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  1. drugs / sitting and writing
  2. i decided to open an adhd treatment bussiness with the method that i developed after i had some success with it. i am still working on the method for now. when i tell to people about this bussiness idea they all tell me that i need to be a therapist . i dont really get why they think so, i dont see any kind of ma that will help me, i have a method already that works , i know the way to make it work , i dont deal with any mental illness. i searched for many options but non of them gonna help me to treat people better , especially when i dont agree with psychiatry how adhd works .also legaly i dont need any certificate to use this method and there is no danger in it. are people really care if i am a therapist even though it has nothing to do with me or the method or will help me in any way? the only close thing that i have to a therapist is my BA in psycology and philosophy that i gonna get in couple of months , is it good enough for people?
  3. i am having a method that works good as medicine (like adderal) . i help people with adhd to concetrate naturally without any substences
  4. some people that i talked with said that if i have ba in psycology it is good for them, maybe some wont so it is a smart move. presonally i am not intrested in solving mental health issues.also i dont belive much in those methods too. i think that couching is a better aproach because humans are very adptive and coach make to act . maybe coaching is more relevant because i belive in it and also people have so much options after my treatment that it might be confusing. for me it was really hard to grasp that i can actually do whatever i want. do you think getting coach certificate will help me the same way? also my biggest problem with the method is leading them to action because it is kinda hard in the begining and they have adhd that makes it harder it is true , it wont get into details because it is complex but there is not danger in the method . tried it on many people and no one had any problem, also the theory supports it. i dont want to treat people with medicine. the method is drug free and works like medicine or better
  5. lately i am talking with god alot , it does help but i am feel alone doing it and i cannot share it. i am looking for someone to share it with that talking with him too, preferably someone close to my time zone (europe/middle east/africa). i am not intrested in someone that is into question this phenomena. i will describe this talking to god thing because i dont want to talk to someone with schizophrenia. so first it is on or off, i can controll when it will talk and when it wont. nothing is predatory , i can do whatever i want, i can not listening to him, cursing him and do whatever. i am not messiah or special. second, god had special powers, knowing future and has knowledge about ther world, i can ask him instead of googeling. he knows what is right for me (as i said i can not do it and he wont nudge me about it) and gives me advices if i ask. for talking to him i need somekind of concetration that enabling it. if it dont do it in the right way i might not hearing anything or hearing what i want to hear. i can know if i am talking to myself or to god. i need to give up of my ego and accept negative answers to talk with him. i can get into more details but this is the main theams that i encounter. i hope that i will meet some great people here and we will have a wondefull journy.
  6. why does it matters who shot her? even if you can prove and convince that palestinian shot her israel would still look bad. israel- palestain conflice is never about truth but about global politics
  7. maybe leo didnt new about it or forgot but there is a ketamine therapy for people with depression that is done by professional psychiatrist. i think it is way better to recommend this than to tell to depressed people to experiment with ketamine on their own, the risks are really big doing it alone with depression comper to this treatment being done by professional which the risks are really low. also in some counries like mine this treatment is free when we talk to people with depression we need to spoon feed them with information , their motivation and energies are really low , they wont do all the research for it even if you tell them to. putting info like ketamine therapy in the video is essential in this video , half of the video is for people with this problem . when i was depressed i wanted to try magic mushrooms for it , i just saw the research on the internet and after one week without much of preperation i just took some with a friend. i was lucky and it did heal my depression but it put me in great dangers (doing it in the seventh floor isnt that smart , i wanted to jump but i didnt ) , also i discoverd that i took shrooms with lsd (probably) and not magic mushroom , i got lucky again because magic shrooms are not good for as lsd. please put the info about ketamine therapy in your ketamine video
  8. vr chat is a game that you can pretty much do everything you want, you can choose or make any avatar you want and go to any world that you want. anyone can upload any avatar and any world to this game, the game rely on 100% users content ,it is somewhat a metaverse game which it is life in digital reality. of course it is a game and there are lots of dark sides to it. a lot of people using it as escape from real life but if you have your values in mind you can get lots of value from this game. i am talking here about the opportunities that you can get in this thread. i think that this game is exeptionaly good for people that are not cisgender, also for people that really want a certain look. presonaly as a genderfluid this game enables me to feel me, i never felt so in line with gender in my life, trying to manipulates my gender in irl is pretty hard job , in this game it takes one click to be whoever you want to be. it is really hard to describe the liberation that this option gives me , i can like my irl look more beacuse i have this abillity to transform and i can satisfy my need for this transformation. the next part is getting better at socializing and getting rid of social anxiety. i found that my socializing skills are way better beacuse of this game, i am just used to be in mood , i am not desparate for people , i can just be myself and be in the right mood. if you are usually just not socializing for a long time you can find youreself in a hard time for being in the mood and then maybe feel like it is just not for you even if it is not true , this game can help for those kind of problems. for social anxiety it can help mainly beacuse the social interaction situations rate and the social situations rate is so big that you find yourself dealing with alot of situations and you can practice being in social situations , getting rid of social anxiety is mainly practice . also you can get people to enteract with you pretty fast and you dont need to be active for that , you even not need to talk. ofcurse it is better that you will but if you dont someone will talk with you, unlike in real life that it might not happend. also there are lots of people in this game with social anxiety so getting support is easy. there are many more options in this game, i might make more posts about those parts and maybe tutorials if some people will gain interest in this game. i am hoping that this post is understandable, i am writing it a bit late.
