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  1. exept form exercise i eat pretty clean. little bit of sugar . they dont have any value but still i need them maybe my adhd?
  2. my uni using my native languege
  3. what do mean by wher edo you go to school? what my majors? psycology and phylosophy i eat pretty healthy, tried lots of diet didnt help. meditation does help but it is not a solution. i dont like this type of learning and examening my knowledge
  4. i am really intrested to know what people here will vote. i guess it yould be left wing. here all of the major parties:
  5. there was lots of military official that took part in politics. why would you be thrown out of the forum?
  6. very instresting opinion but they have 4 Chief of Staff (if i say it right in english, it is the highest rank in the idf) . what they have done in gaza is really problamatic for me. i dont know if they run now because they want to be more brutal to gaza or less , they dont show it .
  7. i dont know what they will do. they might have to go with religues party if they wont be big enough. also they dont have really opinion , i dont really know what they will do i dont think that any deal will be good for them. they are have lots of corruption and terror inside, strategy speaking this region is really crucial for israel and they have lots of important sites for the jews like abraham tomb. one country will be the best but not aparthaid the zionist left is pretty much disaster. now they are labor-gesher-merets because no one belive in them
  8. i guess white and blue but i dont know with whom they will do cohalition there isnt russian parties anymore , israel beiteinu is kinda russian party but now the are allitle mainstream there is no hadash, only the joint list with balad which i am not happy to vote
  9. i voted to the labor party. because of the corruption of bibi i guess the licud will be weaker. i dont really know what is the right way, i have some values that hadash have most of them.
  10. it is not really the left party. some of them are "left" . we mix lots of foreign concepts in israel. the situation is problematic. the zionist left is having a hard time. the licud (with the corrupt bibi) having a replacement party "white and blue" which have no real solution, economic speking they are allitle bit socialist and secular, other than that they dont have any much saying. you have some religues parties ( like shas) which they care about mostly taking money for religues purpeses but the are pro socialist because their population mostly poor. you have the yamina which is less religues and more care about the compelet israel and shit like that you have the joint list which i am considering vote for . two arab parties with really different idioligies hadash is a communist party and they are for equal rights and peace. balad which is really confusing so i dont have much to say about them, some times they like hadash and sometimes they like the "islamic" yamina (yamina is jewish)
  11. have fun ,respect and go with your instincts
  12. beacuse it feels like been sick . it did help but just for when i was high... i will try!
  13. i am havin a sore throat and i am thinking to taking my edibles . would it help or get the situation worst?
  14. with the weed?
  15. first of all everybody is alittle attracted both male and female so it can be just a little bit of attraction. second, you cant really destroy parts of yourself if you want to have good life and express yourself freely. moreover being attracted to man doesnt mean that you would not have males friends and it doesnt mean that you would be attracted to them
  16. i have been taking cipralex for 1.5 years. from my experience you cant really know your problems with thouse meds because it is hard for you to feel the pain. the pain the needed for knowing the solution. probably you will "be kind of like before the meds" but much more stronger and experienced. dont be too heavy with yourself , you can always take this meds. the most important thing is to follow your intuition
  17. you need to know how to get through the experience and minamize the risk. and lots of knowledge about the experiece
  18. as someone who is living in israel, i think that this generation of politics is just a psycological game than a war . we are too scare from a morden war and morden weapons that we dont want that. countries doest the best they can to hurt their enemies but to stay out of war also.
  19. thank you! by the time of my dr the research would be more common because of the medial use of mdma
  20. i starting to realize that i want to be a researcher of psycadelics. now i am learning (first year)philosophy and psycology and i am thinking about lerning cognition science but i am not sure if this is the science that would help alot. should i aim to cognition or should i go to clinical psycology?
  21. pretty useless because this is 2006 , before the start of the psycadelic renaissance... there is another from 2014 with better info
  22. umm moneywise you can get lots of money if you know cognition... contrebutionwise i might not contrebut as i would do in other profetionals. maybe i should ask maps for better understanding?
  23. for now cognition but i am afraid that it wouldnt help my career because most of what i read is neurology and clincal psycology