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  1. I have heard about sexual transmutation and would really like to explore it. But I'm not sure where to start or what the basic principles and/or best resources are to go to when learning more about sexual transmutation. Does anyone have an experience with this topic? if so what direction should i be looking in order to find out more about it?
  2. I am 20 years old. I am on my journey and have been watching Leo's videos for awhile. What books might you recommend I read this year to help me better understand and communicate with the world, myself, and others? If you have any books/advice/videos/courses I should see please share with me and the community. Thank you for your recommendations
  3. What do you think really happened? Do you think their is any truth to 9/11 conspiracies? Or are they all just extreme sided full of confirmation bias? I'm interested to here what people think and the different views they have. Please share your thoughts
  4. @FindingPeace How can i tell her that we both need to do inner work? I know there is no easy way, but what do you think would be the best way to bring it up without her thinking i'm trying to put everything on her, which i'm not. I know I need to do inner work as well, but i want to bring it to her attention that she can change her mindset and stop letting her thoughts control her. I want her to be happy, even if that means without me down the road.
  5. Any advice on what to do with my relationship. We are in college, we go to two different colleges and hour apart but we see each-other around 4 days a week. It's been 6 months. Before we started "officially" I hooked up with a different girl and that hurt her, but she realized that we were not official. We went through the honeymoon phase in the relationship and at about 3 months she found old pictures on my phone with a past girl, which i forgot to delete. I didn't think it was a big deal, but it hurt her deeply. Anything involving past girls who mean nothing to me hurt her. I replied to a girl from my past on twitter and it deeply hurt her to the point that she thinks I emotionally cheated on her. She had depression in the past, and she tells me that I make it harder for her. We both love each other and what the relationship to work, and we keep trying to think of ways that will help. But she always gets more worried about things, I feel like no matter what I do there is always something that comes up and worries her. She says I make her depression worse. I'm trying to hard to not worry her, and show her that she's the only one I care about, that I chose her over everyone else. But it feels like she only hears the negative of anything I say. Everything I do worries her. I've become needy and feel like she will leave me because of her worries. She thinks that I will do something stupid. I've owned up to everything I've done to hurt her, knowing it was unintentional but it still hurt her. She hasn't seemed to heal and things seem to be getting worse. I can reiterate anything that might come off as confusing in the text. I'm just unsure about what to do.