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  1. I highly recommend Zhuan Falun. It is the core book of Falun Dafa: It talks about spiritual things from a scientific perspective. It talks about other dimensions, the soul, the cosmos in the microcosm and the macrocosm, supernatural abilities, karma, healing, the true history of mankind, transcending the 5 elements and leaving the 3 realms and many many other fascinating things. It is a spiritual science of the highest order:
  2. Yes, the human body is incredibly profound.
  3. An excerpt from Zhuan Falun (from Talk 2 - The Third Eye): "So Daoists consider the human body a small universe, and that makes a lot of sense. They’re not saying that its compositional structure is like the universe’s, they’re not talking about the form our body takes in this material dimension. We want to ask this: what’s the material body’s state below the level of cells as today’s science understands it? There are all kinds of molecular particles, and below molecules there are atoms, protons, nuclei, electrons, quarks, and the smallest microscopic particle that’s been researched so far is the neutrino. So what’s the absolute smallest microscopic particle? It’s just too hard to research. In his later years Shakyamuni said, "It is so large that it has no exterior, and so small that it has no interior." And what’s that mean? It means that at the Tathagata level, in terms of largeness, you can’t see the edge of the universe, and in terms of smallness, you can’t see the smallest microscopic particle of matter. That’s why he said, "It is so large that it has no exterior, and so small that it has no interior." Shakyamuni also put forth the theory of 3,000 boundless universes. He said that in the Milky Way galaxy of our universe there are 3,000 planets that have beings with carnal bodies on them, just like the human race. He also said that a grain of sand has 3,000 boundless universes like this one in it, so a grain of sand is like a universe, with intelligent human beings like us in it, and there are planets like this one, and mountains and rivers. Sounds hard to believe, right?! If it’s true, then let’s think, isn’t there sand in those universes? And in each of those grains of sand, aren’t there 3,000 boundless universes there, too? Then isn’t there sand in those 3,000 boundless universes? And in each of those grains of sand, aren’t there again 3,000 boundless universes? So at the Tathagata level you can’t see the end of it all. The same goes for human molecular cells. People wonder how large the universe is. I can tell you that this universe does have boundaries, but even at the Tathagata level it still seems like it’s boundless and infinite. But the inside of the human body, going from its molecules down to its microscopic particles in the microcosm, it’s as large as this universe. I know it sounds hard to believe. In the extreme microcosm of what makes up a human being, or any being, his nature and the unique elements of his being have been formed. So our modern science’s research on this is still miles away. The level of our human race’s science and technology is pretty low when you compare it to that of the beings of higher wisdom on other planets in the greater universe. We don’t even have the ability to break through dimensions that exist at the same time and in the same place, while the flying saucers from other planets can just go and travel in other dimensions, even the concept of space-time changes, so they come and go in the blink of an eye, and it’s so fast nobody can explain it." I recommend downloading the full book, it has incredible insights into life, mankind, the universe and our purpose here:
  4. (An excerpt from Zhuan Falun which talks about transcending this dimension, full book is linked at the end of the post): "It’s somewhat delicate to discuss spiritual concepts such as surpassing this material and mortal realm, or [as Chinese thought calls it,] “surpassing the five elements” and “three realms.” Many teachers of energy practices who have broached these topics have had a hard time responding to skeptics. They often get hit with tricky questions like, “Who can you name that’s achieved these things?” Some of these teachers have not been masters, however, even if they fancy themselves so. But they would try to respond to the questions when they should have just kept quiet; they were in no position to answer them. And so they would get tongue-tied. This has hurt the credibility of spiritual practices in general and muddied the waters. And people have used episodes like these as a pretext for discrediting these practices. Terms related to surpassing the five elements and three realms are spiritual in nature and have religious origins; they came out of a religious context. So it’s important for people to be aware of the historical background of the terms. So what does it mean to surpass the five elements of this material world? The physics of ancient China, much as with physics today, believed that the theory of five elements was valid. And it is indeed the case that the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth give rise to all of creation, so we subscribe to the theory. For someone to surpass the five elements means, in contemporary terms, to transcend the physical world that we know. I realize it might sound a bit hard to believe. But bear in mind that true spiritual teachers carry a higher energy, known as gong. I have undergone testing to assess my energy, as have many teachers of chi-gong. There are many instruments now that can detect the material elements of higher energy, which these teachers emit; all it takes is the right instruments. Instruments can now detect