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  1. Agreed. He’s likely stringing you along, if he told you that. Probably means he wants another girl but if that doesn’t work out, he’ll seek you out.
  2. I don’t know much about it but this group and the other extreme feminists, are not something I think healthy, balanced people should associate with. They tend to be too focused on negatives. You can’t get anywhere just being a big whiney baby about everything that’s wrong with the other sex. Focus your energy on something more productive.
  3. Yeah it is a bit of both. As a chick, I am attracted more to the guy’s general vibe and certain personality traits and the way they carry themselves. Intelligence is a huge point of attraction for me. Also guys who are straightforward, confident, and funny win out for me over a dumb, insecure, boring hot guy. However there are certain things physically that I can’t deal with. Like bad breath, short, and overweight. I’ve had experience with this. The guy was my type almost completely but he was very chubby and I just couldn’t feel sexually attracted. So then, his other flaws stood out more to me.