm already tired of? That I'll probably cover in a follow-up if you want. Of course, there's a catch. Willpower is required. If you find a cool song and you listen to it for a whole week in random situation, boom, your association is broken and you won't find the song cool anymore. So it's all about long-term vs short-term. I recommend you use the technique a lot to appreciate its power. Getting Started So all you need to do now is just pick some new song, set an association, wait for a few days and listen again. You'll notice incredibly powerful feelings and memories coming up. That shows you that it's working. Remember, even though you'll listen to songs less, your feelings from them will be 10x as powerful as before. Alright, I hope you liked it. Good luck! Try it, come back later and post your results.
  2. Yeah, same, I definitely care less about my birthday than others I like to contemplate my life that day, kinda see where I'm going. Reminds me of time passing by.
  3. You can start developing some side project during your time in college and see how it goes. You should be able to work something out, you've got a few years in college after all. Figure out your life purpose and work on it during free time. Eventually you'll see the money.
  4. The obvious advice is to narrow it down. But even if you can't right now because you're afraid or whatever, it'll happen naturally as you become more clear on your values and goals. If you're still in the exploration process, I personally think it's okay to go broad in the beginning.
  5. You must realize how much harm you're doing to yourself by wasting time like that. So contemplate the ramifications. Maybe set aside a couple hours and just contemplate it. You're going to realize it eventually. Also if you watch videos mindfully, you can eventually arrive to the same realization and quit for good. If you're aware enough during a bad behavior, you can't sustain it. Check out Leo's video for more on that. Quitting addiction by being mindful of the void is the best way, surely, it's just that you gotta commit seriously to dropping it, and contemplation and awareness are ways to get there. In fact, these are safer, because I doubt you wanna drop watching mindless videos 100% for the rest of your life. You may not be able to sustain it.
  6. Just a few suggestions from personal experience: Make healthy food extremely easy to eat. Right after you buy veggies or fruits, wash them and remove any inedible parts so that all you have to do is pick them and eat them. Like chocolate. Find vegetables that are delicious or at least okay for you, don't try to eat disgusting stuff. That's unsustainable. Substitute sweets for fruits. The latter actually taste better if you're mindful enough. To make it easier, keep them close to you and easy to eat (tip 1). This last one is gonna sound weird, but it works for me. If after all you decide to touch some unhealthy food, go all in and knock yourself out Stay aware during the process. After a few of these you're gonna realize just how awful you feel afterwards and you're gonna develop disgust for unhealthy food. Maybe that's a little neurotic, buy hey, it could work.
  7. I remember myself doing 1h for the first time, it was literally hell Good job! From now on everything below 1h will seem easier.
  8. Notice changes and proud yourself on them. One of the best ways is building habits, because they're very tangible. You can clearly see yourself meditating half an hour every day or working out continuously. Compare your new self with habits to your previous self, and you'll appreciate the change. Start habits very slow, with the easiest action you can think of, and build up from there. Same thing with your mindsets and attitudes. Notice yourself moving up the Spiral Dynamics. Notice your motivations and emotions changing, growing better most likely if you're into personal development. A sense of progress will keep you moving. It's like whenever you wanna stop, you think back to your old life. And you're like: "No, fuck that. I want changes! I'm so much better now." And here you go
  9. I think it's paramount to take things slow. If you know your audience is not open-minded enough, help people achieve what they currently want and then slowly introduce new ideas and methods. Like help someone make $10.000 and then give a hint that money is shallow by itself. But you can rarely start with "money's shallow". You know, if it so happened that Leo started his YouTube with enlightenment or psychedelics right away, he probably wouldn't be as helpful as he is now. On the other hand, if you find an open-minded audience right away, it's all good. In fact, this forum is exactly this audience. So why don't you share your blog? I for one would love to check it out!
  10. If you're afraid to go too narrow, go broad at first. At the end you'll naturally hone in on something.
  11. Your passion chiefly emerges from your values and favorite medium. This means that you could actually have multiple passions for your set of values. Plus both values and favorite mediums change over the lifetime, so your passion could change as well. Look, fundamentally this is all a construction anyway. So there's no predetermined passion you should be going after. The whole beauty of it is that you can choose yourself. It's more about discovering yourself and building passion rather than finding passion.
  12. Actually everybody is a mixture of a few stages. You could be like 10% blue, 50% orange, and 40% green. You could also be on different levels in different areas of your personal development (i. e. spirituality, relationships, career, etc.). Leo talks about it at the end of the original video on Spiral Dynamics, check it out.
  13. You gotta have a strong ego before you can transcend the self, so I'd suggest focusing on life purpose and classic personal development first. It's still extremely powerful and rewarding. Once you experience that facet of life, then you can move on to enlightenment. As other guys said, quitting addictions is first. Do it very-very slowly and gradually, one habit at a time. I. e. daily 5 minute meditation. That's so easy it's impossible not to do. And down the road you'll be thankful that you started slow and managed to sustain the habit.
  14. For me possibilities are a huge thing. There are so many ways to improve oneself, people, society, and so many things to explore that it's astounding. Gratitude too makes you feel awesome about life.