radiation including infrared, ultraviolet, ultrasound, infrasound, electricity, magnetism, and gamma rays, as well as atoms and neutrons. True chi-gong teachers emit all of these, and more—only they are things that instruments can’t yet detect. So all it takes is the right instruments, and it’s now established that these teachers emit many types of matter. True spiritual teachers exude a powerful and beautiful aura, which can be seen with the right kind of electromagnetic field. The stronger someone’s energy is, the larger the aura that he emanates. Ordinary people have auras as well, only they’re really quite small. From research in high-energy physics we know that energy is in fact things like neutrons or atoms. Many chi-gong teachers have had their energy assessed, and that’s the case for most of those who are renowned. I too have been assessed, and it was found that the amount of gamma rays and thermal neutrons I released was eighty to one hundred and seventy times greater than what matter normally emits. And that was only what the equipment could measure, as the indicator had reached its limit. The researchers found it hard to believe—neutrons that powerful. It shouldn’t be humanly possible. So we can say that it has been scientifically affirmed that masters of energy practices do have higher energy. It takes a practice of both mind and body to transcend the five elements. Practices that don’t involve the body will develop the kind of energy that facilitates spiritual attainment only, and aren’t concerned with surpassing the five elements. Practices of mind and body, by contrast, store up energy in every cell of your body. When most adherents first develop higher energy, the particles of energy that they give off are coarse and low in density, with gaps between them. That makes it not very powerful. At a more advanced stage of practice, the density of energy might be greater than even that of water at the molecular level, by a factor of a hundred, a thousand, or even 100 million. It’s all possible, because your energy becomes more dense, more fine and smooth, and more powerful as you progress. The energy is stored in every cell of your body. And not just your body in this dimension, but your bodies in other dimensions, too. The energy will fill your cells, from the plane of molecules to atoms, to neutrons, to electrons, all the way to the cells at an extremely subatomic level, and over time your body will come to be brimming with higher energy. This higher energy has intelligence and is quite capable. As you gain more of it and it grows denser, it will fill all of your body’s cells and easily inhibit them, since they are weak in comparison. And as this happens, the process whereby old cells are shed and replaced by new ones will cease, since high-energy matter will replace the matter originally making up your cells. While it’s easy to describe, reaching that point of spiritual refinement is a long process. But when it does happen, your entire body will have been remade at the cellular level with high-energy matter. Then it would no longer be the five elements that make up your body. It would instead be material from beyond this world that forms you—you would have a body of high-energy matter harvested from other dimensions. On another note, virtue, similarly, is made up of matter from other dimensions and not subject to the time of this dimension. The sciences now hold that time has a field, and that time’s influence cannot extend beyond it. It’s not possible for time, in one dimension, to have influence over things in other dimensions which are ruled by altogether different laws of time and space. So time, here, would have simply no impact on matter of other dimensions. And the same would be true for your body, which would no longer be mortal in any sense. It would have, as the ancients put it, “surpassed the five elements.” But your body would look no different to people than before. That’s because, despite the dramatic changes in you, your practice wouldn’t be done. You would still have breakthroughs to higher realms to make. And to do that you would need to keep practicing in this world. Being invisible to people wouldn’t do you much good. So what comes next, then? By this point in your practice your cells at the molecular level will have all been reconstituted with high-energy matter. But the atoms one level down have a specific configuration, just as do molecules and atomic nuclei; the configuration doesn’t change for any of them. The molecular configuration of cells makes one’s flesh soft to the touch; the molecules of bone are configured with a greater density, and so they are hard to the touch; while the density of the molecules of blood is very low, so it’s liquid. Others won’t be able to tell from your appearance what a change you’ve undergone, however, since at the molecular level your cells will retain their original structure and configuration. So the energy inside of you will have changed, even if your cellular structure hasn’t. This means that you will no longer be subject to aging. Your cells will no longer decay and die, and you will forever stay young. So spiritual practice can bring you a youthful look that never fades. It’s only natural that a body like this might still suffer a fracture if hit by a car or bleed if cut by a knife. That’s because its molecular configuration hasn’t changed, even if it is free of aging or metabolic processes. So this is our take on surpassing the five elements. It’s well-founded and can be explained scientifically. It’s unfortunate that terms like this get a bad rap as being religious imaginings when they are carelessly used by people who don’t know what they are talking about. People