What Is The Devil?

By Leo Gura - September 18, 2017 | 14 Comments

The mechanics of evil

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David B says:

Tremendous video. Definitely relevant to modern culture, in a time it seems to be more divided than ever. So few people in media and popular culture are looking inward, that the monologues of how “bad” the “others” just keep gaining momentum. Further, people keep making the mistake that we need to be “outraged” in order be motivated to progress as a society (by trying to stamp out what we’re convinced is evil).

May our journeys continue inward.

Keep up the great work.

Ryan says:

hear! hear!

Justin says:

@Leo, How do you think our particular Experience Comes about? From first hand experience It would appear and feels like this, We are the field of Truth/god the infinite energy that it always present and is the very fabric of existence That is the “constant” the base or the root. Then Within this Constant we perceive an object in this constant this object “the body mind” is perceived and is the vehicle for the constant to then experience its self, Being both the object and the subject. If two objects (body,Mind) are next to each-other why is there an individual “experience” . Like on a Deep end of 5-meo Your total perception of body disappears, and you are you but as the field of truth but, then gradually this field returns to The specific Experience of the perceived object but without the concepts of being a person and you energetically feel yourself as this truth. But Cannot switch your object your experiencing (body) why? and after this temporary experience is done how does it specifically hone in on another experience, I would assume being a constant it automatically animates everything because it is everything all the time so its just pure chance on what specific object of infinity is experienced? Because becoming consious of the self isnt enough to switch the vehicle of experience, what is limiting this? How does it choose what to experience , Intention before Physical death?

mike says:

love it. one of the top 10 videos ever made on actualized.org

Sinz says:

! Spoiler Alert !

Reminded me of that episode of Black Mirror where the military force used a technology on their soldiers in which the soldiers see their enemies as very disgusting zombie-like humans so that they can easily kill them. They also call them Roaches! The great scene at the end is when the military demonstrates to a soldier how his actual memories would have been like, if they drop that technology.

Jim feiling says:

But leo i have serious doubts that i “fund evil” that sounds exaggerated

Andrew says:

Brilliant analysis of evil and its origins, Leo! You’re so right that we tend to perpetuate exactly that which we consider to be “evil” or external to ourselves in order to avoid having to look inwardly. If you look at the writings of the mystics through the millennia, they all tend to reflect back upon the ego and its constant need for justification as the real source of “evil”.

Nick says:

This video has traumatized me and rocked me to my core.

BTW the secret question should have the answer “Lemons are whatever color the brain and eyes makes them appear”

Thinker says:

This is why the Artificial Intelligence will kill us all when it realizes that all is evil.

William says:

I have for a long time thought I was the devil thanks for confirming it for me.

Rob says:

Hey Leo I agree with some of what you say here in this video but there are some points you make that just doesn’t make sense to me. If someone is attempting to take my life or my family’s lives I don’t think that I’m evil for wanting to defend myself or my family. Even if that means an act of violence on my part. This might be my ego you might say but I don’t think the ego is always bad or evil. Sure the ego can destroy people’s lives in others ways but in this case I think the ego is a good thing. I believe the ego was created for situations like this. It’s what kept humans alive for so many years. I don’t think it should be considered evil in a situation like this.

Thank you

Wayne says:

For those asking questions and expecting answers, I would like to explain that Leo is speaking in non-dual context. You can personally disagree with his points, but make sure you’re not mistaking his explanation as a personal preference which gives rise to your opposing personal preference. In the context he is giving, his advice is correct. If you think the ego isn’t evil or you think that you’re not funding evil because that doesn’t seem correct from your perspective, that isn’t a counter argument. Your job with contextualised information is to understand the context, not get carried away with what you think is good or bad from a personal agenda.

If we forget this point, we will be unable to dialogue or debate in the future.

Burt says:

if the void is absolutely the continuum of being ongoing and memory only functions through its current forms, it seems to me the form that is aware writing this only has access to the memories it is impressioned with, and god or being forgets everything on dissolution of that particular form, the void / pure awareness functioning as this form needs only to remember perception functions without the need for recourse to memory, perception being the absolute truth ongoing, practically speaking, to ensure the human forms ongoing life in the cultural project, some insight into the collective psyche’s memory rules / patterns, is retained until this phase as such dissolves. It seems to me the void retains nothing of the last memory impressions of individual human forms who suffered and died traumatically in the ongoing continuum of the human journey.

Wilhelm says:

During my atheist, anti-religious phase, I would laugh at fundamentalist Christians who would say things like:

“Atheists do not believe in God because they hate God”
“Atheists just reject God because they love to sin”
“Atheist worship the devil”.

It seemed absurd to me. The idea of the Christian devil who willingly and knowingly rejects God and chooses hell also seemed absurd to me. But the more I study my ego, the more I have to admit that those fundamentalist Christians acutally had a point – in their own twisted and dogmatic way.

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