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  1. Indeed, even awesome sex can begin to feel repetitive once again time if it's pretty much a similar old schedule. To blend things up, Marie Claire's person master Lodro Rinzler recommends that "in case you're sleeping with somebody and have a feeling of something new you or your accomplice may appreciate,For improving or treat Erectile Dysfucntion I would suggest to ( be it some prodding, an adjustment in position, anything… let it all out. Men cherish it when ladies are unconstrained and certain about their capacity in bed."
  2. The examination broke down information from a past study in which 7,500 people ages 18– 65 living in Greece were gotten some information about a few features of their lives, including their sexual action, individual wellbeing history, and wage. Specialists found that not exclusively do individuals who have more sex acquire higher wages, they're additionally more averse to have diabetes, coronary illness, or joint inflammation.
  3. @Solace I watch many videos related to Sadhguru for getting lot qyestions ansers. the yotube channel sadhguru has given given good value for improve my overaall inner peace and mental peace too Thanks sadhguru for giving such thoughts to al of us who are following you.
  4. @Psyche_92 @Sri Ramana Maharshi Actually quitting something completely is not normal we should get rid of things slowly. Imagine we are doing things that feels good and we are stopping it suddenly.. That is the reason we should get rid of things slowly and gradually. whether its watching porn or quit smoking
  5. Nicely explianed the concept of interaction with other gender I agree with some authors its different level of satisfaction when we intract with women and different kinds of agre froupand gender thios not only improves overall to build and be a better human being i saw video on child sex marrraige and good thought osho has put on amalagamation of this three things thanks guys