aren’t familiar with the terms since these have an older, religious background, and aren’t necessarily in the idiom of our day. Next let’s look at what it means to “surpass this mortal realm”—or the “three realms,” as it’s also known. As I explained the other day, perfecting your character is the key to developing higher energy. The qualities of the universe will no longer limit you as they come to define your character. And as your mind elevates, your material virtue will be transformed into higher energy. Eventually this energy will form into a column as it grows and climbs higher. The higher that the column is, the greater your energy. We like to say that “anything is possible through Dafa.” It all comes down to how sincere and committed you are. Any height is possible if you have the grit and tenacity that it takes. And even if you one day have converted all of your white matter, more can still be had by reworking your black matter through suffering. And if that’s still not enough, you can take on the sins of your close friends or family who don’t practice, and increase your energy that way. But, this only applies to you if you have progressed to an extremely advanced stage. You shouldn’t even think of assuming others’ sins when you only recently came into the practice as an ordinary person. That much karma would doom most people’s practice. The guidance I am giving here applies to different stages of practice. “Three realms” is a religious term that describes three hierarchical realms of existence—namely, the “realms” of minor deities, this world, and the underworld. Within these three there are nine major planes of existence, and a total of thirty-three planes in all. An accompanying belief is that all things within the three realms, no matter the plane, reincarnate cyclically and may be reborn on any of several possible tracks. So someone who is a human in this life might become something else, such as an animal, in the next. And so Buddhism has taught that you should really make the most of your life as a human being, for the chance to do spiritual practice might not come again. They say this because animals are forbidden from practicing or hearing the Way. Or if an animal did learn to practice, it would never reap the divine rewards of spiritual effort; higher beings would slay it once it built up much energy. You may have waited hundreds of years, or more, for a human body, only to not cherish it now, when you finally have one. If you reincarnate as a rock, it might be eons before you are freed—if ever. You would never be freed if it didn’t break, crumble, or erode away. Human bodies are not easily come by! A person who truly learns Dafa, the “Great Way,” is incomparably fortunate. This should give you a sense for how hard it is to get a human body. There is such a thing as “levels” of attainment in spiritual practice, and they are simply the outcome of how well you do. If you want to enjoy eternal life, keep on practicing, and when your column of energy reaches to a great height, you will be outside of [the cycle of reincarnation]—or the “three realms.” There are people whose souls leave their bodies when they meditate, and rise to a higher point. One of my students did a write-up about his progress in the practice and described visiting heavenly realms and what he saw there. I told him to try going higher. But he said that he couldn’t go further, and indeed, he wasn’t able to at that point. Why would that be the case, though? It was because he had visited those realms by riding atop his column of energy; it was as high as he could go at the time. Ascending to greater heights, as I had suggested, would mean that he had achieved, to use a religious term for it, “divine standing.” But greater things are still possible for a practitioner. Whatever height you have reached, you can still continue to perfect yourself and advance in your practice. And if, in the process, your energy column breaks through the outer limits of the three realms, then you will have indeed “surpassed” them. We measured it once and determined that the three realms described in some religions lie within the scope of the nine planets; and I should add here that there is no basis for the claim that there are ten planets. I have seen that the energy columns of some past masters had reached great heights and broken through the boundary of the Milky Way, which means that they very much had surpassed the three realms. So it should be clear now that doing so is a matter of spiritual attainment." - From Zhuan Falun, the core book of Falun Dafa. It talks about spiritual things from a scientific perspective. It talks about other dimensions, the soul, the cosmos in the microcosm and the macrocosm, supernatural abilities, karma, healing, the true history of mankind and many other fascinating things:
  5. George in terms of the health benefits they are indeed very profound. A whole book has been written about Falun Dafa's healing and rejuvenating effects. Many of the diseases that are mentioned in the book were seen by doctors to be incurable but were all cured through practicing Falun Dafa. The book can be downloaded here: Also, a large scale health survey was conducted on Falun Dafa practitioners from China, North America and Taiwan. The findings show that Falun Dafa practitioners showed dramatic health improvements across the board:
  6. Consilience, people have recovered from various ailments from practicing Falun Dafa, many that were extremely serious or terminal. Here is an interesting article on Falun Dafa's healing effects: In regards to Falun Dafa, they believe that ascension is possible within ones lifetime, the reason for this is explained in depth in the book.