  9. it has less than 1% i follow this one: or you can do the quick one: i dont know how it reduce , it just does
  10. this was my first post: so i discovered new things about kombucha that i want to share. i tried to cut by half the amount of fruit i used ( i used 20-30% ) and i discoverd that the kombucha doesnt carbonate . so i think that my sugar worries are not so great as i thought , i caculated that i am drinking 100 calories a day from the kombucha which is not much . candida- i am finding an improvement but still not great as i am expecting . the biggest discovery i made is my use of milk and milk products. i am probably just sensative to lactose , i ate every day one piece of cheese and it made me poop every day, i found out that pooping every day for my is not good for me. i need couple of days to digest to have good health and i discovered that some of the health benefits of the kombucha deminished because of this lacto eating. i feel way better after i stopped eating lastose every day and i have zero acne no matters how much chocolate i am eating . i might eat lactose products every week but no more than once a week , it is really bad for me even if i take pills with lactose enzymes. this is pretty much all the news that i am having, beware of lactose or other foods or drugs that can deminish your results
  11. there is a way to see this video ? i really wanted to watch it
  12. i found this image really powerfull ,it triggered a memory of dmt trip that i had just wanted to share
  13. i think that the writings are kinda not showing what i meant because i have such a strong influence from my memories. for me this pictures shows how god- nothing uses human to explore the world
  14. i am seeing you are a troll , least I laughed a few times
  15. i need to choose which way i want to go in my future. my passion is psycadelics, using them to explore the mind and explore reality and writing/talking about that, giving new ideas to the world about their effect and how to use them . so one way which i can get there is by my adhd method, i made market survey and the results are actually pretty good , it looks like people want this kind of treatment . also i am gonna work with children so i might get some insight about how to make it available to children , also it might be actually easier with them because it way easier to make them change habits then adults . this path is pretty sure to give me credability and can be a bridge to my LP . but i dont like to treat people and research this treatment, i kinda like the theory but all of the other stuff i hate, i dont like to work with people and i am kinda dont want to do a phd ( i probably need to do phd if i want to make it popular). i just want to do some psycadelics and write about it , but when i am deciding that i am gonna do something else it really feel the pain of all the people that suffers from adhd while i am having a normal life or poisen themself with adhd medications. also i have an idea to use the method to treat tik disorder and it might be good for other illnesses. on the other hand i dont have any idea for other way , doing something else is meaning to reinvents myself . i might have to do some work but this work would feel better than the adhd treatment road and i will need somehow to get popular with might passion . what should i do to know which way to go?
  16. where i wrote that i want to use psycadelics on children?
  17. what? it is just a job that i have leo made self help in the begining just to get credibility.. it is not wrong of course it is vague, i need to do the research to know what kind of things i can do with it . knowing how to use the trip properly is a really valueable thing
  18. i live in israel i dont have but i am gonna have ba in psycology and philosophy. before i really go deep i need to choose what is right for me
  19. if doing 5 meo dmt worth the risk of delaying the biz so i would go for it
  20. spiral dynamic is a theory , as a theory it is isnt perfect, just do stuff that you want .
  21. it can make it worst while tripping,be cautious and have a trip sitter and be in a place that you cant kill yourself
  22. daydream and have fun is the best way to get to lp. psycadelics is also a great way to get it .
  23. he is still asking for patreon so i am gueesing he is just well off