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  1. https://www.cdc.gov/std/herpes/stats.htm From what I understand most people who get it never get any symptoms. I have no idea how they can accurately come up with these stats though. My 2 cents if you happen to get herpes there is no cure for it but if you live healthy, exercise a little it will rarely affect your health. So you can use it to improve your life The hardest part is getting over all the mental stories about it.
  2. I dont know how correct these stats. https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/herpes-simplex-virus But its a lot for sure.
  3. Anyway one thing that pops out for me is the objective to absolve all debt in exchange you cannot own private property. Question is who will own all the properties then?
  4. I shouldn't write posts after midnight on a saturday after 12 hours of work ?
  5. I have been looking in to this and obviosly when you go to capitalists podcasts or sky news Australia they are very negative but when you listen to their podcast it seems like a great idea. When you see them actually talk its the most disingenuous thing I have ever seen. Look at from min 10 onward:
  6. It's been a while since you did your video on addiction and you have evolved a lot since. Is there anything you would change and/or add to that video?
  7. I just wanted to drop this article here which I don't think has been shared here yet. A few year back Mooji and Bentinho Massaro has been accused of being cult leaders. Some articles where posted that where written by the author Be Scofield. This is an article on that author https://culture-or-cult.com/index.php/2019/04/10/be-scofield-an-angry-sociopath-disguised/ Not here to defend those gurus or pick a side just sharing some information
  8. Where would one get medical advice on the use of psychedelics? Most doctors would clearly advice against it and as for psychiatry I think that was designed to put you in boxes not break free from them. I'm grateful that I can watch Leo take the risk, I know I would never have the courage to do what he does but maybe I will muster up the courage one day. Noone is forced to follow his advice or watch his videos.
  9. I'm in Belgium where this has been going on for a while now. Most of the deaths are people of the age 65+, younger people have died who usually had some underlying condition like asma. The most important thing countries can do is making sure the hospitald dont get flooded. Italy got flooded and now they have to choose who gets the respirator. Shit gets bad really fast with this virus and its just getting started. Where I live they took action rather early and there has not been an increase for a few days now but its to early to tell if it has reached its peak.
  10. I've been there a few times. India is a huge country and some places are cool some are awfull. Mumbai is the business capital. I would avoid Delhi and Calcutta. Bangalore and chandigarth are nice. Goa if you like the beach. For spiritually check out Rishikesh. As for business I think a friend of mine told me taxes are 10%. Which is super low. Of course forget about any kind of social security or health care. In India you're better of being rich or go study under a good guru.
  11. Try a kettlebell HIIT workout. Kettlebells are very minimalistic and great for cardio, strength, core. I started put with one 12kg now I have 8 kettlebells laying around. Its gotten outof hand. ? But seriously before I would go to the gym and I would waste one hour there (not counting the time it takes to get there). Now just 30 min a day from home I feel these workouts are so much more effective. You'll get more out of it then the 35 min indoor bike.
  12. @zeroISinfinity Plenty hippie chicks buddy but couldn't talk to them ?
  13. @Tistepiste It was a silent retreat in zmar. An eco resort. Very nice place. No talking or eye contact. But to be honest there was mooji 2 times a day so plenty of entertainment ?. It was my first retreat and my first steps into spirituality. Yea progress was made but I also just found the whole experience fun and interesting. A retreat with 900 people in a eco resort with a swimming pool. There was also bajans which was a lot of fun. There where people in my dormitory who where definitely going through something, my gues was a sahmadi experience but I couldn't ask since needed to remain in silence. There where multiple occasions during satsang when someone seemed to have a sahmadi experience or at least they took something good ?. Anyway if you're looking for a light retreat where you have plenty of time for contemplation this is a good choice. If you want to suffer a lot then this might not be the place to go. I cant say if these allegations towards Mooji are true but I did not see anything suspicious he just is as in his videos on youtube. I was there 8 days and saw him 2 times per day for 3 hours. His followers the people in white where nice people, talked with some of them before and after the retreat. To me except they where wearing white clothes it had no cultish feel to it. They have a different lifestyle then most of us for sure. There where normal people and some mentally unstable people so yea weird shit happens but its these people that do the weird shit he doesn't ask to do anything. The weirdest this is everyone stands up as he enters and leaves the room. And at the end of the day it's also a business. Mooji sells ?
  14. I have been to one of his retreats, noone has to kiss his feet. In fact noone has to do anything...
  15. Jesus said to the people: "I have seen truth". Then the devil replied: "Great lets organize it". (Into a religion...)
  16. True... I dont know who invented terrorism and it doesnt really matter anyway.
  17. Before WW2 the jews in Isreal did not have the means they do now and they used terrorist like tactics against the collonial Brittish to try to kick them out. It worked thats all Im saying
  18. You can learn a free Vipassana (there is this organisation which does 10 day silent retreats) course but the problem with free is that they are usually booked for months in advance. I tried booking a vipassana course in may and Im on a long waiting list. Anyway I did inner engeneering and its a good way to kickstart a practice. They call it Isha Kriya and I would say its very similar to Kriya yoga. It was not easy however quite hard actually. Sadhguru does run a more commercially orriented organisation. You can book trips to India for other programs or go volunteer. Doesnt bother me to be honest as long as they dont overdo it.
  19. No actually Israel invented terrorism, muslims just learned from them.
  20. The difference between my experience and from what I see by Dr Octavio is that I was allowed to stay down and no water was involved.
  21. its legal under the context of a religious ceremony experience but yes its definatly controversial. They are a real company which started out providing iboga ceremonies. Now that offer almost everything. Went there 2 times. Once for ayahuasca and once for bufo. I live in Belgium but it's only a 1 hour and 15 minute drive from my place. You do need to fill in some paperwork to provide some medical information,etc...
  22. There are some places in Holland you can go to. There is a place where you can legally try bufo, ayahuasca, changa and psylguasca in one weekend. They have a website and are a real company, not sure if I can share here.
  23. There was a bald Guy talking some weird shit on TV and I liked it so I gave him my money!