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  1. There was no control in the first place Flow with it. Be with it. Don't resist it. You said this is a state of mind, states of mind comes and goes. One day I'm angry about the England's performance at the World Cup, and then the next day I'm excited that it's coming home when they win Don't feel terrible about it, just be joyful about the conflict Why be joyful? Because... The answer is within you, keep searching. You're just scared because of the state. States come and go! Leo once said to me that I'm treating these types topics "too much like philosophy" and it's true with most topics. The answer is within you. The answer of struggle and why it's there
  2. Holy shit... I didn't even think of this. This opened my eyes to other possibilities @SFRL ahh ok
  3. @SFRL @Icarus I meant if I worked hard and sacrifice, it will eventually come. A little bit of miscommunication
  4. What is meditation to you? I'm very interested in this
  5. I think I'm going to try and get that rare relationship. If it happens, it happens, and if it doesn't ,it doesn't. Ultimately, I still have to go through this phase, so I might as well try my luck and find that special someone. You are right in the long-term strategy. It's better for women to be attracted to me, rather than me trying to actually make them to attract me. I have to remind myself that excellence will happen and everything will eventually come. This is a nice insight. Nevertheless, I will just try and search for the rare relationship. Either way, I'm going to experience pain and I guess it's pain I need to experience. thanks
  6. @NoSelfSelf It must be the giving back. I think I just want to give back and make somebody happy. To love somebody, and to help. This must be it really, there isn't any other direction that this can lead to. I'll do some more enquiry on this insight and as you said, it's something I need to figure out but this was very useful. Shows the direction I need to go
  7. @NoSelfSelf Yeah, I don't see why I want to or put myself in a relationship, but there's just this deep connection I need to express, this deep love. I guess this must be it, just as you said, it's meaningful intimate connection that I need. I guess I can't ignore this. I can't resist this. I just need to face it?
  8. @SFRL Oh yeah, you'e 100% right, she isn't coming back but I'm not too bothered by that anymore. I've been down that road but I can say that she's gone and i've completly accepted. This really does sound like me. My life is going pretty well I guess, I'm starting to understand myself a lot more, getting confident, and seeing places. So you'e right... I want to share and just love. So what do you think I should do right now? I guess this is something I need to pursue and explore.
  9. Yep, and only one girlfriend ever. See, I never really felt like I needed a girlfriend, but NOW, it's on another level. These past weeks I have gone crazy over wanting a girlfriend but this "need" has been going on for about a year now. My Ex coming back would be amazing. She was actually great, and I was a prick, so she broke up with me.
  10. @SFRL Really? Is this just a horny motive? Because that is definitely true. Most of the time, I'm inside but when I do go out, I look at women and that's where sadness/loneliness comes in. But that's the thing... Why does loneliness comes in? I feel like I can give so much love to a woman, but why the do I want to? Why do I want to talk to a girl, and do everything for her? This is where the dilemna is coming from. I can just masturbate and the hornyness is gone, but this is a different feeling. It's mainly feelings of lonely
  11. I use to do 5 mins straight after my meditation, I always did it in the morning because I find that the visualisation affected on what I did during the day. Dude you have this! You can get everything you ever want! Think of life as a game. Think HUGE. Think MILLIONS. Nothing is stopping you, and that's fact. Nobody forces you to do anything but yourself! I really want you to succeed man, and you will!
  12. @Santhiphap It's not really an off and on switch for me. It just happens in moments. But yes, I have experienced it. It's exactly as you described it. My opinion is that it's your awareness on the actual internal of your body. You should try and even stop the flow of the body? To really detach from the body
  13. I also have the same sensations, exactly as you describe it; pressure. I'm not sure what it is but I think it's just your "default" state, a state where you have no thoughts but only sensations. So you're becoming more aware of internals of the body. Have you noticed any other feelings in the body? Like the heart
  14. Even if you day it for 30 days, that's still impressive. I think you need to carry on with those 30 days until it becomes a habit Your mind tells you a lot of things that is bullshit. The key is to just drop it, like when you're holding your arm up and then dropping your arm down. Don't stop or resist but drop and detach and carry on with it. Visualise really big as well and not like I want a nice house but a fucking tower with my name on it, that will make it a lot easier. Also, what helps me sometimes is reminding myself that it's possible to achieve my dreams, the only thing stopping me is the mind. Hold that belief because it's actually true. LITERALLY, nothing is stopping you. Nobody has a gun to your head forcing you to do things. Everything is done by you. NOTHING but YOURSELF. Realise that your mind is holding you back. Perhaps look at different videos about your mind. Start thinking positively !
