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  1. It was posted this morning. It's about nothingness.
  2. My question is do they only shave their head?
  3. Doesn't matter what matters most is to sit up with your back straight. There is a kriya yoga teacher and he just sits on a chair. Otherwise you need to spend months or longer before you can sit comfortably.
  4. oh gets a lot better man. dbs is the one of the few things I still watch. Dragon ball heroes coming in July.
  5. watch dragon ball super. He reaches this new state called Ultra Instinct. That is basically like his enlightenment state. You can watch it on crunchyroll.
  6. Very interesting. The topic of the best diet is so confusing to me. I think I'll buy his book.
  7. Da Vinci was in tune with the balance of both male and female. He believed the human soul cannot be enlightened unless it had both male and female elements. That explains all the gender equality stuff going on and chicks with dicks.
  8. To be honest I don't know. When I talked to Ihsan (the person with the YouTube channel) he never talked about an Islamic state but just always about surrendering to what is. The internal state not an external state.
  9. lol Didn't didn't even think of that. I'm secretly recruiting jihadi's. Pm me if you want some adventure lads! ?
  10. Hey guys, this is my first post but I think I can bring some value to this topic. It's crazy to see how polarizing religions can be to people. It's important to remember that Islam is not this fixed thing. It is what people make of it. More importantly is what is useful to us. So I got into Islam and more particularly Sufism or Tasawwuf a bit more then most people. Far from an expert though. Will post some good references for those who want to explore this topic. The best reference that is accessible to anyone is a YouTube channel by Ihsan Alexander. https://youtu.be/u0WcsqSDU7U He is an American Muslim who spend a long time learning from a well known Sheik in Cyprus. He lived there for 7 years (I think). Also went to Afghanistan in search for knowledge. Pretty serious guy. Most of the stuff I learned comes from him (I spoke to him personally several times) and I will write down some general ideas here but I don't want to spread wrong information so if you want to learn more just check him out. There are several stages to Islam. The fist stage is called the purification of the hearth. This refers to the time Muhammad and his time in the cave. It also refers to the purification of his close followers in the early stages of Islam. There is a good episode on soul of Islam radio about this topic called expansion of the hearth: http://www.soulofislamradio.com/blog/expansion-of-the-heart-with-imam-fode-drame/ The purification or spiritual aspect of the religion is what's missing today not just in Islam but in Christianity and Judaism. Paradise is not something you wait for until you die but you step in to during this lifetime by transcending the ego. The concept is transcending ego in Islam is explained as Jihad al Nafs. The Nafs is like a combination of the ego and the soul. https://youtu.be/MJ1QJ1tLUlU There are also the 99 names which point to attributes of god. Which in themselves point to the overarching overarching concept of Allah which can be known by direct experience, which in turn points to HU which is the unknown and cannot be known. A few Meditation practices are Dhikr and Muraqaba. Dhikr (meaning remembrance of god) is like a combination of prayer and meditation. It's similar to chanting matras. Here you would for example repeat the names of god 99 times in Arabic. They also have the sound HU which can be used as a mantra as the Yogis use the sound OM. Muraqaba is more like a traditional meditation practice: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muraqaba The meaning of Islam is sometimes is referred to as submission to god but from what I understand the word surrender would be more appropriate. The goal of Islam is to reach a state of Islam (surrender) or to live in a state of Islam (surrender). To surrender to divine will or to surrender to this moment. To the eternal now. Best books are from Imam Fode Drame and one I recommend is Rejuvenation of the soul (expansions). I hope you guys find this post useful and I will conclude with a quote from the prophet Muhammad: