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  1. @SFRL I understand. Thank you
  2. @SFRL idk, doesn’t sound like me. Sounds too like to tight friend. Very indifferent
  3. I asked a girl out next week and she said yes, but I was in a hurry and forgot to settle for the date and time. We usually talk in person but it’s vacations and both of us are traveling (until next week) . How do I text her to settle the specifics. We usually don’t text.
  4. @flowboy @universe @NoSelfSelf @JohnnyBravo Evrething went grat! (Still no first kiss) Now there’s a problem. Someone recommended a (afternoon) school where I want to go learn piano, but it turns out the girl goes there (I didn’t knew) and I don’t want come as to needy like if I was following her. theres the chance that she wouldn’t even know because the ladies are private and the chance that we get a schedule next to each other i guess is pretty low, but I don’t know what should I do. (There are other good teachers elsewhere,but......)
  5. @universe thanks my man. Just what I needed to hear
  6. @Evilwave Heddy I know I’m trying to get there but still. I can’t get past the awkwardness of not talking. I know it’s just an urge. But I wish there was a way to keep interacting
  7. @FredFred even though I got the date, do you think I should tone down my other female relationships? (I think she’s quite sensible to that)
  8. @NoSelfSelf ok, I just asked her (via text) and she said “if you want” (It’s tomorrow). I guess ive got myself a date!
  9. @NoSelfSelf could you repeat? (Srry )
  10. @NoSelfSelf @FredFred many tips/ideas or the date and the asking of the date?
  11. So, I’ve been trying to get into a relationship with a girl (which is going very well), but I think she’s going into auto-rejection ( which basically means she is starting to think I’m too hard to get for her. Things is starting to go “cold”. I believe this started because I’ve been talking with another girl (which I don’t have any romantic intentions) but I really felt the jealousy in her. I need to do something and do it quickly, she is going on a trip in a couple days and I think that would just finish extinguishing the magic (there’s still magic left between us). (Also, I notice she’s using another boy to try to make me jealous, since she saw me with that other girl) how do I keep advancing wit her but not damage my friendship with other girls? pleas resd the article so you know what I’m talking about.
  12. Yes, these last days I’ve been with her and we just talked whenever something naturally comes up or asking her something I’m truly interested in( like what she wants to do I the future etc) and it seems more than enough quality conversation.
  13. What would yo do?. I think what he’s talking about is to not rush/force things (maybe a little lawofattraction-oriented). I too feel like doing nothing quill bring nothing. any alternatives?
  14. @JohnnyBravo ok. Si just like let things be ang go with whatever is happening. So my next step should be asking her out, probably to have dinner out somewhere. Or maybe you have a better idea
  15. @universe not with everyone.( I’m not 14)