  15. Good advice, I guess that's one way of avoiding the sleepy meditation and a habit I need to get into.
  16. So recently, I've had some weird experiences when meditating. So when I meditate, I tend to lose track of time and then... Lose everything? I'm not thinking, I'm not doing anything, I'm letting everything go and when this happens, I lose track of everything. I feel like I've lost in time, but then I come back and I'm all okay. I have a "what the fuck did I even do" moment. Then I feel guilty because I feel like I just wasted time? I probably shouldn't feel like this but I think this guilt comes from sleeping? I'm worried that this is happening because I'm just tired and fall asleep. Lately I've been extremely tired, but I do keep a upright position so I try not to fall asleep. The guilt comes because I think I've just fallen asleep? Is this me just going to sleep, or is there something significant here?
  17. I'm not even sure If I am sleeping or not, but it does feel like I am though. Yeah, I don't jerk myself up, I just get into my start position and just go on from there. See, I don't know if it is sleep or not. But I think it is sleeping, but the main issue is, am I just sleeping? Is this something I have to correct or should I go with it
  18. It's quite special, but I just feel like it's sleeping and I feel guilty. Maybe I'm trying to hard to meditate,
  19. @Arkandeus That's good. You want something that isn't actually egoistic like being a better kisser , and I think the thing you want is neutrality. A better word is joyful? This is natural, and is something you should be determined to do! Question the levels of satisfaction. You can be satisfied by just being joyful of what you have currently, even if it's dead
  20. Also, I'll like to say If this sorta thing happens, I think you should remember that you could be in an emotional state and you start reacting to your discoveries. Best way I find to deal with these is to realise that you're in a certain state of emotion. This should helps you switch states, since you jump from state to state everyday, hour and second, without realising
  21. Ever question why you want to be satisfied? Ever question why you want to seek a new world? Perhaps do enlightenment for no reason. For no return. Just because it is?
  22. I think you're addicted to activities that give you pleasure. As you said earlier, Youtube videos is exciting and enjoyable for you, so you prefer to do that than studying. This could mean that you're addicted to pleasure and want immediate gratification, and so studying is not a pleasurable activity for you So I say find something in studying that is enjoyable, the same enjoyment you do with Youtube videos or any other activity you enjoy. I think you see studying as more of a chore, and you probably realise that this view causes tension. The fact that it's a chore and something you hate is something based on your view of studying. If you see studying as something you don't like and hate, of course you will resist. Self-actualization can be seen as a study, so why do you not hate studying this? Try and do some self-inquire on why you're not enjoying it. So like... Is it too easy? Too hard? Won't ever need this in my career? This is all bullshit? Try and ask yourself these questions. Rather than inquiring resistance, inquire about why you're not finding this enjoyable like watching movies? To really create habits, I think you just have to clear your mind and stop thinking about "what to do" and just do it. Be a robot
  23. Can we say that the thought is made up of consciousness, just like everything is made from consciousness? So this could mean we are only aware of the thought in our daily lives. This is significant since the only reason we are aware of the thought because the thought is made up of consciousness, if it wasn't then there would be no awareness of thoughts. Then, the ego perhaps is created in the mind. The thought is created in the mind via the use of memory and the movement of thought, and thus creating duality. But since everything is made up of consciousness, the thoughts/ego is made from the essence of consciousness, so we can become aware of it.However, consciousness and awareness is not created by the thought/ego or brain. Consciousness is everything. Are we only aware of the thought? Consciousness is everything, but we're limited to the consciousness of thought? If so, how is the thought actually limiting our consciousness?
  24. Not really. This insight just came to me when I was meditating. I felt detachment from the thoughts and felt whole. I also didn't feel my body until I put a thought onto it, like "Am I feeling my arms?". It's kinda freaky It wasn't even a feeling of wholeness to be honest. It's something I can't explain