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  1. Here's a good question. What is really behind taboo words and why do religious people have such a problem with them. Especially Christians?
  2. fuck everything else and dont even try meditate. just sit there for 20 minutes twice a day. forget the word meditation. meditation is easier when you first start because you notice real results but like everything the longer you do it the less results you see as you experience is brought up a level and you get used to it. this happend to me too after 2 years of mediating. done all what you said. and one day i said fuckit il just sit here for 2 20 minutes a day. one month later ive "leveled up" by about 3 times where i actually was. i understand what life is on a whole other level and im excited for every day. change everything your just too used to your new life. your ego is trying to drag you back. make the new life the norm andyou will level up from there level up from there how exciting take on this refreshing challange by the balls. id love to get the chace to start this journey all over again. change is the game. the more dramatic the more exciting
  3. @Aaron p this is my first time commenting on this forum. i don't know how to have the time but i suppose its useful to talk on here and exchange ideas. I avoid social media during the week and its amazing the difference in the quality of life. so happy. Im from Ireland too and im just starting to look around for meditation retreats. went to a hare Krishna retreat and its so true they are mad cunts. arent we all haha. im in the republic and just starting to get to some really good retreats this year. trying to find work also if anybody knows anywhere for a learning enthusiast