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  1. vaccine are a part of the virus , think about what would happened if you would get corona , you would be in this condition and might get sick from corona, your situation could be much worst than now without the vaccine
  2. human right violetion doesnt mean the state that thier people the most suffering , you can have slaves in the state but it is illegal so the state doesnt violets human right . also this is not something that can be measured in authoratenian state like china, most of the human right violetion arent public like in israel . also this list is highly political, no one will make number one human right violetor to a state that the un wants good relationship with. still, you dont solve the problem of how to stop the human right violetion, i see is as part of the conflict , not something outside that can be solved separetly
  3. from an israeli pov i dont get it why everything here is such a big deal in the world . i am not deny the situation but it is better than lots of places in the world and those places are more deserving of this attention that actually can be a solution to their problem. here we got 73 years and conflict , tons of money has been throw over here and we get nothing , people from both sides doesnt see any solution , only outsiders has some kind of magic solution that sure will work here . i am not talking about some far place from here , everywhere around israel people having harder time than the arabs here , lebanon (recently) and syria probably is the easier to know but also in jorden and egypt, people there have bearly any food to eat and need to work in shitty job . in gaza at least they can be confidence that they will not starve to death and their children wont because their refugee statuse is given to their children and their grandchildren and so on . usually they are having some univesity degree . on top of it, they get money every month passivly , without doing anything . my point is that however you think about how israel is bad and the arab are miserable people ,they are not miserable as their neighbors and ofcurse other places in the world that are much more worst than here . other places in the world have some hope but here not so much , at least in the near future , so why we are having all this time wasting conversation about this conflict in the world comper to other places?
  4. this is true, you can also do lucid dreams instead
  5. it only increases the motivation to fap
  6. i dont know exactly but we had here rapid infections and pretty high hospitality , i think the effectivness was something like 20% protection from being contagious and something higher for hospitality , the gov had to mass vaccinate everyone
  7. because in israel we started getting vaccinated really early , the 3rd one was 7 months after the second vaccine. after a half a year this vaccination worthless and dont protect you
  8. Pfizer shot, first one did nothing, second one i head a mild headache, the third one did nothing to me
  9. i found that my treatment for adhd is working while tripping ( did with it dmt, shrooms ,weed and alcohol) , but some part of the trip might be problematic like if you have nausea or stuff like that , still usefull though.
  10. my ADHD treatment :
  11. it isnt so much worth it. it is fun if you are in relationship. if you are really want it you can be in a club or something, it isnt hard as you think, some girls will sleep with you just because you talk to them
  12. really intresting video, i always thought that this shroom is like alcohol but worst
  13. just use neti pot with an essential oil called synergy, put alittle bit
  14. usually you are doing it bit by bit , not all at once
  15. philosophy, psycology is trash unless you like cognition
  16. india was the richest country till the british fucked it up, they exported 20% of good in the world
  17. here in israel we got few cases for covid after 85% of vaccination. but the delta is making this vaccine less effective but maybe it is because people need to get vaccinated more often, we will see in a month or so
  18. i have found a great method to help adhd people , i use it myself all of the time. adhd is no an attention problem, it is an emotional thing ( you dont see dyslextic person go to a psychiatrist) . people with adhd have no problem with attention, they can bring their attention like everyone else, people with adhd can get into hyper focus , it is a situation when they can concetrat at abnormal way. also adhd drugs are working on dopamine , they are in class of drug that really close to steet drugs . it is not a complex of emotions, it is just a state of emotions. adhd is a state of bordom , they can get bored easily so they try to do something intresting
  19. socierty is one big propaganda machine . words are like trains that have some capacity to tell truth because it is relative, all gods job is to understand this relativism that he created for understanding himself. he doesnt know economics, he knows how to use intellegence in intellegent way.he just know how to do stuff by what we tell him to do. he knows what you know . the ego is garbge but a usufull one , it is the proxy stuff to god but you still seeing god from this proxy. if you have grounded life you can minemize the enegy on them to almost zero .less energy is go more to god time .
  20. because they take the focus from the technique, people with adhd try to have some stimulation, they use bad thoughs for that, it is usefull for the stimulation , negative thinking is much more stronger than positive one. the problem with regulation of stimulation meaning that it is almost black and white way to live, something is either has strong stimulation or nothing , at the begining of using the technique the stimulation from it so weak that anything can disrupt the prosses . so if they are in a situation when they have bad thoughs of getting bored they will having bad thoughs. but if they are in a situation when they getting bored or doing the technique they will do the technique. pretty comlicated to write this on the forum. it is a way to use regulation in a conscious way , that way you can put the right amount of any neurtrasmitter that you want. you can even make ritalin like feeling
  21. so i came up with adhd technique that is good for me, but after trying with some people this technique i understood that for this technique to work they need to work on thier negative thoughts , they cant have any negative thoughts because it takes the focus from the technique and the mind looks at it like they are really important and with adhd they get too much attention . this negative thoughts extinction prosses is really long, can take even one or two years (sometimes much less) . the technique itself takes only 1 month to work perfectly , it better than adhd medictions and takes some practice and than you dont need to do something for that, unless you got stress in your life that takes you focus than it becomes usless. so it looks kinda bad when i need to compete with adhd meds that working pretty fine and the fact that lots of people are too lazy for go though this complex prosses , but maybe i am wrong and people are fine with it ? for me this technique is game changer, i though that my life gonna be just me trying to chill all day till i die because i couldnt do anything else , the side effects of the medication are so bad that i couldnt use them anymore .
  22. so if everything is consciousness, that your brain is must be some kind of consciousness connection and seperation machine ,right? if so , why consciousness feels one and not many? how the material shows his conscious qualites ?
  23. some people feel like they have more than one consciousness at the same time?
  24. erra is also non dual