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  1. @Jordan94 I don't think you're supposed to take water after the oil
  2. When Leo changes upload time
  3. Its just a hiccup no need to worry
  4. Thanks.. he needs a chill pill lol Agreed +1
  5. @Sashaj Remember the aim is to enjoy the process instead of focusing on the destination
  6. I assume its a green/yellow channel from the content they're providing @PhilGR
  7. Too much nihilism? check this out: Hope it helps!
  8. Distinguish between a joke and a death threat.
  9. Ahahhaha people are addicted worse than me
  10. Okay thanks just used on watching it around this time
  11. A pretty good app, i've used it for quite a while but i prefer Calm.
  12. Sometimes the truth cant be said in any other way. maybe the more it hurts the more they're touching the wounds?
  13. I just found out about osho's dynamic meditation, and it has "Second stage" which is similar to the deep breathing and letting go of the trapped emotions concepts. My question is this whats the relationship between them? is it the same thing? and does all this count as a "Shadow work" ? As this is a new-age concepts there is no reliable resources out there so i would love if you provide any information or personal experience that you think would be valuable.
  14. @Prabhaker @okulele Then the only way to find out is to just try both, its just that im the type of person who tries to understand the whole process before he goes through the journey lol. And also i started getting ego backlashes just after a week of mindful meditation (it really made me conscious throughout the day) and getting rid of some bad habits and addictions, the backlash got me feeling guilty and kinda depressed. this is what made me think that i got some demons inside me to deal with.
  15. @okulele But isnt Shamanic breathing just the 1st stage of Osho's Dynamic Mediation?
  16. Thanks @Prabhaker @okulele So Osho's Dynamic Meditation does count as Shadow work and it releases trapped emotions. which means its optional to do it instead of Shamanic breathing or any other sort of bioenergetics? because it kinda combines them?
  17. @Spinoza Finding a partner and signing up for marathon would be a the best practical advice. It'll force you to run everyday, even the days you feel like giving up your partner will help reinforcing your commitment. Also i highly suggest having a meditation habit in place, its easier to do and it makes you more aware of your mind when it starts making excuses to not go for a run or any productive activity in general. Finally, you gotta keep in mind that you're there for the pleasure of the running itself. Good luck buddy
  18. @Colin well thats a more clean summarization to print and re-read as an affirmation from now and then, Thanks !
  19. Thanks! i'll give it a shot im not very familiar with Rumi's writings i only passed by couple of his poems.
  20. @Nahm Im litterly taking notes of what you say lol Your answers are so profound man, keep up the good work!
  21. Hello guys! This is my first time posting here so i felt like sharing a book i finished a while ago. The miracle morning the not-so-obvious secret guaranteed to transform your life (before 8am) First of all im gonna start off by saying follow these concepts (the morning routine) in these book can really be life changing based on my own experience and many more that are quoted in the book. you might be familiar with most of them if you are a self-junkie but i still recommend reading the book if you haven't embodied them. The author started the book with his own story and how he had an accident at age of 20 that gave him a permanent brain damage and they told him that he will never be able to walk again and how he overcame that making of himself all-time record breaking sales rep, hall of fame business achiever, ultra-marathon runner, bestselling author, international keynote speaker. The author is a big hater of mediocrity he spends a full chapter talking about living to your FULL POTENTIAL and how we want to achieve our goals but we are not willing to work for them. He also gives what i think the most inspiring idea which is how our levels of personal development effect our success, happiness, health and every aspect our lives. The best thing about the book which I've already talked about is that it guides you through every single method, there is even what he calls Snooze-proof Wake Up Strategy for the snooze-aholics. After warming us up with 55 pages he gets to the fruit "The Life S.A.V.E.R.S" that stands for : Silence: which is simply a meditation practice. Affirmations: repeating a positive thinking to one-self until it gets stabilized as a belief. Visualization: quoting his words "the practice of seeking to generate positive results in your outer world by using your imagination to create mental pictures of specific behaviors and outcomes occurring in your life." Exercise: morning exercise even if its for few minutes boosts your energy, enhances your health, improves self-confidence and emotional well being. Reading: ones of the best methods you can use to acquire knowledge and ideas. Scribing: which is just another word for journalizing. I did not really want to go any deeper in these concepts because this will just ruin the fun. At the end he even gave a 6 minutes-miracle (for the busy people) and ways to customize your Miracle Morning so it fits your lifestyle and helps you achieve your goals. Reminder: the book also contains practical work sheets you can download from the official site which will force you to install the habits. And finally thank you guys for reading my review, im planning to keep posting on weekly basis and i'd love to get any feedback from you. ~ Osm
  22. @Nahm Thanks dude! i'll give abe hicks a shot about the reviews i was planning to give up until you commented right now lol, it doesnt seem like many people are checking them i'll post about The Four Agreements tomorrow anyway.