Why Reality Cannot Be A Simulation

By Leo Gura - December 20, 2019 | 6 Comments

A clear explanation

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Kalamata Rebecca says:

Spaghetti monsters? SPAGHETTI MONSTERS!? Oh, shit Are you saying that they are real? I think we are in trouble now Leo. As God can’t we just delete that concept because we are having enough trouble with brick walls and unicorns. I’ll get back to us on all of this but we are a little worried about going into the other room now cause the brick walls are manifested in this one but the spaghetti monsters and unicorns must be in the kitchen which presents a problem cause we have some chicken soup cooking on the stove. We can say definitively though that salamanders and consciousness are pretty fucking awesome and us too.

Well, the Mother Of Our Invention solved the problem and burned away the soup part so I had to overcome my reticence and go remove the pot from the burner leaving us and the yard cats the chicken and we are all happy to report that the cats must have eaten the spaghetti monsters when I opened the door and they surged in and the unicorns must either be pretty quick and tiny to be able to hide or very quiet and invisible and have gone undetected by us. However, the brick walls remained.

OH! If you wandered through my nonsense and got this far good on ya cause I just realized something and I am wondering if this is of significance in my actualization process. See it’s a bit difficult to understand why what you say, Leo, makes sense to me. No threat, no argument. I thought it was because I have been at this all my life BUT AS A FUNCTION OF LIVING, TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY CREATIONS/CONSEQUENCES AND CONSTANT SELF REFLECTION.

Well, tickle me Elmo, when I was 12 years old I went to Haight Ashbury and took some MDA. Then I dropped some acid numerous times over the next several years. For years nobody had ever heard of MDA so I stopped wondering about it. I just googled it. OH! Its what y’all call Ecstacy. I’m rolling on the floor laughing. Seems like maybe I got a jumpstart that nobody had any awareness of! Oh, the things children will get up to!

Kalamata Rebecca says:

Ram Dass, the spiritual seeker who brought Eastern mysticism to the masses, dies at 88

clem says:

No, no, no, no, He’s outside with Timothy, looking in.
He’ll fly his astral plane,
Takes you trips around the bay,
Brings you back the same day,

Matheus Pereira says:

Hello Leo!

After watching many of your videos I started to realise some spiritual bypassing behaviour on myself and coming from you too.
I m very greatfull for some of your teaching but I know now that I need to take a break from watching your videos.
All the best to you!

Jo says:

I really like your train of thinking here Leo, but isn’t this also potentially an example of the ultimate self-bias?

Tarah says:

Ive watched a lot of your videos. This one hit me in ways that have never occured to me. I thought i was deep yet you keep going and going.Thank you for your insights and using the words “mind fuckery” bahahaha I say that too. This video is a pure representation of that!

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