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  1. @DoTheWork Yes the voice is still there but it is more like the sound of a river. This river changes alot. Sometimes it is loud like huge waves/ a storm and sometimes it is silent like a calm lake. I have days where I laugh at the voice, it will want to pull you back to identification of content. I have days where I fear the voice, usually those days I haven't done any meditation, slept well or exercised. Through meditation and consciousness work I have been able to see it less as the voice and more of part Source/consciousness etc. When you listen to your deep Inner Voice it can guide you (which is often drowned by the other voice) heal you and help you.
  2. @MuadDib Great tips and advice, thank you ?.
  3. @SamC There are a lot of statements in your post about how you think women feel. Try and let go of all the assumptions you have of women including all the stuff from your past relationships. I get a sense you're over analysing this. Just making a point from the female perspective and yes I do understand your view . It's tough to get over rejection, I had to myself, but it made me realise what I really wanted. @Tudo I've reported you before, don't get personal. Moderators are aware.
  4. That he's been taking psychedelics again
  5. @SamC Reading your posts I'm getting the impression you've been hurt by women in the past? Getting to the crux of your issue sounds like you fear your authentic self (whether that's more masculinity or femininity doesn't matter). Women don't fear men. Not quite sure where you've got this from. Both men and women can exert a level of power and control in relationships, physically, emotionally, sexually. In some relationships this level is imbalanced. Entering into a relationship means you can become vulnerable to this, particularly if the relationship is unhealthy. Think about why you need to ask these questions around fear and what ultimately you may need to work on going forward.
  6. A mixture of feeling depressed and hopeful but mainly a sad feeling that some guys still don't have a clue about women.
  7. Great list. Although I would add: Letting Go A true master lets go of the end product. She knows this belongs to a higher power.
  8. When there are no words to describe the profundity of reality you know you're onto something. For days I have been drowning in the illusion. Awareness can end up in the shade of this illusion. In real terms thoughts and sensations play heavily in my heart. In actual real terms becoming aware of this heaviness instantly made me lighter. There's no becoming more aware. You just are aware. It's like a switch that flicks on. We are not in control. We are however able to attract what we want. Be aware of thought stories.
  9. Yes. But let's really contemplate the amazing powers we have to sense, perceive and think ? One of the biggest traps is during the process we can throw the baby out with the bathwater. To feel deep Love for another and to receive it back is better than any drug in the world. To sense the enormity of one of the Worlds Seven Wonders can be mind blowing and life altering. To think about a piece of music, an amazing book or poem you have read, what a gift. But yes, thinking creatively with passion is no doubt the greatest gift.
  10. @Nahm Yes. In my opinion, misinterpretation and misinformation as you describe does not exist (this can be confusing for the individual and has negative connotations). I'm saying there is no right or wrong way. It is about recognising and seeing what is already there.
  11. @Nahm Care to explain further what you mean?
  12. Our Infinite abilities We have the ability to feel an infinite number of sensations We have the ability to see, hear and taste an infinite number of things in Nature We have the ability to think an infinite number of thoughts We have the ability to travel to wherever we want to go, including to space We have the ability to heal, to love, to forgive and to create We have the ability to remember and to forget As Mooji says "Marinate" in this
  13. You are already free from years of programming. You choose to hold on. Why is that? Could be Indentity, a sense of having to work on something. This makes us feel whole. Without that feeling what are you? Lost. Lost = found. How do you find yourself? Go through the door - it's right there.
  14. @Thought Art Yes all you can do is let go. The fragility of life you describe is an excellent description but I would go one step further. Rather than life's fragility, life's Infinity. There are infinite ways to experience what is happening in your direct experience. What is once young is old, what is once dark becomes light, what was a great teacher can become an outcast. But to you, that teacher is great. Recognise that this is all in your mind. Step outside this and realise the ebb add flow of all of this is reality, consciousness. It is like waves on the deep blue sea. It is impermanence. Everything is impermanence. When you truly get this - every moment is a gift - in whatever form.
  15. The purpose of "Who Am I" can lead you to the reality of (your) being. This can lead to Infinite Love with no limits. A letting go of self referential thought /feeling/sensation/attachment. Who Am I = The moment = Awareness/Being /Consciousness /God /Vibration /Infinity (insert description here) Be aware of what arises and what disappears. Where things arise, appear and disappear that is the Who Am I. The Breath can help with this. Lately I'm focusing on the no limits part and it's amazing. The only limits to this work are what you make up. This can take time however. Rather than think of it as work or a path think of it as a recognition. A looking glass turned towards yourself. Like Alice in Wonderland when you step into it your world expands.
  16. I can't recommend therapy enough (most of the time I do). You need to be in right place though, as it can be hard work and will take you to those places you might not want to go. Some people think that the therapist is the one who'll help/save you, although they are actually supporting and guiding you to help yourself. My therapist was excellent, she was experienced, trusting and allowed me to be vulnerable. Feel free to change therapists though if you're not necessarily feeling it or it's not working out. I'm glad Leo is considering therapy. He has a lot of followers and people tend to forget forget he isn't in any way a professional.
