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  1. hi, i will start from the begining and then i will get to what the title says. so almost 4 years ago i did trip with a magic mushroom which treated my depression completly ,then my journy begin , and i started to read about psycadelics for pretty much the whole day every day. it got to this channel and leo really showed me that psycadelics can be really powerfull and that there is more to the topic. then i got curiuse and started to read about all of the spiritual stuff, buddhism, yoga,shamanism, different religions some morden spiritual stuff . then i was sure that i want that in my life, this is was what i was looking for but the road is really unknown and i cant really get to some religion that i think the best and get all of mystical stuff to explore (for me is about truth finding). after seeing some more stuff about psycadelics in youtube and reddit i was sure that psycadelics are the best way to get to there (all this stuff took monthes of non stop research, not arrogent like it looks here, also did some practices). then i started to make a plan but i understood that my age is too young for this (this time 19 years old, i knew that i needed to be 25 for be pretty safe doing it), then after more planning about what to do with my 4-5 years till then i understood that it would be shitty to know all those stuff and not be able to help peole to know it too. i uderstood that i dont want to helps some people but to help most of the people that i could so i needed some systematic idea . i got the idea of doing science with psycadelics so people would know that it can be helpfull. i understood that this is bad idea because i would get too great results . so i though about giving researcher psycadelics and following there progress to show people some evidence that this does help. i googled stuff about researcher and psycadelics and read about all the people that psycadelics helped them for science . so i have some research that might helps me. i know that so far no one got hospitalized after using psycadelics in a supervised place. in 6 years the fda probably gonna accept mushroom for depression so it gonna be good enough to get rid of most the the critics of hurmful stuff. but i dont know if this is enough for getting money for reseach in uni? i know a research about mushroom helps with openess , about making more connection in the brain, evidence about ego death and stuf like that showed of some benefits for researchers. but i really not sure if it enough for uni... what the steps that i need to be sure for it? if not what plan b might be a good idea for materialzing this idea? i know that i need to know this answers but some direction might help. you can ask me for more details about me if you need to. guess that you will as about my age (22), my social-economical class higher middle class. and i am in uni doing psycology and philosophy (not dying in debt like in the usa).
  2. should we give psycadelics to scientist? will it help them or just make most of them crazy or do nothing to them because they so inside of materials paradigm? what your thoughts about this idea?
  3. why it is silly? psycadelics are making change in the brain , like psylocibin making people more open to new experience or making more brain connection that might helps them to intigrate their knowledge better. i feel like people here thinks that the only think psycadelic does it spiritual or i meant to make them more spiritual, maybe i should post it in another topic? maybe self-actualization? not all trips makes hallucination
  4. why no? lol kinda true, sometimes weed makes me think dumb stuff but usually is the process to get to the smart stuff what your domain? i think there are levels, it is not just happenes the question is if it will help most of them at least
  5. the problem of statistics the problem of knowing what is true how science should change in his methods according for your understanding? should it stop statistics? maybe people will do random stuff at random places and verifie experience? how to verifie it fast? how science could keep up with all of the knowldge in the universe? does all of the ideas of yours are available to materialize them with our technology right now? to make all of this stuff we need to change the system heavily.
  6. what you think about communism? what about marx?
  7. hi, so i have done the life porpuse course two years ago, since then i have been following my path and working with a coucher (not only about this ). when i have done the course first i didnt got lots of good insights for my life porpuse, it was kinda blurry and i felt like most of the advise inapplicable to me . now i am really on my life porpuse but i felt like i missing accuracy and i remembered that there was tons of good advice that i didnt followed and i have second lockdown so it is a good time to start . I feel like this course have so much value that it is hard to fully actulized it. I find that the first time of doing the course kind of set you into the path but it is really hard to actulized , the course give you the feeling that you can actulize it pretty fast, what i find that it takes lots of time just to find your direction (maybe it is hard to communicate that?), actulizing it is like four times harder . just after a year and a half i understood what i wanted to do. Another point is that he says that under 25 the course is pretty much usless ( but on the YouTube channel he says the opposite, maybe he needs to change this in the course in q&a). I feel like it is wrong, i did this at 19 at it gave me lots of value. i think that this is the best time to start this couse because of lack of real world resposebility and tons of energy. another thing is that some of his edvice are not so usefull of some life purposes. my life statment is how to use psycadelics as a research tool for science. i mean for the small bets strategy i cant fully see if i like this all . i like psycadelics and science and philosophy and cognition but i need to make an academic research and getting into academics to really see if i like all of this which can takes lots of time. i think that i like this but kinda hard to conform it. the values assessment is really hard to change even every half a year or a year. it takes so much time and emotional enegy. maybe if i havnt done coaching it would be more relevant to me so maybe it isnt really a valide point. overall a great couse, i would recommend of doing it again after a year or two, i think i will do it again next year or so. another good point is do all of the assignment! some of them was usless to me like limiting beliefs because of the couching but the overcoming fear was really great! i worked of my fears but this gave me another prespective of them! edit: forgot another point, maybe to pdf sheet with every course that tells you that to do will be very helpfull, some times i dont write or i lose some points. maybe a pdf with all the future reminders will be helpfull
  8. how you live your mundane boring life? when you gonna finish your book? how you gonna see actulized changing the future?