  7. You're welcome. The practice also has a set of 5 powerful QiGong exercises that purify the body and strengthen divine powers. You can download them here:
  8. Quick bump and an update to the book link as it has been changed:
  9. Just a quick follow up to let people know that there is also a audio and video lecture that covers the same material which is in the book, it's free to download:
  10. In Cultivation they believe that illness is due to large amounts of Karma and suffering due to illness is one way to pay off one's Karma so there is merit to what you are saying. However no one Truly wants to be sick and purification of one's body to an illness free state is one of the first steps in the Cultivation process, only with an illness free body can when acquire Gong (a type of high energy matter) and ascend to higher levels.
  11. Yes, highly accomplished QiGong Masters have said that mankind actually fell into this lowest dimension, his true origins are from other dimensions or what religions have termed to call 'heavens'. In these realms there is no such things as getting old, illness or dying and this is our original state. This QiGong has healed hundreds of thousands of people from various ailments, some very serious. A book has been written about Falun Dafa's healing and purifying power: Also, the book I linked in my first post is the theory of the practice. The practice also involves a set of 5 powerful QiGong exercises which can be downloaded for free from their main website: Nice, there are many upright schools of Cultivation. Falun Dafa is a very powerful system, some of it's unique features are discussed in the book, I think you would find it a very interesting read:
  12. You're welcome. Yes there is much more to enlightenment then just a state of mind. It entails forging one's supernatural abilities, cleansing one's body from Karma so it is free of illness and cultivating a myriad of supernatural things within oneself including what Daoists describe as the “birth of the immortal infant” and Buddhists call “developing of an incorruptible body.” This is all covered in great detail in the book.
  13. This is an excerpt from a book called Zhaun Falun (Turning The Law Wheel). In this excerpt it explains what Enlightenment is and what it entails from a QiGong Masters perspective: "So if energy practices have such a long history, you might be wondering just what exactly they’re for. I can tell you that ours is an advanced Buddhist method of spiritual practice, and so it seeks to bring you to divinity, or what’s known as “Buddhahood.” And Daoist methods, similarly, seek to foster enlightenment, or enable you to “attain the Way,” as it’s called. The idea of becoming divine shouldn’t seem absurd, or far out, as it may to some. For example, take the concept of Buddha. It’s a term from the ancient Indian language known as Sanskrit. The term has undergone various permutations in China since arriving there long ago, being translated phonetically as foah-toah, foo-too, and eventually just foah. Translated into our own language today, the term simply means “one who has awakened,” and refers to any being who has gained a state of awakening through spiritual discipline. So it shouldn’t seem that far-fetched. Consider that extraordinary powers can come to those who engage in spiritual discipline. While six types of powers are now generally recognized, there are in fact a myriad number that exist. There are individuals who can, just while sitting in place, do things that normally even physical action couldn’t accomplish; or they might be able to see the true workings of the universe in multiple dimensions, and how it really is, and see things that are invisible to others. I think you would have to agree, then, that they have attained a higher state of awakening, or spiritual attainment, and are no longer mere mortals. So it’s only fitting to call them spiritually awakened, holy, or divine—or in ancient Indian terms, a “Buddha.” And this is what these practices are in fact meant to achieve. Some people can’t imagine why anyone would want to do practices like chi-gong or tai-chi for anything other than health. The implication being that that’s all they are for. But that’s a very shallow view of these. People can’t be faulted for thinking that way, though, because many instructors of these practices are only focused on health, and nobody is offering guidance of a higher, more spiritual sort. I don’t mean to imply anything bad about what they’re teaching. That’s the role that they are meant to play—to keep it at the level of health and popularize these arts. But many people are looking for something more, for something spiritual, that can take them further. Yet without a true spiritual teaching to guide them, it’s going to be hard and they are apt to get into trouble. Instruction of a higher sort involves bigger things, naturally enough, and so you really have to go about it in a way that’s responsible to people, or the world. And that is why we have had good results all around. Some of what we talk about is a bit lofty, for sure, and to some people it might sound hard to believe. So I’ll do my best to draw scientific parallels to help make sense of things. Some of the things we’ll be discussing provoke strong reactions from people, who quickly dismiss them. They think that anything that isn’t known to science, that they haven’t personally experienced, or that seems impossible to them must be nonsense and divorced from reality. But is that the right way to look at the world?