  17. The boundaries of Infinity Well there are none, right? When this is discovered - as well as the knowing you have a lot less control over things than you think - you are on the way to the big G (or consciousness). These past few weeks sadness has been arising in my awareness. I'm beginning to meet and welcome this emotion with gratitude not resistance. Sadness has come up in many forms but mainly it can stop motivation, can cause anxiety, anger, fear. Yoga Nidra this week - my San Kalpa is I am Well. Meditations this week - rest in awareness. Sensations and stories together become "fear" or "worry". The pandemic has impacted me deeply in so many ways. Loss of my previous working life, loss of control, loss of health, loss of life, loss of freedoms and extended stress. Paradoxically it had brought gifts in the form of connection, love, family, support, gratitude and most of all a sense of Infinity. As I begin to get my life back, I realise the stuff that is the breath of life. My dreams have been full of intense and fearful experiences, letting go and processing what has just happened in the past 18 months. There is no guide for what to do in this situation, but self care is number 1. Self actualisation is not a thing to be achieved. It's a recognition of who you truly are. It's actualising what you are part of and letting go along the way.
  18. Turning fear into joy So this is the biggie, right? How do we turn water into wine, lead into gold. Realising fear is the same as joy. It's a feeling, a thought, a sense. We just conceptualise it differently based on our life situation and context. What you truly fear, is ultimately what you are. To live as the moment. We fear this because it dissolves meaning. And yet there is so much meaning in the moment (the ultimate paradox). We are desperate to gain meaning in our lives. We get stuck on the path searching and seeking. Turn back into yourself and face yourself. What are you afraid of? What is your heart telling you to do. Follow your Heart. Follow your Bliss Turn Fear into Joy.
  19. The road to non seeking - patience Being patient you arrive at yourself. You let go of seeking and trust that things have their time. Time to come to fruition. Time to ripen, time to arrive. When we rush or push for things to arrive we can be seeking too hard, too much, and this can cloud consciousness. Deep emotional and physical pain this week. Loss, grief, exhaustion. Moving into the eye of the storm, there is peace and silence. Acceptance and patience is guiding me. Sadness manifesting as anger mixed with fatigue and tiredness. Going back to source, I breathe and move into sadness. I remember my tools. Strength is in allowing. Strength is in patience. Strength is in talking. When we move through difficult things in our lives, we are making progress, we are growing. To love is to loose, but to not love at all, that is to loose ourselves.
  20. Living as limitless When we glimpse Infinity we truly see what we have been searching for. The thing we are searching for literally does not exist. What does exist blows the mind. How do we live as limitless? I went for a walk yesterday and was astounded by what I saw. What we miss because we are too stuck in our heads. On this path we can get obsessed with trying to change. Being a human being and being able to experience what surrounds us, that's the bit we get stuck on. When we live from a place of true consciousness or limitless-ness we are allowing things to be as they are. But we get in our own way. We want to rush our dreams, goals and healing rather than relaxing and smelling the roses around us. It's not until we loose something do we realise how important it was. If you lost your hands you would be bereft. How would you be a keyboard warrior if you had no hands? Realise the unimaginable beauty of what we are and why we're here. Stop getting stuck in Mind. The Mind is a beautiful thing but there is something more amazing than mind. Being conscious of having a Mind.
  21. You've got some good advice from experienced teachers. What happens when you stay with the fear? Have you tried Noting what it feels like, it's location in the body, expansion / contraction. To "purify" fear you have to spend a lot of time with it, go into it. Shinzen has some good exercises for this. Other thing you can try is the Do Nothing technique as this helps with dropping our attention. We can fear fear itself, and so this exercise can help drop the attention to it. You also mentioned psychological trauma, I'm wondering if your fear is linked with trauma in the body. You may need further specialist help this this. This may mean meditation isn't the best practice here and counselling or therapy would be more suitable. If you're practising meditation when you have trauma in the body it can get stuck and actually have the opposite effect (I had a similar experience).
  22. Interesting - can you explain this a bit more? What's the crooked system? What are men starved and hungry of and what are they struggling with?
  23. Yes and yes. You aren't doing anything wrong. In fact, the opposite. Go to the mountains and the trees, laugh with friends. I've been laughing ever since I saw the light. We take it all far too seriously.
  24. Allowing is an Art Something I have desired for 13 years is manifesting. It's a deep desire and I have pushed it down for so long. Something else I have desired for even longer seemed to get stuck, I couldn't seem to allow it. It's linked to my life purpose so a pretty big desire of mine. What I realised is I - was the obstacle. I got in my own way as a way of self protection. Now I realise the only limitation is what I put on, I can let this go. I know I am limitless. Allowing is an Art - like Abraham Hicks talks about. To allow you have to believe in your creation and the ability to tap into consciousness. What are you not allowing into your life?