  9. i feel like because of my adhd i get more neuroticism then the average person. when i take my meds life feels fine and my drive to better my life gets kind of "fine" mode . i feel like my adhd neuroticism makes me presue more alternative routes and pushes me to have more passion in my life and be more of myself.
  10. so i started practicing no fap for something like a year and a half, i did fap but like once a month on average , sometimes i waited two or even three month. the last week i started to masturbate daily and i think that this is much healthier than no fap. i always found myself super horney and desperate when talking to girls because of the no fap and it really distorted my preception about girls. i am looking for a relationship and all i wanted is to just go to date this any girl and than found out that i there just because i want to fuck her and not because of my will of relationship. this week i was much more focused about the quility of personality of the girl. i feel not desparate and i am able to be myself and not worry about not getting a date.
  11. why blue? how i sound conformist? i dont want to presuit sex i want to presuit relationship why? you sound like an incel coucher... i can have some feeling that comes together
  12. but i dont want it. i can get hookups but it makes me feel bad after
  13. the bigger problem was to lie to myself that i think the girl is matching me while in reality she wasnt (while i knew it) and i wanted just to fuck her
  14. hi, i have this idea that instead of sharing the videos on your blog you can make a commenting of how you see the video (something like that) but you can comments on higher level stuff ( like a documentory) so we wil see more examples of your understanding stuff.
  15. when i see ousiders talking about israel i feel always that they dont really get the "vibe" of israel and its prespective. it feels really dumbdown version of israel . here you can really feel the vibe of israel, this is the point of view of green-zionsm of blue zionism. as outsider you might not get all of his references/jokes ( even people of israel might not undestand).
  16. hi, i live in israel and i am starting to see that this place might no be stable because of global warming, right now we dont experiece any of the global warming stuff (just a little warmer in summer, not a big deal) but i started to read more about it and i am pretty afraid for my future and thinking to move to colder places like europe or canada (both gonna be easy to migrate) , the data really confutsing, will the global warming stuff gonna happend in my life time or i should not be worry? (im 21) , in life time even 50 years from now , if i want to migrate i need to start planning and integrating at t young age
  17. 50c is livable ... you just need a nice hat. in israel water isnt a problem because of desalination. stuff that i am more afriad is raising water level (more than 2-3 meters) a real heat wave like 60c or other stuff (maybe a great destabilization in the reagion that israel wont be capable to respond to ). btw where you think will be the best place to migrate? canada or somewhere in europe? i am kinda afraid from tha winter, we had this year a "long" winter (3 month instead of 2) and this was pretty hard for me /:.
  18. you can just use weed instead as long as u are using it once a week and dont smoke too much
  19. started to take ritalin because of uni, pretty much afraid that it will fuck me up. i know that it cosider to be safe but i dont really know
  20. and ruin my semester? lol
  21. because it is cheaper i guess and less work why do you prefer meat eating?
  22. i want to try a diet with plants and insects only because it is make less polution and safer than all the stuff the happening in the meat indestry. some one here tried it? can you explain me where should i start? i want to eat grasshoppers because the are really healthy and safe and there is a compeny in my country that farm it
  23. i have done 2.4 g for shrooms. it really takes tones of time to really get all the stuff from this stuff. it took me like 3-4 month just to kinda start to help myself because it was so complicated
  24. yap, i can change your core habits but it's still hard to focus on your studies how can i do psycadelics while in uni?