—to write off anything not known to science, even if it’s because of science’s limitations? It seems to me that this line of thinking puts a little too much faith in science, and is itself divorced from reality. If everyone had this mindset it would utterly stifle any scientific progress or innovation. And you would see few developments in the world, more broadly. Every technological development represents a step beyond what was formerly known. If the world’s innovators had treated the unknown as “nonsense,” we wouldn’t be where we are today. Many people simply don’t understand practices like chi-gong or tai-chi, and think they are nonsense. But that’s not the case. Consider that scientific instruments have detected that the bodies of true masters of these practices emit everything from infrasonic waves to ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves, to infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, gamma rays, neutrons, atoms, and trace metal elements. All of these are very much real and physically exist. There is a physical basis to everything. And the same would certainly hold true for the other dimensions and realms that we discuss. So there are no grounds for writing them off as nonsense. Since these practices are meant to make us divine, any discussion of them is naturally going to touch upon a lot of deep things, and we won’t shy away from them. It’s curious that practices like these, which have such a profound purpose, sometimes have very ordinary-sounding names. For example, chi-gong* simply means “energy practice.” But they are more properly referred to as spiritual practice—or in traditional Chinese culture, as self-cultivation. For that is their purpose. Of course, there are many individual names for such practices, but as a whole they should be referred to as spiritual practices. The case of how chi-gong got its name is telling. It has to do with the state of affairs in China some twenty years ago, when these practices first started to gain in popularity. China was in the middle of the Cultural Revolution at the time, and there was a strong stigma and hostility surrounding traditional thought and culture; only later did interest in these practices peak. Without getting into the earlier spiritual names for chi-gong, which predate known history, we can see just from the names it’s had in this cycle of civilization what the issue would have been: they were very much religious, owing to the times they date back to, and often had what people would have considered “feudal,” or backward, overtones. Examples included the Great Way of Practicing the Dao, Vajra Meditation, Way of the Buddhist Saints, The Dafa of Buddhahood, and The Nine-Cycle Method of the Golden Elixir. Naming your practice something like that during the Cultural Revolution would have gotten you denounced and attacked—even if you were sharing the practice with people out of good intentions, like to promote better health. And so nobody dared to use traditional-sounding names. What most instructors did, instead, was to adopt two non-controversial terms—chi and gong (“energy” and “practice”)—from traditional Chinese spiritual texts to refer to their practices. So even though you now see some people researching the history of “chi-gong,” there’s not much to it. It would have just been referred to as spiritual practice, or self-cultivation, before. So the term chi-gong is just a recent invention that was meant to suit a modern, secular sensibility." If anyone is interested the full book can be downloaded here. It talks about spiritual things from a scientific perspective. It talks about other dimensions, the soul, the cosmos in the microcosm and the macrocosm, supernatural abilities, karma, healing, the true history of mankind, transcending the 5 elements and leaving the 3 realms and many many other fascinating things:
