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  1. I have had glimpses in the past, one really profound with my cat but im not convinced. Iv also experienced it with ecstasy, just brain chemistry. The memories has lost theire power though.
  2. @Extreme Z7 There is no evidence of anyone ever beeing enlightened. You think the pope is a holy man? He for sure thinks he is and millions of others do. Eckhart Tolle and Buddah is as enlightened as he is holy.
  3. @Pinocchio "Enlightenment is not about experiences, it's about deconstructing reality: What is the one and only absolute truth of existence. There has to be one, and there can be ONLY one." No one said there has to be one. Dellusional statements to say the least.
  4. In science, the most grounded belief. It's the reason you are here having the time to be so introspective. We all know that there would be no time for such luxury in a forest/tundra of scarce resources.
  5. Here he talks about that. He is for training and laughs at pride and "belief" in yourself. He is the definition of a "chimp" as leo talks about, a deep hunger for social status and money, a very good manipulator. DNA is god he says, satifsy the needs of your DNA ( status,social,health,women,wealth ) and you will be happy, no need for inner work only dont be the bitch of your own mind, take controll of it. Seems to be working for him.