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  1. Then watch this : This is just fucking incredible... when I watched this , I had one question : Where is the limit between life , and inanimate matter ?
  2. it's like life is a process far more complex but still similar to conway's "game of life"...
  3. Well... this morning , I was at the toilets when I don't know... I just started watching the door infront of me... until I realized ... I don't know how to explain it ... that the door was here ... but I wasn't . It was like the door was... watching itself ? Like only the perception of the door existed in the world , and I was gone ... I still felt my body , but it was the same thing ... the body was there , but that's it...I wasn't there... it was like the body feeling itself. Guys ... Am I really the first one in history to have a glimpse of enlightenment while shitting ? that would be awesome ... could you imagine ? in 1000 years from now , I will have my disciples praying the 30 th of september , it will be the day of the glorious divine shit... Or the enlightened shit , haha.
  4. that's a very interesting idea... doing inquiry infront of a mirror. I am gonna try that for sure
  5. I always remember my first OBE . it's so much easier to get one when you have a real desire for it... And yes , I got the high pitch sound , like a tuning fork , vibrations like electricity going through the body. But what was really incredible, is the instant switch , between being fully awake , to an OBE... not like when you go to sleep , and dream ,and there's gaps between dreams... here it was instant. And everything was so magic...my books started flying through the window , like birds to what seemed to be a little tornado outside my house , and I followed them , through my window , found myself flying slowly ... I even heard music ... gary jules , mad world ... and man that was so beautiful, it was like... crystals could sing... each note was flawless , and each note came from me... it wasn't outside of me , it was like the music came from myself , to myself... there was several blackouts , but I remembered at one point , watching my hands and arms , they were made with smoke filled with little bright dots. like a nebula filled with stars. I had more ... One time , I woke up from sleep , take a look at my ceiling , and watch it with geometric patterns , like a kaleidoscope... it freaked me out , so I woke up in my bed , for real... it was as real as real life. but my weirdest astral projection was undoubtedly this time when I woke up at 4 am , with vibrations , then I went into an OBE , flying into a very dark tunnel made of brown smoke... I went through it in like what appeared to me ... 5 secondes ? 10 maybe ? I remember having seen something terrifying at the end , something I cannot remember , something in that time I called madness , it's like in Lovecraft's book , about cthullu , something so horrific to comprehend that it brings madness... so I woke up ... at 7 am. the whole trip took me 3 hours in real life , when in the OBE , it only took 10 secondes.
  6. I don't know if some of you remember your maths ... Here's a brain fuck: S = 1 - 1 + 1 - 1 + 1 - 1 + 1 - 1 + 1 - 1.... to infinity . this sum equals 0 ( if you sum from the beginning) , or 1 ( if you start summing after the first 1 ) , or ... 1/2 because S = 1 - S ... ie 2S = 1 , ie S = 1/2 . That's Grandi's serie...
  7. nice explanation... yes you could average the terms from the first position to the n-th position , and get a convergence towards 1/2 . there's ramanujan's formula too : S = 1+2+3+4+5... = -1/12
  8. that's hypnagogic hallucinations. When you meditate , it's almost like falling asleep, but without really falling asleep... instead , you just drift in this place of your mind where you are neither fully asleep , nor fully awake. the same thing can happen before going to sleep ... for me , I always hear a tuning fork sound going crescendo... Sometimes even in my dreams
  9. at the age of 17 , when I was having dinner with my family , I had a moment of existential crisis while looking at the top of a bottle of soda . and I still remember... I was saying to myself , "this isn't possible ... everything is wrong " and it was like I wasn't able to think anymore... actually , to be more precise , I was able to think , but I had no ownership on any thought... this shit made me panic , I seriously thought I was going crazy
  10. @luckieluuke what do you mean by saying " you feel less conscious" ? Like there's a bit of your consciousness that evaporate into thin air ? lol I am always conscious , while watching porn I am conscious , while playing my guitar I am conscious ... I don't understand the "being less conscious or high conscious" dichotomy. Have you tried hunting ? hunting makes you very present in the moment , as you are about to kill. is that high consciousness or low consciousness ?
  11. what about someone who wants to make art with porn ? What about someone who wants to make art with video games , tv shows ... What about someone who can paint a landscape with his own shit ? I mean come on ... the world isn't black and white.
  12. your classification is really weird. What should we call someone who likes creating art , but fap while watching porn , who read books , but plays video games and watch cat videos on youtube ? is he like a medium consciousness ? By the way , isn't consciousness supposed to be something still , not changing ? why is there people speaking about high consciousness and low consciousness while the only thing there is , is the same consciousness ?
  13. what I don't understand , is why do you all need gurus...
  14. so , the question I am having trouble right now about absolute infinity , is how can it be possible for it , to have only one set of itself ? Why doesn't it have infinite amounts of itself? but here again , the maximum set is itself because it's absolute infinity, so it's still unique , but again , there's only one set of it then ... How could we solve this paradox ?
  15. I was watching a carnival today , and as I was sitting , there was this woman , wearing a mask . She looked at me , and I saw her eyes and at that moment something really strange happened ... I don't know , her eyes triggered something in me... and then , for 10 seconds , I couldn't make sense of the difference between good and evil... it's not like I forgot what is a good deed or a bad one , but rather I couldn't understand the difference anymore... it was a weird state , my head was silent , no thought , no internal chat... did you guys ever experience something like that ?
  16. So , my question today is this one ... Yesterday , I was doing some contemplation... and this question came into mind... My consciousness is only experiencing stuff... something appears , and I experience it. And I am aware of myself being experiencing stuff. But there's no experience of myself acting upon stuff... It's like there's only one way into awareness ,there is only inputs , no output whatsoever. So , why does it seems a 100 % passive , while it creates everything ? Why is there no experience of my awareness creating the dream ?
  17. but why don't we experience the process by which everything is "rendered" ... if there's a process. is the content the only thing that can be experienced ?
  18. well , from my point of view , there is an observer. the "I" , is aware of emotions , and feelings and perceptions... So it seems like an observer to me.
  19. Yes but ... things change in the dream right ? The dream is always changing... how does it changes if all of this is inside consciousness , but at the same time , consciousness does only one thing , experiencing ?
  20. ... when there is no free will ? let's say I screw up my life , totally... To the point that I end it all with a bullet in the head... What is the point of that maze? what's the point of a game where you have no control over anything ?
  21. baby don't hurt me ! don't hurt me, no mooore So , what is love really ? animals feel love , that's pretty obvious even if they don't express it the same way as a human being... is it the absence of the self like Rupert Spira talks about ? how can we feel love if there isn't a self to experience it ? is it a natural state ? if it is , why isn't hate , and pain a natural state too ? what is the difference between love and pain ? what does love have more than pain to be a natural state ? why do we talk a lot about love , when we speak about "god " ?