  14. I have found countless similarities between Mushrooms, Salvia and DMT and what is written in a book entitled Zhuan Falun. Here are some quotes from Master Li Hongzhi (the author of Zhuan Falun) from some of his Buddha Law Lectures that sounded very similar to what some psychonauts unveil in their journey's: 1.) .."What I am talking about is the simplest form of dimensional existence. All physical substances of our mankind, including all substances that you cannot see in the air as well as those substances that we can see such as iron, cement, animals, plants, matter, and the human body, are composed of molecules. Mankind just exists on this plane of molecules, just like a 3-D painting. You live on this plane and you cannot escape it. Mankind’s science is also limited within this one dimension which it cannot even break through..." - from Falun Dafa Lecture in Sydney : 2.) "..So then how enormous do you think their cosmic bodies are?! What I have told you is an explanation from within one system, and the degree of complexity is simply beyond words. And it can’t be illustrated by drawings either, because the complexity of the structure is beyond what trillions of intersecting three-dimensional planes could illustrate, so it is very hard to explain it to you clearly.” - from Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference : 3.) “You all know that “universe” is defined by humans. Exactly how large is the universe? Humans can’t explain exactly. The universe we usually refer to is only the cosmic expanse that we see. The largest expanse that modern scientists can observe using telescopes doesn’t exceed this small universe of ours. So put simply, this is what “universe” refers to. Yet this small universe of ours is not even one trillionth of the great cosmos. It’s within this tiny, tiny realm, which is one trillionth of one trillionth of the great cosmos. It’s only a speck of dust within a speck of dust, which is another speck of dust within a speck of dust—that’s how miniscule it is. The entire great cosmos is in motion, and the cosmic bodies of a great expanse are in motion. Wouldn’t you say that the universe is in motion? This motion brings about lives and creates species. Cultivators call this motion “evolution.” The human mind can’t comprehend things at that high a level. This cosmos is so vast that even when you reach the highest level of your cultivation at the time of Consummation, you’ll still find it incredibly vast and will exclaim with awe.” - from Teaching the Fa at the Assistants’ Fa Conference in Changchun, China : 4.) "...I previously explained to you the concept of the universe, and how multiple Milky Ways make up one expanse of it. That expanse is what we refer to as a small universe. It takes hundreds of millions of universes such as this to make up a universe of the second layer. As for how massive the cosmos ultimately is, suppose we considered a massive universe that consists of a trillion layers to be one domain, and then grouped a trillion of these one-trillion-layer domains together—we could then call this trillion one-trillion-layered domains a particle of air. Such particles permeate the conference hall here. Although that amounts to a massive number of universes, this is still but a small, insignificant particle in just one dimension of the universe. When I arrived at the end while doing Fa-rectification (Law Rectification), I saw that the form of beings was not something the beings below would be capable of understanding anymore; as the Fa’s principles ascended, there would be simply no way for gods at lower planes to understand them. When I arrived at that realm and its state, I ultimately discovered that it too was but one particle of dust in the cosmos.” - from 20th Anniversary Fa Teaching, New York : 5.) “The boundless, measureless dimensions all have their own times, and the differences among the times, and the number of times, are also boundless and measureless, and that's what has caused the huge differences among the times in different dimensions. While the wave of the hand takes place, in some places it's almost in sync, while in some places decades, centuries, millennia, or tens of thousands of years have passed, and in other places some hundreds of millions of years, or even millions of millions of years, or some boundless and measureless amount of time has passed.” - from Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference: ● ● ● The Book which is entitled Zhuan Falun (the core book of Falun Dafa) can be downloaded here. It talks about other dimensions, the soul, the cosmos in the microcosm and the macrocosm, supernatural abilities, karma, healing, the true history of mankind, transcending the 5 elements and leaving the 3 realms and many many other fascinating things. The actual QiGong practice called Falun Dafa (Law Wheel Great Way) can be found here, all exercises and materials are free:
  15. Master Li Hongzhi, founder of Falun Dafa ( ) has talked about the alien phenomena in great detail. I collated some of the excerpts from his Buddha Law lectures here: