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  1. Seriously, this is the only thing you need. Literally, nothing else. His shit transformed my life in ways I can't even explain. Don't distract yourself with crazy techniques and ultra-complex concepts, it's a huge waste of time.
  2. It's not that I exactly believe it, but it was the best way I found to express the idea. So, is karma true to you?
  3. After the death of the body/perspective, so to speak, does it really matter how one's lived his life? Ultimately speaking, what's the difference between a psychopathic serial killer and an enlightened human being?
  4. Brazil is such a complex country. I wonder how it's possible to love and hate it at the same time.
  5. Bro, start playing the great game of Pot-Limit Omaha and you'll never get bored!
  6. In the end I have total or almost complete relief. There are days which you'll have more resistance and sometimes you won't be able to let go of it all. Don't beat yourself up for that, it's normal. Remember that when you let go of wanting to let go, you can let go of everything
  7. 1. After one month of daily practice I was already feeling way lighter in social situations. I had some REALLY serious anxiety problems in the past, and today, with almost 6 months of intense practice, I can confidently say I have close to zero anxiety in my daily life. 2. Usually 20-40 minutes, one session a day. Usually in the night one hour before sleep. If a specific situation triggered your anxiety, accept let go of the feeling when you get home. 3. I actually try to work on what I'm feeling in the moment or in the day. Most of your trauma will manifest itself in your daily life, so by now I would recommend you to just to let go of what comes to you. Be aware of situations that trigger your anxiety/fear and work on that in the end of the day. If you want to go deeper, try to understand the root cause of the feeling. Recognize the patterns and fix them. 4. I just sit in my bed, close my eyes and zone on what I'm feeling. Nothing special Good luck bro!
  8. @InfinitePotential nice, man... it's kinda scary to think how many people live their entire lifes with a huge amount of suppressed/repressed emotions and, consequently, not being able to find true happiness... personally, it got me rid of social anxiety, many worries and past traumas. It takes time to process everything, and I haven't yet, but the journey is amazing. Everyday you feel better and better, calmer, way more confident and you get to understand why people are doing what they're doing, why they think what they think... I'm 100% certain I don't need any self-actualization content for the rest of my life. This book is Truth or, at least, the most practical Truth you'll find.
  9. @Ibn Sina so your solution is to ban all those who question your and Leo's unquestionable beliefs? Please, I want to be the first of the list! P.S: good luck on your endless journey to the legen... wait for it... dary enlightenment. Oh, and don't forget to work really really hard for it!
  10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil <3
  11. 1. Chasing "enlightenment" is just an incessant avoidance to suffering and unhappiness, and, therefore, a search for eternal happiness. Nothing more, nothing less. GET RID OF THE MENTAL MASTURBATION. 2. There's no such magical phenomenon that suddenly happens to you just because you been meditating, doing self-inquiry and shit. This is pure and dangerous illusion. 3. "Spiritual path" is complete B.S. 4. "Spiritual knowledge" = ego's favorite distraction. 5. Beliefs and the stories we tell about ourselves and the world are just made up by the mind. Let go of everything. "You" don't exist at all 6. Leo is completely deluded, although his ego may deny it to death. He can only realize Truth if, and only if, he drops all of his beliefs about reality as a whole and finally start being. 7. Psychedelics won't make you realize Truth. Ever. It's just an experience and nothing more. 8. Truth is. 9. Emotions are just thoughts and conversations about a feeling. Don't label or judge, just let it be. 10. ENJOY THE DREAM! Nothing must be taken that seriously
  12. Yup, thanks for the advice. Maya and her tricks...
  13. Not at all. My point is that running away from pain by trying to "reach" enlightenment (happiness) is a dangerous trap. We gotta be honest, we don't give a f*ck about Truth, it's all about happiness. "Self-actualization" is just another way of escaping from insatisfaction, fear and pain, 'cause it gives us hope. Letting go is the only viable option. I try my best C'mon, that's bullshit
  14. I'm doing great actually, apprecciate your concern Good meme The only difference is that I don't teach my B.S for living lol